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Is it weird to think Rasputin is kinda cute?

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I think he'd be a lot cuter if he shaved his facial hair and let his hair grow out a bit.

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It's super extremely gay.

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I hope you're a guy, OP, because Rapustin is a homosexual.

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If he took care of his facial hair, he would be good looking.

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To be honest, /g/ is one of the gayest boards on 4chan.

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Surely, you mean >>>/hm/?

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It's not gay at all.

I find him quite attractive, and I like his beard. I like his hair a tad longer though, like in the past, but oh well.

I would non-gayly cuddle and snuggle with him any day while discussing technology.

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But to answer your question, yes he is just a bit.

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He does have a normal sounding voice and speaks like a normal person, which is surprising since he is an aspie who craves cocks.


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Women go there. /g/ is almost entirely male, and each person is camper than the last

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Continuing to not be gay, I would proceed to lap my tongue behind his ear dabbing it as I fondle his groin.
Then I would step back and say it's not gay. Because it isn't. Because we are discussing technology, don't you know the difference.

/g/ pls

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trust me, /hm/ is almost entirely male

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That just sounds delightful.
Absolutely delightful.

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ITT: people don't know Rasputin is openly gay and is not in closet, both online and in real life

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>Two mice

what a 1337 haxzor!

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Kinda... The fact that he has pictures of /g/ on his facebook, and likes "What meme face are you" sorta puts me off him.

I'm pretty sure he's addicted to pizza, and has a borderline obsession with Hawaiian shirts.

He's a pretty okay guy.

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>pictures of /g/ on his facebook
link or GTFO

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>game development

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>I'm pretty sure he's addicted to pizza

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That's not pizza.

That's a bastard of a calzone.

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that's not pizza though

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Chicago-style deep-dish pizza is pizza.

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>chicago deep dish "pizza"
>not a tomato sauce pie

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>done right
pick one

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that looks like a pie

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Nope. That's a calzone.

Pizza is flatbread topped with sauce and assorted goodies.

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>I see no cheese

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Does anyone have a full dump of rasputin's nudes?

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>Chicago style "pizza"
>oh god i forgot to fold my calzone

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>get ras to add me
>look through his pictures
>see this


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>It is only pizza if I allow it
Let us be realistic here.

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Eh... I don't have a link offhand, but he has something like "(Rasputin)" besides his real name.

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oh god my sides

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>not thinking jordan is the cutest

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but thats not jordan

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This guy looks familiar.

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>no visible dick
What's the shocking thing with that picture? he's unfit? he has a terrible beard?

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Yes it is, she's the one on the right

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It's not even a calzone, it's an embarrassing pile of pizza dough with a filling
Pizza is lolpatented and a "protected designation", it's like calling bread stuffed with shit "McBurger"
oh wait


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>Pizza is lolpatented
[citation needed]

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stop posting

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Here's his cock.

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>I can't even use a search engine

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I reply to replies.

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That compression shirt and panties shot posted earlier was cute.

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>Neopolitan pizza
You did not even read the article. This is Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

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How do we know it's his penis though?

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I'm Italian, I don't need to read the article (that you haven't read).
And, that is not a pizza. It's an embarrassing shit filled with shit.
I call my shits "US citizens" and there's nothing you can do to stop that - still, my shits are not "really" US citizens.

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Ignore him, he thinks those disgusting fucking pizzas are good

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That's a round lasagna with crust.

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Well... that's...

certainly his penis... i expected it to be small not... quite large

how would the release of this embarrass him though?
"get a load of Chris, what a big penis that loser has!"

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5/10 got me a little mad

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It's God's cruel joke since he's a permavirgin (despite being gay).

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5/10 got me a little hungry

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>not actually hideous
>massive cock

>can't get sex

how? how the fuck are we meant to get laid?

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His face genuinely makes me smile.

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What you are is God's gift to you.
What you become is your gift to God.

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Are you the real Oneechan?

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I like him because he is the doesn't give a fuck hawaiian shirt wearing bro kind of guy.

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oneechan is just japanese for brother you fucking gaijin

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no, go away wannabe weeaboo

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That's a "no", I assume.
We tolerate weeaboos on /g/ when they can contribute, like Oneechan does.

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>turn on computer
>look at /g/
>this is the first thread

whelp, i'm going to go do that assignment now instead

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It's rasputin

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Yah, it's me. i have better thing to do to watch people post my dick on /g/

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How did it even get here?

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Because he posted his dick on 4chan.

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That's not a pizza, that's a cheese pie with tomato topping.

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Rasputin, stop making these threads. Your facial hair looks awful, your teeth are yellow, and you dress like shit.

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Rasputin, would you consider moving to Canada?

Then, we could get married.

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