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If so many popular sites and services can be taken down and screwed up by anomalous and 4han, why hasn't anyone caused any havoc for apple à la itunes?

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/g/ pls

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Some Russian fags tried fuckin with Apple last summer

They ended up getting fucked in the ass when sent to jail

tl;dr Don't fuck with Apple


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Guys....what if we use Macs to DDoS Apple.com?
Maybe Apple would go easy on us

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People where able to shut down the PlayStation network though.

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The difference is that Sony is poor as hell and Apple is the richest company on earth

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Because they can't.

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There was that time when /g/ raided an apple keynote. Although that was a raid on macrumors really.

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>implying OS:X doesn't have know exploits
>implying you couldn't use all their users to DDoS

they would blame the user anyways

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