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Pizza thread?

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cheese only

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I don't usually get pizza, but when I do I get pizza hut large stuffed crust half-pepperoni half-sausage.

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That better be soy cheese with tofu slices.

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>pizza thread
>too late in the day to order pizza
>now I really want pizza.
You're sadistic.

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hawaiian please

>falcon sees thread
>starts spamming disgusting deep dish

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24/7 delivery here.
Also, >>>/b/

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>Implying soy cheese can even melt

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Please tell me.

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Looks like I'm having pizza for dinner. Fuck you, /g/.

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>americans in charge of cheese

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>tfw living in Hawaii and it's still 7:48 and pizza time

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>not making your own

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I wish I could make my cheese that soft whilst also cooking my base properly...

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At least you can eat pizza, I get sick if i do. ;_;

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Are you kidding? I've made pizza with soy cheese before, and even had nachos with creamy melted soy cheese. It tastes like cheese, it cooks like cheese, the only difference is that it has a different texture.

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I have never gotten soy cheese to melt, even when I threw it into a campfire.

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I'm his pizza butt-buddy.

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where's falcon?

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I haven't had pizza in like 3 weeks. I feel like one of those stuffed cheesy breads from dominos though.

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--------the joke
--------your head

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>soy cheese

there are good things that can be done with soy. this is not one of them.

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>calling a casserole a pizza

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>soy cheese tasted like cheese
thats because american cheese is non-toxic edible plastic, not 'cheese'

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You're an anus.

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Just some random small city (fort Walton)
Not sure if it's really 24/7, but I've ordered as late as 2 in the morning, so I'm assuming it is.

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That's what I never understood about Americans. You always see pictures/videos of them with melted cheese or 'cheese' on everything... BUT IT'S NOT BLOODY CHEESE.

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Test it tonight. Call at like 3 and see what they say.

Man I can't even imagine how that would work. It seems like a catch 22. The only place with 24 hour demand for pizza would be a city, but a city would generally be pretty unsafe to send a delivery guy to various apartments and stuff.

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American cheese is real cheese.
Just the shittiest, cheapest cheese ever.

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You will make this for me now and I shall eat it. It will be delicious.

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What you call American Cheese is actually American Cheese flavored fake cheese.

Actual American Cheese is a very mild cheddar. Not terribly yellow, but not pale. It's hard to find, because most deli operators are stupid enough to think it is fucking kraft singles.

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>Eating regular cheese
>Not eating superior cheesecake

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Nope, there's a reason why it's called "cheese food"

It's an imitation.

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This guy is right. American cheese is perfectly real cheese. The stuff you buy at supermarkets is not American cheese.

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Cheeseburger crust pizza. Available at Middle East Pizza Huts.
Yet another reason to hate sandniggers.

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>Calling out other countries out on shitty food

haha oh wow

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>mfw Antonio's closed up without warning.

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Pepperoni & Anchovies. yeah, I said it.

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that is not pizza.

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