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I'll have the opportunity to attend a Stallmam conference in the coming weeks.

What should I expect?

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RMS eating some stuff from his feet?

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A virgin neckbeard freetard.

If you steal his laptop you'll be /g/ hero.

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Seen him once, apparently he always does the same identical speech I got.
Proprietary software is bad (for the usual reasons, freedom + quality + running something without knowing what it does), FSF + Emacs are the shit, Windows is evil, It's GNU SLASH LINUX.

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Convince him to buy the new MacBook Pro with Retina display

Seriously, that laptop looks neat and powerfum as fuck

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>implying he has $2200.

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Allow me to interject for a moment

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ask him why the FSF accepts money from companies that he hates.

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I missed him when he went to Russia. Hope he'll be back in some near future, want to hear his thoughts.

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giving away all your secrets = poor broke a$$

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If Free software is so good, why does Linux only have mediocre software that doesn't even work right out of the box? It looks like caveman shit compared with Mac OS X

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