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One of my sticks of RAM just died. I was using 2x2, is it possible for me to simply pick up a 4gb stick and run 6gb total in dual-channel mode? I don't usually use more than that and I have no use for the working 2gb stick if I replace it.

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you could get a good deal on 2x4 or 2x8 probably.

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depends. are you using a 64-bit os? if you're using a 32-bit os you won't be able to use more than 4gb.

i think it's actually like one byte less than 4gb actually or something wierd

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I don't really need 8gb, so I'd rather just pick up 1x4 if I can. No point in having excess RAM.

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no such thing as excess ram

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Just get yourself a new kit. They're cheaper than a bag of chips nowadays.

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No, you need equal RAM sticks to enable dual-channel. I'd say the extra speed of dual-channel is way more interesting than having 2GBs more, but considering it will be nearly impossible to find an equal stick for your remaining RAM, either buy 2x2GB or 2x4GB.

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Equal what? Capacity? You can't mix-match?

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I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that you can actually mix-match and still be able to run it in dual-channel, but I can't remember the exact downsindes of that setup. Something like part of your ram will be dual-channel-enabled, and part of it will not be. I may be terribly wrong though.

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Oh, and possibly your sticks should be identical in terms of clock speed, manufacturer, type (of course) and maybe even timings. That's pretty much the only way to run a different density modules in dual-channel iirc.

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Ideally you want an exact match, If you want duel channel I think you just need matched Mhz and timings,

But I'd play it safe for the extra 20 bucks or so it would be to get a 2 X 2 pack.

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Except that dual-channel does work with different sticks. I managed to get 2x512DDR run in dual-channel (different manufacturers), with a 256DDR in the third bank.

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Only size and speed is really necessary, but people recommend you have equal sticks because it may not work if they are from different brands for example.

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Thanks everyone

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