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I hardly ever go on this board but I was just curious to know where you guys stood between, Android vs IOS?

I made this comparison to show some people I know the pros and cons of my phone (HTC Incredible S) over the iPhone 4s

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troll thread

this is now a cat thread

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I'm not trolling

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The problem is that no one believes Android phones have decent performance because their only experience with it is watching a video of the G1 running 1.6 and never willing to believe any other evidence

Well, that and the fact that it's stupid to buy anything that isn't a Nexus unless you're getting a lot of bonuses like Samsung Music Hub or Motorola Webdock

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If you really want to see how Android whoops iOS ass, instead of comparing it with the Incredible S, compare it with the Galaxy S2. The ip4s and GS2 were both released around the same time so it's a fair comparison

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I think I have even further undersold Android & more so HTC buy comparing a phone that was released months before the 4s was. Also add to that the fact that the Incredible S is $499 cheaper.

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The non retards explanation:

In all honesty and sincerity, name brand obsessions and fashionability/culture status set aside, it comes down to this:

What is your purpose and intentions for the device?

Are you just going to get the device and use it, download apps, and things and just want it to work and do what its suppose to do? Are you a normal user?

Then get an iPhone.

Do you want to tinker? Custom rom? Dev or mod apps? generally experiment and explore?

Get the Droid.

There is no reason not to get an iPhone, unless you just hate Apple, because its straight up a better product for 90% of people and the way they are going to use the device.

But, if you plan on getting technical even 2% of the time, then the only choice is Droid.

end of story/ thread.

Personally, I have two android devices and one windows mobile device for enterprise aka business use because I think it beats blackberry in that dept for my needs.

When people ask me what they should get, I usually end up recommending the iPhone, just because it will suit their needs better.

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did u say cats?

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both sides are fanboys, how much more retarded can you get?

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not OP but how do you like your windows phone? my friend had one of the older ones and he said they took away a lot of functionality, so compared to iphone how is the windows phone?

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You forgot to mention bigger screens.

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the htc is feeling dated now what with the quad core processors on android phones now

but i have the incredible s and it has served me well. plus the feel of it in your hand feels right it just werks

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The windows phone I have is running windows mobile 6.5 not window phone. It's an older, rather high end device; HTC touch pro 2. At the time we got em' for everyone at the shop it was literally the only phone that cost more than the iPhone on ATT. I like it A LOT. The enterprise features built into the phone are TOP notch... it's not really good for much else tho. Call quality is the best I have ever seen in a phone. Even with speaker.

The droid devices I use for my personal: 1. Atrix 2 - got it for FREE. Its killer. Picked up a lapdock for $80 on ebay... now it doubles as a netbook. Sweet? 2. Samsung Captivate. Gotta love the physical keys.

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we appreciate it.

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OP, you forgot to mention that Android has a ton of malware to choose from while iPhone has a ton of useful apps that are not available on Android.

>Android malware families nearly quadruple from 2011 to 2012


>Summary: F-Secure has found that between Q1 2011 and Q1 2012, the number of Android malware families has increased from 10 to 37, and the number of malicious Android APKs has increased from 139 to 3,069.

>Almost Every Android Device Compromised With "Some Kind Of Malware"


>Summary: British Telecom says that one third of Android apps are compromised with some form of active or dormant malware, and that almost every Android device is infected.

>“We analyzed more than 1,000 Android applications and found a third compromised with some form of active or dormant malware,” said Jill Knesek, head of the global security practice at BT and former cybersecurity expert for the FBI. But if you think that is bad, it gets worse, reports EETimes.
>“Almost every device is compromised with some kind of malware, although often it’s not clear if that code is active or what it is doing,” she said in a panel discussion at the NetEvents Americas conference.

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why cant people just compare them fairly?

they have the same ram, the 4s has a dual core 1ghz and the htc has a single core. no mention of screens, no mention of included memory, wrong price for the 4s outright (starts at $650 for 16gb version, htc is only 8gb included)

why the fuck make these pictures at all

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both phones are shit son, apple is the king of narcware anyways

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Android = for fаggоts by fаggоts

No phone is gayer and carried by more fаgs than Android.

Pic very related.

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because fanboys are fanatic dipshits thats why

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What's with the fucked-up transparency, OP?

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I wish I could filter you on my phone too.

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Lost it.

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10/10 OP

Perfect guide, will use this in the future for apple fags thanks.

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>Perfect guide, will use this in the future for meaningless arguments I cannot hold by using words and what not. Those faggots will never see my jpegs coming.


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Deep down, I know I'm still a nokiafag. Hell, I only have a $20 Nokia phone right now, haven't had a smartphone in years. Thinking of buying one from either Motorola or LG, but I'm not too keen on the fragmentation on Android. The Nokia Lumia 610 seems attractive to me too mostly because of the features-to-price ratio. Plus, I know it's good quality hardware. I don't know, OP.

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