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goodbye my fellow /g/entoomen tonight I hang. What song should I kick it to? I think Im going to spill to the climax of Roll the Credits, thoughts


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please don't hang yourself

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one day you'll realize its all a waste, remember me then

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>Killing yourself

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OP why not take out someone with you? Do the world a favor and kill someone ruining the world

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"A whole new world" from Aladdin.

Also: You should not go. You will be missing out on life, and pizza.

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I thought he meant hang as in hang out, with like friends and stuff
And he was saying bye because he was leaving the computer
But then.... oh

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Did not interpret that as suicide.

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You really shouldn't do that. Somebody will miss you dearly.

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/g/: loving and caring people.

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Op don't go. Please.

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not who your talking to but I already do. Don't be a pussy stick it out if you don't fear death then your free. Do what ever you want hit on girl that are way out of your league slap drunks on the back of the neck and run away cause mayhem in the streets. You were put here to better the human race not to dispose of yourself.

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I want to kill myself so bad but I'm scared as shit.

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Never give up. Never surrender.

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>not posting pictures of Chicago style pizza

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I lol'd a bit anon but it doesnt change much

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That's because you realize there's no fucking reason.
Is it because you want pity? Attention?
You'll get none of that once you're dead.
Reading 4chan all day is better than dying.

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Not really. It's because what if I'm wrong and hell is real.

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Whatever song you pick, make sure it's by someone you despise. Because you'll be giving them a shitload of guilt knowing that someone committed suicide to their music. Their art, their joy, something they put a lot of work into- and you'll be ruining it for them.

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I told you not to go to #/g/lovemovement, I fucking told you.

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looks like a queesh

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It changes everything. You have something beautiful in your life. A goal to strive for. A dream to fulfil!

Suicide is just a bad end to the story. There is stuff to do, things to know, food to eat... and you are just leaving it all. Not good.

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you not virgin right?
if that's what making you sad go to brothel.

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C'mon man

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What he said.
Not just about pizza , life is full of wonderful experiences. Talk to someone and get some help.
We all love you bro.

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op seriously consider all the things you have not experienced in life. like an amazing burger

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>not killing yourself/dying to this song


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op don't do it, you haven't even lived yet. there's so much in the world that's yours for the taking. have you even tried installing gentoo?

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Don't kill yourself, just go off into the wilderness and never ever see anybody ever again.

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Half life episode 3 will not be wherever you go to after death. However, if HL:EP3 does eventually get created, it will be here, on earth. Please join us for many things that are yet to be created, and the many things out there now that are to be seen, felt, understood, heard, smelt, tasted...

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op here.

much of this doesn't apply i'm 45 years old...

I appreciate your love of life guys, it's beautiful

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dont do it OP

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Come on

Don't do it

Come on bro,


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Fall Line by Jack Johnson

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op, you need to ascend into greatness and become the next jordini. you are the hero /g/ deserves. live on... op

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Gee gee gee gee baby baby~

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OP here, nevermind, figured it out.

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Dude, at the very least eat pizza till your arteries clog and you die of a heart attack.

That will take many years to accomplish, and you will enjoy your time. Heck, maybe even midway you will get the spark back and cut back on the pizza.

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don't kill yourself

just go into the army.

best case scenario, you become an uber bad ass soldier dude

worst case, you got out in battle and die anyways

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Shame on you for posting this thread in /g/.

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My tastebuds thank you for posting that
so much want..

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>worst case, you get severe brain damage and massive physical disfigurement, living out the rest of your life in pain and not being able to form a coherent sentence or recognize anyone you knew

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OP here, disregard that, I suck cocks.

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go get laid. move on

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If you have severe depression then talk to your doctor and take medication. It really helped me. I take Paxil CR, I hear it's one of the better ones.

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Sounds like most of 4chan already.

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I've always been interested in trying anal sex. I want to know how does it feels to fuck a butthole. If your going to die anyways, would you let me buttfuck you OP?

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If you have to rely on medication to not feel depressed it's probably a sign to end things.

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took them- im not depressed, im empty with nothing. I just see the futile nature of life

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Gonna kill yourself? Then go do it and stop trying to get attention for being too pathetic to man up and live your life.

Suicide is one thing I have no fucking tolerance for.

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While there is deep-dish pizza, there is hope.

A pizza a day, would make a grown man content forever. (Forever being equal to natural lifespan minus 15 years due to obesity from daily pizza)

He who eats deep-dish pizza, lives best.

Some of you might think I am slightly insane with the pizza thing, but I am disagree: "Slightly" is a little redundant here. You see, deep-dish pizza serves as an example of the goodness that is left in the world. It is here to makes happy. You cannot do evil with deep-dish pizza... or any type of pizza. Just open this picture, look at it and ponder with me: Is it not awesome to be human, and also alive? To experience this miracle that deep-dish pizza?

I say this: The world is worth living for. Proof is pic-related, and I would like to see anyone try and say otherwise.

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OP, give me one reason - NOT some general reason like "My life is empty". GIVE ME A REAL REASON.

Seriously man, If you actually want to die, go rob a bank with a shotgun. If you succeed, then you'll be happy. If not... well it's because you got killed.

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>encouraging him to kill innocent people

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I don't want to hurt other people who think life is worth living. I have lost all passion in my life. I no longer enjoy music, sex, other people. I have come to terms with the conditions that are life. I have a good job that pays well, I don't need money.

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>I no longer enjoy sex
How can that be?

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sounds like depression to me. Stop being buttpained and go see a psychiatrist

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this isnt depression- im not sad nor melancholy but content, beyond any notion.

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OP, let me put it this way.

If you are willing to kill yourself, why not die having fun?
Why not die like a badass. Go skydive! Go fucking explore the jungle!
Ride a bike down a steep hill, just for kicks
Move to somewhere exotic, you said you had money.

By the way OP, do you have a wife or kids? Because if you kill yourself, imagine how terrible they would feel.
They would be stuck their whole life thinking "could I have prevented it? Where did I go wrong?". My uncle killed himself and I cried for a day straight.

Please OP, think of all the people who love you and would be sad if you were gone.
And think of all the badass shit you've never done. Just think... and stop being suicidal.

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OP you have so much more life to live
Like waiting for Trinity and Ivy Bridge

How about you make a vow not to kill yourself until HL2:EP3 comes out

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stop lying to yourself

>implying it will ever come out

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Do you have any hobbies? Do that. Eat chocolate.

If you REALLY are sure about this, I think a better way than hanging yourself would be to buy a shit-ton of caffiene-laden drinks and play video games for a week straight. You die of exhaustion (as Korean cybercafes have shown us) and you have fun doing it.

Or you could burn yourself in the street as a protest against censorship. That would turn some heads.

But please don't kill yourself. You sound like a nice guy and we need you on /g/.

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Suicide is for the weak.

Go into the wilderness and fend for yourself. You'll probably die trying that actually, so if you do, you get your wish.

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I'll take dead anons over shit threads like these. You guys will believe anything.

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Or Diablo III. That means an extra 1 year of life, at least.

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So much this, man.

We are always here for you, bro. /g/ sits in waiting, with open arms.

We love you bro. Or at least I do.

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Does anyone have that copypasta image about being a complete badass instead of suicide?

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Can I have your job?

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OP, look at this comic and tell me. How does it make you feel? You wish the guy had called his dad back, because he died.

Think of everybody you know. They never got a chance to say goodbye to you. All those who love you, and they are left feeling like they aren't finished. They never got to eat the last meal with you. They never got to make the last time sex be special. They never got to hold your hand as you died, telling you they would see you in heaven.

Imagine how bad you would feel if your father killed himself before you got to say goodbye, and stop being a dick to so many people.

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do you know anything bout fund management

>> No.22512335

I just spent $900 dollars I don't have to buy custom made earphones I don't need.
I know plenty about it.

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Well OP, if you still want to commit suicide after all this then I guess I can't stop you.
I only ask one thing of you. Write your friends and family a nice and loving suicide note, please. Let them know you love them, and try not to make the cleanup too messy for them, if you can.

We love you, always and forever OP. /g/ loves you. Goodbye.

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OP, do me a favor before you go.
Go for a quick walk outside to the nearest store of convenience, and grab yourself a rootbeer.
Drink it slowly in some place your not familiar with. You might not get to do this again.
Then after that, do whatever you feel like doing.

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Why not a peach-and-strawberry smoothie?

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cuz he ain't gay, faggot

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this op, you aint got hair on your ass if you don't.

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Even better.

I'll be stepping out in a moment to do the same thing.
Maybe we'll see each other.
Or maybe we'll just be joined in solidarity half way across the world.
Be a fine last thing to do, right?

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>you'll never know if Trinity or Kepler were any good.

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I have no access to smoothie, but I will buy a slurpee from 7-11 and say a silent prayer for you.

May anon find the courage to continue, and if not, may anon find peace and rest.

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