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hello /g/
my dad is going to be buying a $1200 desktop computer (monitor included) and i will help him put it together. its been a year or so since i built mine so what tips would you give for a multimedia machine for that price? he wants to burn movies (including blu rays) and game on there. i was thinking a 60gb ssd for boot and a 2tb 5400 rpm for storing movies. maybe an amd to save costs. thoughts?
pizza to call out the falcon

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i think this is what ill be going with. and 40 dollar coupon code

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yer durn need and ifive

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>early 2012
>buying large hard drives
>slow ones at that

Use a smaller spare drive for now, and wait a few months for prices to go down on HDD's

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He's spending waaaaay to much money.

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It kind of makes me cringe that you're not getting the 2500k.

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That includes monitor. Otherwise, it's a $1000 PC. It would be even cheaper if it didn't have the blu-ray burner.

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what would you suggest then?
and ive gotten price down to 1230 with 60 in rebates.
he wont be overclocking
fast ssd + slower 2tb for storing movies is a bad idea? multiple 1tb 7200 rpms are too much

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i3 2100 is enough for him, that's like $100 saved right there.

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If he's not a tech-head, prioritize the nicer monitor, speakers, case, keyboard, mouse over the faster processor/gpu. Which it seems like you're already considering.

Other than that, it looks like you've got a pretty good hang on it. Personally I might still wait a bit for HDD prices to drop back into the floor, if not-- check slickdeals they have some nice finds.

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thats not a bad idea. but i feel an i3 in a $1000 pc is a bit silly. especially matching it with a 6950

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>6950 at pre-7xxx series price.

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it won't bottleneck, at least not during gaming/movies/burning.

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>antec is a great brand.
>4gb is more than enough for this and ram is fucking cheap so $25 upgrade to another 4
>i guess but he wants to order within a week or so

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still it just feels wrong putting 1/10 the money into a processor. i guess it could work though.

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unless he's going to be using it for PS2 emulation or something, he's never going to have real issues with a slow (aka sub-enthusiast tier) processor.

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I'm eating pizza

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he honestly probably will though. and maybe encoding video which i think might be a better task for an i5. plus he already asked for an i7 which i convinced him an i5 was good enough. not sure about the i3. heh. hopefully hdd prices come down in a short time
deep dish or go home

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But I AM home, anon

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oh i see. what will be your contribution to the thread then? more pizza i presume?

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nope I'm done here

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i am conused by changing trips but i guess return to your desktop threads, friend

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It's to prevent being filtered yet it is still fairly easy to pick me out

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>eating disgusting chicago-style "pizza"
How the fuck does anyone eat that garbage? Go get a GOOD slice of NY-style pizza and be enlightened.

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brooklyn or queens style?

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besides the fact that my 4chan addon gives posters individual IDS and the fact that your tripcode serves no purpose if people cant differentiate you from others. i do not see the logic here.
look at this pizza. look at it. reassess your argument sir

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>besides the fact that my 4chan addon gives posters individual IDS

no it doesn't, but nice try

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>even considering queens

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What do you do for a living to afford that food? Last I checked take out every day is expensive.

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>that feel when i get called out on BS
>better eat some pizza

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Go fuck yourself, you stupid piece of shit. Enjoy eating a huge thin slice of nothing. When I eat something, I eat to get full, not to fuck around for 5 minutes with a long thin slice of pizza around my mouth.

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That looks fucking disgusting. How the fuck is that even pizza?

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>implying I eat takeout every day
>implying this isn't my leftovers from olive garden that my parents paid for

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you seem retarded sir, you might want to get that extra chromosome checked out

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>When I eat something, I eat to get full

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It's the best kind of pizza, bitch. It's a man's pizza. When you feel like you can beat eating records and shit, you eat a Chicago style pizza.

When you ever think what would it be like to be gay and down a dong, you eat a NY style pizza.

I don't know what that feeling feels like, since I don't eat NY style pizza.

Protip: Only gays and women eat NY style pizza.

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ooo. Pizza thread?

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So you eat half a salad and save the rest for later?

Go take your prissy bullshit elsewhere, you limp-wristed faggot.

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only chicago style apply
dont need more fags in my thread

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Deepdish is a fucking Americanized abomination, it's just a puddle of fucking grease and sweaty cheese. You should be shot for eating one.

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Eating Chicago-style "pizza" looks like the gay lifestyle, shoving a huge fucking pile of gooey mess in your mouth.

Eating a NY-style is like eating a woman's snatch.

NY- straight Chicago- gay

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You don't need to green text me though.

I'm sorry for you

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Why is that lasagna in a pie crust?

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Deepdish pizza is fucking terrible and you should feel terrible for eating it.

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Is he burning movies or encoding them? You need to make that clear. If he's encoding then you want a 2600k. If he's just ripping them off bluray you better hope he even knows how to do that, since its a much bigger pain in the ass than a DVD

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enjoy your ketchup on a cracker fag.
i guess if you can ignore effeminate qualities of NY pizza and use ad hominems to make your pizza appear hetero you deserve a medal. denial is the said to be the first step to recovery...

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Go take your anorexic bulimic whores that you bother to call "women" and get the fuck out of here. A real women has meat on her with curves. That's what it's like to eat Chicago.

NY style is like trying to be with a 12 year old boy. It's small, fragile, barely qualifies for what you need, and only gays in denial would want one.

Chicago - For men
NY - For gays, women, and gays in denial

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> A real women has meat on her with curves

morbid obesity is not a joke

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Looks like cheap shit that couldn't afford the ingredients and just put on a shit load of cheese.

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A 500 - 1TB 5400 RPM is what you want right now. Pick up another 2TB 5400rpm when prices drop. The flooding in Thailand is still recent and has caused an over 300% price increase for most HDD's

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not much more to get the 2tb

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Then get the fucking 2TB. But when prices drop back down to 2TB being 50$ I'll be laughing.

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I don't remember the prices being that low ... But I do remember seeing 1TB hard drives in the $50-$60 range.

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1TB 7200rpm was 50$ 2TB 5400RPM was 50$

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Look at these two right here in my picture.

The one on the left represents the clearly superior Chicago style pizza. Fully loaded with extra goodness.

The one on the right represents the disgustingly terrible NY style pizza. Small, with barely anything holding it together.

Real men take the one on the left every time.

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Here's the picture.

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#2 has erect nipples. I'll pick her over the oversized cooking pots.

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How long will it take for prices to be that low?

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2-3 months

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I don't recognize that Chicago lady from any hit TV shows...

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Thanks for the info, will wait to get a 2TB HDD then.

By the way, will SSDs also fall in price or will that take longer?

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snuggle snuggle the left...in the dark

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SSD's never went up in price. They have been slowly going down the past few years.

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Flat pizza>>22690725 has a higher ratio of all the good stuff.
My stomach could hold two of those flat pizzas for every cheap deep crap out there.

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SSDs weren't affected by the Taiwan flooding.

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