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okay so a friend of mine decided upgrade his pc today buy putting a Zotac gt 430 in it but now there's no display on his monitor at all. Even if he plugs his old card back in there's still no signal to his monitor. Any suggestions? He's pretty much flipping out at the moment over it.

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any help would be greatly appreciated

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he also replaced his ram today

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Driver issue?

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install gentoo

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Is the computer posting?

System specs are needed.

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plug directly into the motherboard port
does screen activate?
if not, you're fucked

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>step 1: yank out cmos battery
>step 2: go away

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Oh lawd

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Probably this.

Try pulling out the comos or bridging the 2 pins on clear comos.

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Tried telling him that. Wouldn't listen
where does one do this? (I'm not a computer guy)

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plug monitor into the motherboard vga
remove the motherboard cmos battery for 30 seconds

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He means plug the monitor into the motherboards video plugin. If it doesn't work your fucked.

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>(I'm not a computer guy)



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says he can't find anywhere to plug it in at

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he sent me this picture of what it looked like before he took it apart

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please go

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oh he's an ipod touch owner, that would explain why he's a moron

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how the hell did you know that?

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That's an HP

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So he doesnt have an onboard GPU.

Stop ruining the wonders of tech support.

Tell him to try taking out the small watch battery on the motherboard and leave it off for a few minutes. Then put it back and try and boot.


Its easy.

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>Stop ruining the wonders of tech support.
/g/ isn't tech support

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You're correct, there's also shitposting and anime.

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Thank you. he was even having problems when he plugged his old card back in. nothing comes up on the screen at all but everything seems to boot. I guess he went to bed (it's 2:00 AM here) says he'll try it in the morning. thank you for the help it's greatly appreciated.

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If it has a six pin PCI-E header on the card tell him to plug in the 6 PIN PCI-E into the card, if you dont it will just make the fans spin at max speed with no image

If it is an old motherboard make sure that the BIOS supports the video card, if not flash it (Gigabyte and Asus have really easy tools to do this).

Make sure that the Power supply is sufficient. A <400 PSU will not work if you have a decent rig.

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Is that the P5-QL (or something likewise) motherboard from asus? Its used in compaq systems alot.

If so.. youre fucked and might as well buy a new motherboard, these things are bound to have leaking capacitors (i know this because i have dealt with alot of these pc's).

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I have no clue. It's some stock HP from like 2007

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Ill take a picture from the case of one i have standing around. If it is the same model then your friend might have to check the capacitors if they are leaking (they look as if they are about to explode, they wont but they look like it).

Will deliver in a few mins

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Also, easier version of what this guy said, is that the motherboard might have a case of "being horribly fucked up".

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scumbag phone decides not to connect to pc. but yeah you might want to tell your friend to check that

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can do, I'm going to tell him to reset the BIOS by pulling that battery out seeing as he replaced his RAM too, although I have no idea what i'm talking about so I might sound like a total dipshit right now.

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