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I just bought a PRW-5000T. Post your watch.

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who uses a watch these days. everyone has a phone

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A lot of people. Because it's more convenient than pulling out a phone.

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casio dw5600, the newer ones.
Built like a tank, don't need anything else for now

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What is this "pulling out a phone" you speak of? Mine stays in my hand, and I can't honestly remember a time when I put it in a pocket of any kind.

"pulling out a phone" must be some new crazy shit you idiotic kids do, who knows.

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here we go, obligatory 100 posts before retards stop clamoring about pulling out phones, turning on the screen and possibly needing to unlock just to tell the time.

nevermind depth meters, instantly available GPS coordinates, compass, stopwatch, altimeter and waterproofing that many watches have, and many situations wherein keeping a cell phone on you and powered on are either prohibited or possibly inappropriate.

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Thinking of buying a diesel dz1250

Thoughts ?

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looks like shit

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>pulling phone out of pocket
>glorified pocketwatch

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This motherfucker right here

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Oh, youre one of those faggots.

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>resin band
dat dere $10 poorfag watch

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It tells the time and date. Good enough for me.

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I got a gold plated watch at a flea market for 13 dollars. It was probably stolen off the corpse of an old man because it says 24 carat and "Beverly Hills Country Club".

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It's great, it's been through pretty much everything and still works perfectly.
Here are all the features:

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I'll buy it off you, $14 shipped.

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I actually sold that one for $20 to a friend and bought a better looking watch from the same flea market.

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I'll buy it off you, $21 shipped

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>my face when someone wears a watch with a resin band near me

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I dont think it would survive the trip. I think there used to be an alarm in it, like the watch in Far Cry 2. But that probably stopped working about the same time as its previous owner did.

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This thing is fucking ancient, still working great though.

Was thinking of getting a new one, too bad every similar watch looks like shit.

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Why would I carry a watch? My phone is perfectly capable of showing the time and I hate carrying around redundant shit.

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>owns digital watch
>says other watches look like shit

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If you do any kind of physical activity and/or sport.
If you also end up in one of the thousands situations where you either can't carry a phone or can't use it.

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Note how I said similar, still, never been a fan of analog.


Funny, I consider a phone redundant shit.

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I cant find a real picture, but it looks a lot like this, except its plated in gold, there's no date and the hands are thin and white.

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I don't wear a watch while running. And the only situation when I can't use my phone is during take off and landing in an airplane.

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Nope, wait. Its this, except the steel parts are plated in gold.

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I take it you never swim, practice anything other than running, don't go to the beach, mountain etc...That you don't find yourself in situations where it's very impolite to use your phone etc...
It's possible, but then again, it looks boring to me.

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A 1963 Datejust Rolex passed down from my grandfather.

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nice brah

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1986 Seiko 7A38 here.

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You know that really common and really simple Casio plastic digital watch? The kind that got people in trouble in Iraq because the American military associated them with terrorists using them for bomb timers?
I once saw a watch that looked very much like that watch, except the strap and the body were made of metal.
That's the watch I want. Does anyone know what it's called?

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$10 watches can tell the time with very reasonably accuracy.
Why would you spend more?
Don't tell me you're all deep sea divers.

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Quality, reliability/lifespan, and appearance.

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I wear a shirt to work.

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>macs are overpriced
>wear watches that cost 10-100x as much as basic digital with good accuracy
>/g/ logic

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Allergic to Resin, steel and nylon. So it's titanium or gold for me and since I'm only 24 gold is a few years off.

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>buy high performance machine with multiple high quality monitors instead of shitty 100 dollar pc that browses /g/ just as good

Comparing it to macfaggotry is wrong.

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>I wear a shirt to work


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allergies to stainless steel? dubious at best

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Just like a Mac.

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Reliability is not an argument for 200$ - infinity $ watches.
My 20 year old plastic Casio still works like on the first day and tells the time.
Only appearance? Quite shallow.

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I have the left side one from the quote.
Want to buy some type of old style russian watch.

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Now that's a reasonable watch.
$15, you don't need to spend more unless you intend to show it off at Starbucks while sipping your latte frappuccino.

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Alergic to steel? How does that even happen. Is that even possible?

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I'm sporting one of a Rolex Yacht-Master from 1992.
The 2012 lineup seems pretty darn sweet if i may say so.

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Awesome, thanks.

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>>23873808 allergies to stainless steel? dubious at best
I think the added weight causes more sweat to accumulate. I'm fine with the coated straps.

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Casio SGW300H-1AVCF. I'm too cheap to spring for the overpriced triple sensor solar atomic ones, maybe in a few years I'll get a proper pathfinder.

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Day of week, date, corrects time automatically, generally more reliable, more alarm functions, barometer, altimeter, etc.

Granted, not all functions are used all the time, and by everyone. But even they have their uses.

As for appearance, if I'm going to wear it all day I'd prefer it to look good, right?

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eh, I'd still get a Casio that looks a bit better, and isn't purely digital, having a digital watch makes you look like a retard that can't read a clock.

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I don't think that's the one. Gold would be even worse if that was the case.

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>Casio watches
Terrorist scum.


So people are getting locked up for wearing watches?
oh you America

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>Implying I have a watch
There's clocks everywhere.

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>Musaid pointed out to his Tribunal:
>"Millions and millions of people have these types of Casio watches."
A damning confession, this insight as to the pervasiveness of terrorism is quite alarming.

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Pic related.

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I'm not even trying.

I just like it doesn't have the second hand. I don't enjoy seeing time fly by.

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That's a shitty photo, have a better one.

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The only watches I like the look of, are way too big for my faggot girly wrists.
I wanted to get this
but this is what I like/want in a watch anyway. just with a smaller face.
Simple, classy

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forgot the pic

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Faggots with digital watches, or watches with so many fucking bullshit dials all over them, its impossible to find the fucking time.

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In blue

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are you 6 years old? Get a real watch

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I just got this Seiko, but in silver.

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Don't mind the iMac, I'm going to get it swap out once the new MBP refreshes.

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Would have been nice if I actually posted a pic XD.

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Look into Vostok

Just get a mechanical watch.
Those kinetic ones have a capacitor in them that can lose its charge.

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Kinetics are the worst idea that Seiko invented. I own many, I even have the one that sets it self after you wear it. After the novelty wears off the thing needs too much work to operate.

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I didn't even post the right Seiko, I don't own the kinetic, I have the Non-Kinetic Chronograph one.

I just bought this. Opinions?

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