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>buying a mac
>realize it's just a pretty version of linux
>Just type "ls" into the console - works perfectly because it's the same underlying OS
>same freakin' OS as linux but shinier
>haha faggots.jpg

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I honestly think a working version of linux is worth money.

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Technically, its Unix, but its essentially the same.

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Personal preference?

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I thought OSX was basically BSD

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i's not UNIX it's BSD you fucking retard. Yes, there is a massive difference

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OS X is UNIX not a poorly implemented clone.

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It's just like linux, except it actually werks,

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>No X server
>Nothing compiles without patching
>Shitty ports everywhere

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>paying for overpriced hardware

If you want to use mac osx.

Hackintosh is the only answer.

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Leopard is certified UNIX '03.

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The mac pro and some of their laptops are, but not all of it is terrible. Just my two cents.

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And what is this "massive" difference?

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>ls works
>just a POSIX implementation
>same OS

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All apple hardware is overpriced. This is a well know fact.

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>OS X, formerly Mac OS X, is a series of Unix-based graphical interface operating systems developed, marketed and sold by Apple Inc.
>OS X is a UNIX-like operating system that originally ran on PowerPC-based Macs. In 2006, the first Intel Macs had a specialized version of Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger". in 2007, Mac OS X 10.5 "Leopard",[4] was the first to have UNIX 03 certification and run on both PowerPC and Intel Macs with the use of Universal Binaries.

iOS is BSD. OS X is Unix.

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>implying POSIX isn't just another word for linux

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>implying POSIX isn't just another word for linux
... and Windows (yes, it is POSIX-compliant*.)
... and AIX
... and most UNIX and UNIX-like OSs.
Your ignorance and bigotry shine like a beacon in this vale of stupidity.

*That's why the hosts file is in a folder called ETC.

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>and Windows (yes, it is POSIX-compliant

No it isn't.

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expect no response

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>and Windows

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Well, there are layers available that make it compliant.

But if you use the POSIX defined APIs to make a temp file in Windows it will stash it in C:\, which is idiotic.
(The Windows API has no such defects however.)

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OS X is unix, but uses BSD software as an equivalent for busybox

if you man page any common busybox program on os x you can see the licensing is BSD because of what the BSD license is

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They're all layers. Windows itself is not POSIX-compliant.

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But Windows does have some POSIX capabilities.

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>can't rice it as much as Linux
>can't play games without dual booting Windows
What's the point?

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I thought this dubs bullshit was bannable.

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>can't rice it as much as Linux

Sure you can.

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Pic related

Calling a kernel an OS. A kernel not even used in that OS. 0/10

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Fuck no you can't. Can't even use awesome wm with it.

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Really? Then why don't I ever see the Macfags in desktop threads do anything other than change the top panel's color or something equally tiny?

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Because OS X is already nice.

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>not wanting a pretty version of linux

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not during summer

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Find a cheaper and equivalent or better baseline 11" or 13" Air.

I'll wait

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That's what Hitler said about the Jews

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>buying a Windows PC
>realize it's just a of linux with a shitty abstracted UI
>Just setup cygwin to get through the default UI
>Just type "rm -Rf /" into the console - works because its the same underlying OS
>same freakin' OS as linux but abstracted

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As much as I adore the MBA, it is my obligation to point out that the Asus Zenbook is bit cheaper.

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terrible touchpad, which is rather important

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A bit cheaper, at the cost of slightly worse battery life and a godawful trackpad.

Whether or not you see those as deciding factors is another thing entirely, but personally, the trackpad alone is a dealbreaker.

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From trying it out at the store, I think it's quite good for a non-Apple laptop. Maybe I didn't try it enough it real world application. Trackpads are indeed a deal breaker for me. I'm very picky about choosing laptop. I have absolutely no regrets about returning an $800 HP laptop 3yrs ago for a $1300 Macbook to have a better trackpad...and not use Vista.

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>any year

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Check google

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the fact that they could make a version of linux actually work without having to use the console, google, and install new packages just because you wanted to print a page is impressive

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>it's unix but better
>haha it must be shit

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