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So /g/,

Why is the graphics card industry so terrible at naming conventions?

For example, tell me which of pairs theoretical cards would be better:

11870G or 11870GT?

7850 or 7780?

7850 or 6990?

Do any of these numbers actually MEAN anything, or is the only thing that indicates the power of a graphics card the price?

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videocard names: 1% fact, 99% marketing

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>11870G or 11870GT?
Do not exist.

>7850 or 7780?
There will be no 7780 card.

>7850 or 6990?
6990 will be more powerful.

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Is this a joke?

Thank you.

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sauce on that hoodie?

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>doesn't understand "theoretical"
typical tripfag.

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>no hood

Casual fashionista

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ATi: <generation><series><card>
> ex: 7870
> generation 7
> serious 8
> card 70

NVidia: <series> <generation><card>
> ex: GTX 480
> series GTX (performance/enthusiast)
> generation 4
> card 80

If you understand these simple ideas, it's not hard to understand performance hierarchy. It's not like you're not going to look up benchmarks anyway.

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/fa/ here, don't bother

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good save, and they say there are no good people in the internet

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/fa/ has bros? I misjudged them ;_;

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Oh wow, thank you. I appreciate it.

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so there is something of a mm/dd/yyyy vs dd/mm/yyyy thing?

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Why is there an "enthusiast" category anyway? It sounds like "retard we can sell overpriced shit to".

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I don't see anything wrong with the names, if you aren't retarded you'll be able to understand them.

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>Not wearing glorious $10 Wal-Mart jackets.
Fucking plebs.

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I like questions that are followed immediately by the answers.

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triple layered Nepalese wool and fleece, damn its toasty warm

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>Go to the store
>See 7350 for $30
>See 6770 for $300
>Have a 3-year-old 7850
>It's better than the 7350 but worse than the 6770

Yeah, makes perfect sense.

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>wearing camo in public

even /k/ doesnt like doing that

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>Not God-Tier camouflage
What are you some kind of pansy?

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It's a shame enthusiast cards are actually enthusiast cards though.

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>Go to the store without knowing what you want to buy
You do your research before going. That is what smart people do.

Going to a store without a clue... is the exact opposite of smart.

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>not a pansy
Oh god my sides.

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>Refuses to go the store unless he knows everything they have in stock
Ok, bro, whatever you say.


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>Implying it isn't socially acceptable to wear camouflage where I live.

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So, faggots, what are you trying to say?

That the grading/numbering system for graphics cards is not completely fucked up
That you shouldn't even think of touching a graphics card until you've gotten 10 benchmarks and 60 positive reviews?

Because those two are mutually-fucking exclusive. They could save people a lot of trouble by having a meaningful naming/grading system.

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>To make this pizza, you need a specific type of cheese
>Go to the store without knowing what type of cheese it actually is
>Compare different cheeses in-store, with no actual resource to aid the comparison, no clue as to what cheese is actually needed
Dumbass indeed. That is why you do research BEFORE going to the store, so you know what you want to buy.

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>not using yyyy/mm/dd
Really, the whole world needs to switch.

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Can you make me a pizza?

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More like this, shithead:
>Want to make pizza using provolone cheese
>Go to store, find out they have Provolone, Provolone Sharp, Provolone Extra Sharp, Provoloni, Spiced Provolone, Provolone: Pizza Edition, Provolone 2
>Differences range in the hundreds of dollars
>60% of the "provolones" will poison your pizza

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>Higher series number = better performance
Good grief!

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Wow, the fucking point is you don't go into a store without knowing what you want. This >>22903486
puts it in the simplest terms possible. I prefer the AMD system myself. Also he didn't mention the ocassional suffix on Nvidia cards, but that also really depends on the series.

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>Want to make pizza using provolone cheese, specifically: Provolone: Pizza Edition
>Go to store, find out they have Provolone, Provolone Sharp, Provolone Extra Sharp, Provoloni, Spiced Provolone, Provolone: Pizza Edition, Provolone 2
>Buy Provolone: Pizza Edition

The internet: Has facebook... and also useful information!

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But that's simply not true.

My 6850 outperforms 8800

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You shouldn't HAVE to know the specs of every fucking graphics card on the market in order to make an "educated purchase"

That's the fucking point.

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>Higher series number
You are comparing products from two different companies. They do not have the same series numbering.

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>/thefalcon/ - Pizza and Guides

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I have a Radeon 7000, that a Radeon 4870 would disagree with.

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>You shouldn't educated yourself in order to make an "educated purchase"

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Your example is invalid: Neither are available for purchase.

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Which, by the way...


Apparently the Radeon 7000 sports Blu-ray playback capability?
Anyone else want to call bullshit on that with me?

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You were saying?

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What am I supposed to be seeing? I get a blank page.

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Why would you even respond to that? And where's my pizza?

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"Plus RADEON 7000 has industry-leading, built-in DVD playback capability. "

>industry leading DVD playback

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that isn't a typical tripfag. that's mothafoking Falcon!

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I do not know. I think he wants to make a point by using two cards from 2003 and 2008, both of which have been EOLed for eons, and cannot be bought in stores.

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Or you could just...read a review or find a comparison. You don't need to know the intricate details of its design.

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There are retailers of both cards.
Not just ebay results.

I'm just saying naming schemes are retarded, if you made a 7000 series years ago...
And now you're using 7000 series again.


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some examples from my own computers in recent history (by performance)

ATI: 6500 < 9700 <<< 4550 < 5450
NV: 5700 <<< 7800 <<< 275

makes perfect sense.

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Hey Falcon, where do you work these days?
I'm going to be employed somewhere respectable in the near future.

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Yes, but while the new one may be HD...
The old one had Industry Leading DVD playback...

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I mean, granted they can be bought on eBay, which is a type of "store" if you want to get technical...

...but that is like saying:
>This toy model from 1921 has a higher number than that toy model from 1949!
How does this affect you when no store actually sells them any more?

You have to go out of your way to compare two obsolete models in order to confuse yourself with the numbering. That is not logical, nor realistic.

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>I'm going to be employed somewhere respectable in the near future.
Good for you. I hope your salary is satisfactory, and your working hours are sane, and leave you with time leftover to socialize.

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Well you can't tell me rebranding doesn't fuck stuff up.
Nvidia's entire line up after the 9000 series...

Hell the Geforce 300 series was just a blatant rebranding scheme for OEM's

The average consumer gets dicked there.

And you know who cares about the average consumer?
I fucking don't.
Not anymore.
Fuck them.
Fuck them hard.
Let them buy Apple and burn in hell.

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No seriously bro, I want to know what you do.

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I go to my office and program. Mostly mobile applications, and typically contract work for very large companies or governments.

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I wish I could code web apps all day.
(I don't really like mobile app coding)

Unless it has to do with the Google Map API or integration. That stuff is interesting.

My job is monkey work. :'(

I'm going to school to get out of it though...

Which by the way, working 40+ hours/week and going to school full time for a double major in Networking and Security is a bitch.

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>implying Provolone: Pizza Edition isn't just provolone that costs $150 extra

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>I wish I could code web apps all day.
The first year is great fun.

The second year is... average.

The third is monotonous and boring. You can feel your brain slowly turning to cheese from the lack of exercise, as the jobs just become copy/pasting stuff, as you simply cannot be bothered to actual code anything any more. Your body has already changed, fully adjusting your backbone to fit into the office chair at a tilted angle, and you sleep with your eyes open, as your hands continue to copy/paste. Days or weeks go by without you doing anything more interesting than looking at pictures of cats. You envy hamsters on hamster wheels for the greater variety they have in their lives. The best thing about your day becomes the meals, since they involve you getting out of the chair and away from the PC. After a while, you as a human being cease to exist, and your soul fuses with your work PC, which you know more intimately than your wife. Your sense of time and timing stops, and 5am or 5pm become nothing more than meaningless numbers. You fantasize about going to a forest with an axe and cutting down trees, then planting potatoes and onions in the cleared areas. There are cockroaches that live in your keyboard, and you feed them with bread crumbs. They do not have names, but they have learned to be friendly.

This is my fourth year.

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And thus, you are on /g/

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It helps keep me sane.

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Well... something close to "helps" and something close to "sane."

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When they ask us why we install gentoo. We will point to this great tome.

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pizza thread

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I love pizza! I adore pizza! Also: I dote on pizza and crave it, as well as want it and often need it! Pizza is my opium and my heroin.

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dat sum deep dish

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Wish they would open a deep-dish pizza store here ;_;

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Is this the food porn thread?

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Now that I recall, I might have gotten all those pizza pics from you, faclon

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No, just CP.

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Didn't know /fa/ had coherent users.

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I'm surprised CP isn't a blocked term on 4chan yet but bad / parenting is.

Anyway, here's what looks like some sort of fancy pizza-esque thing.

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Is it a calzone?

I want one.

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But I am getting a few new ones from ITT!

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Me too, bro.

I don't have...like any more pizza pictures. So have whatever this is.

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Jokes on you, some of them are reposts.

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So I went to Italy last summer.

The pizza there is WAY different.

This picture is from wikipedia, but I visited this very shop.

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I have some "epic foods" pics as well...

...but honestly, they are not as awe-inspiring as pizza.

Some are quite outstanding though.

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Yeah it's not what you'd expect. It's like this in most of Europe.

>> No.22905397


yeah, pizza is still the dominant food

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Oh my, that does look delicious!

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What on earth is that on the top layer of that thing? Looks delicious. Also, potatoes are bad for your gains.

>> No.22905436

that looks fucking delicious

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I have 2 or 3 more I think

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More Pizza dammit!

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That one makes my heart stop for a moment every time I see it.

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rip arteries

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Awesome. Gonna try this soon

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There is more.

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That was deep man.

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The white round slices of something is called fresh mozzarella. If you are /lucky/ you know someone who you can buy it from that doesn't make it from pasteurized milk.

There's a shop down the road from me where I can buy a few balls of the stuff.

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shut your whore mouth

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Does bacon taste good on pizza?

>> No.22905685

Yo, falcon, are you going to update the guide soon?

>> No.22905691

better than pepperoni i would say
but i prefer ham to either

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I read that the 7770 will be released tomorrow. Maybe after, I think. For now, there is not much to add: Just the 7950, and only in the absolute highest tiers.

>> No.22905713

it wouldn't be falcon without chicago deep dish pizza

>> No.22905718

http://tiny batman url.com/falconguidetosauces

>> No.22905747

Alright, I just wanted to know.

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7770 will be pointless, a minor upgrade over the 6770 that is more expensive than a better card in the 6850

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I doubt it'll be minor, as for release date, should be out this week some time. Ignore the first line, just typical ausfag grief.

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shit fuck god damn

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