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I've noticed that you /g/aylords hate rice
Why is that?

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It doesn't have any real nutrition, it just looks nice. And it fills the hole (called hunger) in lesser human being, but only for a short while.

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Then what is the food for gods?

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i eat rice every day and can do more each day.
on the days i don't eat rice i can't even get up in the morning

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>It doesn't have any real nutrition

full retard

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stay fat, you misinformed idiot

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I love rice, its cheap and tasty, and super high tech machines have been built dedicated to its preparation`

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Dude, I eat rice and oats with my meals only.
I'm barely ever hungry and eat about twice a day with correct portion sizes.
You don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

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It has no flavour

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That's fucking gross.

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What the fuck is that monstrosity..

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Does too. Rice-like.

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Actually I fucking love rice. Ima go make me some fucking rice.

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Rice is weeaboo food.
We hate weeaboos, thus we hate rice.

Fuck off and die weeaboos, you ruin everything.

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pizza with noodles and rice

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Me too. God, I love me some fucking rice.

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Brown rice has a lower GI than most wheat-based products such as pasta or bread.
This means it keeps you fuller for longer and also is digested by your body more slowly.

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You clearly don't belong on this site. Get out.

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>too much cheese
>not enough toppings

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>Brown rice
True, but that is hardly what people mean when they say "rice". Also, I don't know if it's even that easy to get at my local convenient store.

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I'm going to have to agree with the pizza master race here.

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Nigger, that's disgusting.

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who told you that we love rice

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I take that back. In the heat of the moment, I forgot my manners, and I apologize.

What I meant to say was: "Your are both gravely mistaken."

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I have genuinely never seen a pizza like that before.
Is it an American thing?

PS. Falcon, is IB going to make an appearance in the guide?

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Quit ruining things, filthy weeaboo.
I bet you didn't even shower when you got up this morning.

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That isn't pizza. That is a cheese cassarole

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I really like red neon, everything else is just stupid.

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Unlikely. Falcon is a tardo fanboy and will follow whoever screams the loudest.

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>What I meant to say was: "Your are both gravely mistaken."
This is how we grammar in the third world. Lack of pizza causes English to broked.

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>I bet you didn't even shower when you got up this morning
What losers shower in the morning? That's just inconvenient.

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>Is it an American thing?
Looks like some bastardized Chicago deep-dish.

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Ah, 'deep-dish' pizza in the UK is merely normal pizza with a thicker crust and the same filling.

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Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

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this shit is vile

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Looks more like a Quiche, son.

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yup, definitely a quiche

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I ear rice daily. I love it. It makes good filler, it's cheap, it's good, and it keeps almost forever if properly stored right in buckets lined with mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. If you just store them in regular 5 gallon buckets without mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, rice still lasts a long time. Also, you can make it about a million different ways. Makes it good to have along side of ramen noodles for cheap asses like myself.

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I said it looks like one, not that it is one.
I can't imagine that it would be nice however.
It looks far too fatty and greasy to be enjoyable.

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One thing they got right: The pizza.

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>It makes good filler
Only poorfags needs fillers. Enjoying my cooked lobster while laughing at you, peasants.

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Rice, tinned tuna and soya sauce with optional Chinese 5 spice is the food of the cheap.
You can alternate with eggs if you want to avoid mercury poisoning.

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>One thing they got right: The pizza.

no they didn't

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>implying Italian-style pizza isn't so much better
The thing murrikans got right was the hamburger (cheeseburger).

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I believe that was the Italians that got it right though..
All your country does, culinary-wise and probably in every other aspect, is bastardise things.

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>tinned tuna

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Did too.

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Oh please.

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nigger...get out

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Do any of actually eat healthy and nutritious foods?

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you think that fat shit is good pizza? lol

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This picture is an exemplary demonstration of why amerifats are fat.

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They who choose to despise will continue to do so.

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I ate a spinach pizza for lunch.

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Why is it always fucking pizza on this board?

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>all that fat
dude you need to do something about that.

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jesus christ

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jesus christ how terrifying

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>ITT: American-style pizza > Italian-style


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remind me never to order pizza in America

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If that had less cheese I'd eat it.

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Sadly, not me. Just some lucky dude enjoying his life.

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Imagine that thick sludge pile of cheese sliding through your small intestine.

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Why are you people so fucking disgusting?

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>you will never know that feel

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What's with all this deep dish? Where's the love for New York style pizza?

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>Falcon posting pizza
How many years have you been doing this shit for?

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You should learn to keep an open mind.

What is wrong with a little bit of extra cheese, eh?

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Only disgusting faggots from Chicago make pizza like that.

I've tried deep dish pizza, in Chicago, more than once. It's shit.

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Too much, too fucking much!

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I actually give a shit about my health and want to keep my body in a reasonable condition.

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Cheese should be enjoyed in moderation.

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Brofist for good taste, pic related, from my local pizza place.

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Maybe you had a bad experience?

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Now THAT'S more like it. Phew, I was beginning to think all of you amerifats were the same.

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>implying that is cheese and not 'cheese'.

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>This graph is based on data from 2008. Across the US, obesity prevalence for children 2-5 years old was about 10%. In Chicago, obesity prevalence among children 3-7 years old was 22%, more than double that of US rates for similarly aged children. Data on sex and ethnicity in the Chicago sample were not available.

>Overall: This graph is based on data from 2008. Across the US, the obesity prevalence for children 6-11 years old was 19.6%. In Chicago, the obesity prevalence among children 10-13 years old was 28%. Data on sex and ethnicity in the Chicago sample were not available.

People from Chicago are fat fucks, dumbass.

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But that is just a dry shitty bottom with crap thrown on top of it.
Seems they had a 30 cent budget and no chef.

>> No.24478093

That is the most disgusting item of food I've ever seen.

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I like rice, but I don't eat it exclusively like some hardcore asians do. I'll usually switch up between bread (italian/french), fried corn tortillas, and flour tortillas. When I do eat rice, I prefer basmati, which is a nice middle ground between useless white rice and miserable brown rice.

>> No.24478103

No, that's a bottom with a normal amount of cheese and real toppings.

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organic plastic is cheese too
oh and pizza is a vegetable
jews told me so

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I had to work at a client site in chicago for 9 months
>>client (one person at the company): Let's go to the best pizza place around here!
>I'm excited, alright
>try it...absolute dogshit
>happens many more times at a few different places (5-6)
>manager tells me to shut up, and to have it, and not express my dislike to make the client employees happy

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i fucking love rice calories and good taste.

>> No.24478124

Jealous, all the pizza places that are reasonably close only serve shitty deep dish.

>> No.24478126

That's how the crust is supposed to be, on the crisper side. And no, it's not fully dry on the inside of the crust.

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You have no taste.

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fck that man, balek kampang oreddy your disgusting pizza

>> No.24478140

Unforunately I'm moving from NY to Philly metro in a few months. The local pizza place doesn't even compare.

I'm buying a pizza stone and learning how to do it homemade.

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Have you ever eaten Chicago style deep dish pizza?

>> No.24478155

Now that's good deep dish.

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Looks like a lasagna gone wrong.

>> No.24478174

That's not pizza. Pizza is a thin crust, a small amount of cheese, and toppings like garlic, onions, feta, olives, mushrooms, pesto, pine nuts, etc. Not slabs of meat and a gallon of tomato sauce and melted cheese.

>> No.24478175

While some Chicago pizza fucking great with Perfect crust to cheese and filling ratios, Some is just horriable with shitty thin soggy crust and filling that is mostly crappy cheese.

>> No.24478176

>local pizza places
Local pizza places in Philly (vs pic from local place in NY).

Very sad, but taking it with stride.

My pizza sauce and cheese is good. The big problem is just the crust, and that's where a stone helps.

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>> No.24478187

my stomach rumbled D:

>> No.24478192

>round self-contained lasagna

>> No.24478205

Does the sadface mean no?

Why the fuck are you advocating for a food you have never tried?

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>slabs of meat and a gallon of tomato sauce and melted cheese
Perfection of food.

>> No.24478234

>advocating for products they've never tried
ITT: /g/ in a nutshell

>> No.24478238

This for example is a good Pizza Pie.
These however look like soggy cheese filled crap.

>> No.24478243

But your body digests the carbohydrates to delicious Glucose

>> No.24478251

No, that shit's awful.

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>has never tried a food
>says it's awesome
Yo man, the phantom gaming console? Best gaming console ever. Better graphics than the new Xbox and PS4!

Seriously, your advocacy is disturbing. You don't even know the realities of what you are advocating.

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this is whath happens when americans enter /g/

>> No.24478293

Pretty much. I viraled THE FUCK out of the x120 but hate both the cheap thinkpads and the shitty AMD CPUs.

I got a lot of people on here to buy it though which was fun.

>> No.24478294

>>slabs of meat and a gallon of tomato sauce and melted cheese
>preach: speak, plead, or argue in favor of; "The doctor advocated a smoking ban in the entire house"

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>has never tried a food
I have had pizza. Just not with as much cheese as I would like.

>> No.24478306


The Falcon is not from America.

Indonesia or somewhere.

He just likes food porn.

>> No.24478312

>>24478294 here
The advocacy was you calling it "the perfection of food", among many other things.

>> No.24478323

Yeah I got Falcon on facebook.

>> No.24478324

>He just likes food porn.

this shit he posts is like japanese bestiality midget puke porn

>> No.24478339

If this is food porn, well, I can't fap to this.

>> No.24478344

Your opinion is irrelevant. You know what is too little cheese, but not what is too much, if the crust is actually good or not etc.

Many ideas are good in theory or even when you see a picture.

When you actually put an idea to the test (or with food, taste), concepts can fall far short of execution.

E.g. people who loved hot foods thought jalapeno ice cream would be a great idea, but testers tried it and HATED it, they didn't realize how awful the cold of the ice cream would be with the hot sensation of the peppers.

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Not even tempted?

>> No.24478377

No; if I was faced with that I'd feel like vomiting.

>> No.24478379

not in the slightest
the more I see the more disgusting it gets

>> No.24478389

America: where dinner is somehow less healthy than dessert

>> No.24478396

That really looks terrible.

>> No.24478397

>You know what is too little cheese, but not what is too much
There is no such thing as too much cheese. Cheese, on its own, is still good.

>> No.24478401

Give it some tits and a place where I could potentially place my penis, then I could fap to it.

>> No.24478405

It's bread, cheese, meat and tomato sauce. I fail to see the issue.

>> No.24478408

>Kraft Parmasean cheese
>green can cheese that can be kept at room temperature
Falcon, what the fuck man. What the fuck.

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at this point its about the same

>> No.24478427

> I fail to see the issue

oh you fail alright

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I know. It is healthy too: Has tomato in it, which means it is classified by certain nations as a vegetable.

>> No.24478439

Do I see some undercooked bacon?

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File: 489 KB, 1920x1080, 1080p_manly_tears.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That depends ENTIRELY on the food the cheese is with.

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>> No.24478484

Dohohoho. That regulation still makes me laugh.
If cheese tastes bad on its own... it's probably terrible cheese.

>> No.24478496


I'm not tempted.

This is what I have here.


Watch the video.

Wickenden Street is down the hill from Brown.EDU.

Overall, you can't swing a dead cat in Rhode Island and get good food. Even the Chimi trucks on Broad Street in Providence are top notch.

For fucks sake, I didn't know it but the joint a block and a half from me has Cuban sandwiches.

>> No.24478499

Go back to reddit falcon.

The true facts (which reddit will never acknowledge) is so that school cafeterias can serve pizza once a week, on fridays, to kids so they can quickly serve the kids a low fuss meal, the tomato in pizza is considered a single serving of vegetable for school lunch purposes.

A little bit of frozen pizza within national school lunch standards has slight nutrition.

The copious amounts of shitty olive oil with transfats used by fatfuck uneducated Chicago residents who think olives have no taste so they can virtually deep fry their crust in a shitty pan is unhealthy as fuck. the tomatoes do not help that.

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File: 597 KB, 400x2110, EF03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like a variation on a theme.

>> No.24478510

he's not from reddit

>> No.24478534

He is. When I visited reddit (before I had good taste), I saw that shit get posted all the time. That, among other stupidity (reddit having its own version of reality wildly inconsistent with what was happening in the real world) gave me good cause to realize I should leave.

>> No.24478548

hmm i stand corrected

>> No.24478551

>Overall, you can't swing a dead cat in Rhode Island and get good food.

That should not be a negative.

Let's just say it's really difficult to find a bad plate of food in RI.

Fuck. what the fuck am I typing.

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>not being full of rice 24/7

>> No.24478564

I've never had chicago deep dish pizza but it looks fucking amazing.

All these niggers ITT HAVE to be trolling.

>wahh look at all that cheese
>omg so fat
>gross wtf america

Niggers are you fucking serious? You don't eat this shit for every meal of your life. Goddamn, how do you not want to live a little and try all the delicious flavors there are?

>confirmed for trolls

Also hi falcon, you're the only decent tripfag from /g/.

>> No.24478599

>deep dish pizza but it looks fucking amazing
>hi falcon, you're the only decent tripfag from /g/

kill yourself

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>> No.24478620

Hi Falcon! You forgot your trip

>> No.24478638


Expected reply is expected.

At least he made that build guide and doesn't shit up the board with weeaboo faggotry.

>> No.24478650

You're trying to fellate yourself while posting as anon. We get it.

>> No.24478671

Whatever you say faggot. Can't change the opinion of a retard anyway.

>> No.24478681

>tfw falcon makes me want to eat pizza right now

That looks so damn good

Btw fuck your shit op, rice is fantastic

>> No.24478704

Tfw reading this thread while eating pizza.
Feels damn good.

>> No.24478707

please stop posting.

I normally like falcon, but he does shitpost sometimes. key example, this thread.

>> No.24478708
File: 58 KB, 420x307, Pizza09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do not be tempted; Go have some.

>> No.24478741

>please stop posting

Aww, are you gonna cry?

Hide the hide button and ignore the thread.

Goddamn, how aspie can you get?

>> No.24478742

Fuck this thread, I'm off to Safeway to get some pizza dough, mozzarella, cornmeal, sauce, and to Homegoods to pick up a pizza stone and cheese grater.

Fuck chicago style pizza. We have somebody posting pics of it insisting it's the best ITT WHO HAS NEVER TASTED IT.

>> No.24478744
File: 635 KB, 1366x1194, Pizza11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>key example, this thread.
Oh yeah, in this tech-related thread which is about technology.

>> No.24478759

Hit the hide button and ignore the thread.


>> No.24478771

Again, I don't give a shit. Saying "Awww, you gonna cry" and attempting to discredit me as being emotional or upset is stupid.

Posting about something you've never tried or had any experience or real knowledge about is the hallmark of a fool.

>> No.24478779

>Hide the hide button
That shit would be counter productive if he wanted to hide your shitposting.

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File: 123 KB, 800x539, Pizza12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are angry that I like pizza with lots of cheese?

>> No.24478822
File: 215 KB, 417x435, 1334166157132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't fight it now. I'm too hungry. Deep dish it is.

>mfw this thread and my stomach

>> No.24478825
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>continues to post

Some faggots, I swear...

>> No.24478829

I have tried pizza with lots of cheese and have enjoyed it. We are talking about Chicago style pizza, a form of pizza you, by your own admission, have never had.

You're creating a strawman, Falcon.

>> No.24478848

>not making your own dough

>> No.24478849
File: 208 KB, 500x332, Pizza21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go, bro. Go have some pizza.

>> No.24478893

>You're creating a strawman, Falcon.
Chicago style pizza is pizza with insane amounts of cheese.

I have had pizza with too little cheese, with just enough cheese, with a lot of cheese, with a large amounts of cheese, but not an insane amount.

There is no strawman: I want to have Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

>> No.24478922

You are setting yourself up for disappointment.

>> No.24478981
File: 70 KB, 600x456, Pizza24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Impossible. I am never going to have any. Do you think I would care as much if I had access to it?

>> No.24479012

>Chicago style pizza is pizza with insane amounts of cheese.
This is true, however, it is not all Chicago style pizza is. I will iterate the differences so you may better known. Chicago pizza also tends to use poor quality mozzarella; you can see browning of the mozz in >>24478744
among other pictures. This is a telltale sign of cheap mozz. And that's not even surface mozz!

>Oil content: NY Pizza pools at top of cheese, chicago within
Not a problem on its own. Chicago pizza tends to have olive oil basted into the crust. This would be good, except people in chicago (and who make chicago style pizza) do not know what the fuck proper olive oil is. End result: An unhealthy as fuck dish with a ton of shitty tasting oil.

>1. Chicago style pizza has a thick crust that crumbles and is chalky. New York pizza is crispy and thin.
Deep dish isn't bad and I enjoy softer, thicker crusts from time to time. The chalkiness of the Chicago pizza makes the crust disgusting.

>2. NY Pizza is thin enough to fold
A criticism some people make of Chicago pizza (it isn't) that I hate. There are many valid reasons to hate chicago pizza. The need to use a knife/fork is not one of them.

>3. Crust to cheese ratio
Thicker crust is fine. The amount of cheese is, suprisingly overbearing. Chicago pizza

>> No.24479074

You seem to think I do not like NY-style pizza.

I do. I have had it too. I have not had deep-dish style pizza.

>> No.24479078

>>24479012 continued
>cut is different
Fine since the thickness, not a valid criticism

>6) Topping density
Fresh toppings can't make up for subpar cheese and crust

>7) Chicago style pizza dough can be both thick and chewy, or crumbly with the addition of butter and oil for a shortbread-like texture on the deep dish pie.
I've had both. Ingredient quality problems pervade with both, and I've never had chicago style pizza (have been to multiple places in chicago locals insisted were "The best") and you either get something that's uncooked or that is so chalky you choke on it. There's a good middle ground that's fairly wide that non-chicago deep dish seems to achieve.

>Main issue
Chicago pizza places do not know what quality mozz is. They do not know what quality crust is. They do not know what quality olive oil is. Some don't even have good tomato sauce! Point is, Chicago pizza uses poor quality ingredients, then throws a bunch of fresh veggies and such on top (often). It's like putting sprinkles, cherries, and whipped cream on a turd.

>> No.24479096

I'm comparing it to thin crust pizza, bro. Just saying. I also acknowledge many "problems" people take with chicago pizza as non-valid criticisms. Please actually read my post!

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