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That'll be 19.95 plus tip

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Who said I was tipping cunt?

Here, have exactly 19.95.

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>here's 20
>keep the change
>spit in his face
>push him over as he's leaving
>fucking jewstein penny pincher

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Here's a 20 now fuck off

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fyi, you should tip decently if you order from the same place multiple times. Tip well?: They get to your place more quickly. Tip poorly: They fuck with your food

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looks delicious,

here ya go.

now, drive safe, and thanks!

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How long should i let my pizza burn in before I eat it? Will there be any audible difference?

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I don't think people fuck with your food, but I'm sure they'll be extremely under-motivated bringing your food. aka enjoy your mildly warm pizza.

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It's inappropriate not to tip, but it's at least equally inappropriate to negotiate or even mention the tip. OP, your quote never happens, and if it does then you're in the right not to tip them because their expectation crosses a line in social propriety.

Also how hard is it to troll /ck/ with this if you can't even be bothered to post it there? going after the autistic kids on /g/ is just poor form.

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But I already payed through the internet, because we live in a developed country.

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I live in england though. They have no right to do that to your food if you['re paying for it. Fuck them. Loads of other people work min wage and don't get tipped. Entitled fucktards.

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"Thank you, Sir."

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>$19.95 for a single pizza
Well fuck you too, have a 20.

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>getting suckered into this troll thread
>not noticing how it's posted every single day
>not saging

You must be new here.

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Go Pizza or go home/.

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Saged, reported.

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Bitch, I didn't order that peasant shit.

If I want pizza I make it myself.

> Takes 45min. How the fuck can you not?

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you just went full-tasty.

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Oh please let this turn into a pizza/pizza pie thread.

Where the fuck is falcon when you need him?

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PIck one.

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>implying we're not at /g/ - Gino's East

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If it's a hot chick who delivers that pizza i would pulled my pants down and said "Heres your TIP whore. Now take it all!"
Oh lol i'm so hardcore.

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Because my sauce will never be as delicious as my local pizza place.

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>add msg

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>Entitled fucktards.

Maybe it's different in Enghurr, but here in the US, waiters and people who work with food get paid far below the minimum wage. Tips are expected to make up for the rest. They hardly get paid anything.

tl;dr: Enjoy eating your pizza with cum and shit, entitled fucktard.

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I don't eat white bread or more than small amounts of saturated fat. Go back to your dead end job, pizza boy.

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Guess I'm having pizza for breakfast now, thanks /g/.

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Delivery boy detected.

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This is the common perception socially awkward people like to think happens.

The reality is that delivery people deal with being slighted the way normal people do all the time. They'll think you're a jerk and certainly not want to hang out with you, but they're not going to risk getting fired spitting in your pizza just because you didn't give them a tip. Assholes happen. It happens infrequently enough that it might ruin their day, but frequently enough that they can't go retaliating every time it happens to them.

And on the flip side, do you really believe that tipping a person well makes them eager to serve you? This guy delivers perhaps hundreds of pizzas a day. He doesn't care about you unless you're ordering from him like every few days (or placing a huge order every week). That one generous tip you give him one time isn't the basis of prompt, faithful service.

If you want people to get to your place more quickly, live closer to them. There's really not much else to it. If the guy's got 10 pizzas to deliver he can't just go out of his way to deliver your pizza out of order. He'll get complaints and lose out on other potential tips. It's not worth the extra 5% he MIGHT get from you based on past tipping experience. Instead, you're likely to get a smile, some more casual conversation, and a casual "bye, man" when he turns around and heads back to his car.

I can't believe I went and had to explain all of this. If you couldn't be bothered to read, then
TL;DR: Delivery people are human beings and there's no secret etiquette or trick to getting them to do shit for you.

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>Enjoy eating your pizza with cum and shit, entitled fucktard.
mmm thought of hot waitress spitting and pissing into my soup makes me incredibly hard

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I didn't order a pizza, man. Do you have a name for that order?
>Dick Head
Yeah see that was a prank. The guy answering the phone didn't think to double check when the caller gave you guys a name that was obviously fake?

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>Asking for a tip
yeahhowboutno, you're a complete cunt if you do that.

Also niggers never tip

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(shit's way easier than bread)

Add 2 1/4 tsp yeast to 1 1/4c warm water, mix in 2tsp sugar & let proof 10 min (make sauce while waiting).

A Quick Sauce is just sautéed onions, 14oz can crushed tomato, small can tomato paste, maybe a little water; garlic, basil, oregano, salt & pepper to taste.

Make a well in 3cups flour, add yeast/water & 1/4 cup olive oil. Mix until too thick for whisk. Continue mixing with spoon, add flour until dough pulls away from sides. add a little flour at a time and kneed until spongy and only slightly tacky.

Divide in two, brush with olive oil and let rest 10 min covered. (Put the pan on top of the bowl).

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Two things

1) That illustrates a serious problem with minimum wage laws, and people should be protesting and rallying to get restaurants to endorse legislation that promises minimum wage PLUS tips, thus easing the burden on this unspoken ritual crap. Because it IS unfair and I don't like the thought that my waiter's EXCELLENT service really only bridges the gap to get her to minimum wage.

2) Waiters can't afford the risk involved with fucking with food. There are health inspectors, internet divas who post on Yelp, and other employees who would not be as tolerant of a loogie in a bowl of soup. You simply can't know who your customer out there is, and if that loogie-soup goes out and it turns out to be an active Yelp reviewer, the restaurant goes under based on that one review. And if it's a health inspector and s/he catches some hair or something, again the restaurant faces stiff penalties and potentially closing down.

Most kitchen staff would rather see you bleed out on the kitchen floor than tamper with a dish.

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Put some oil on a pan and plop 1/2 the dough on it, then flip it over and stretch it. This is eazymode shit, just press it into the shape of the pan.

Sauce should be about ready now. Build up the edge a bit and add some sauce and other toppings to the crust.

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Bullshit, as a pizza delivery guy I'll be pulling up to your door as fast as safely possible and with a smile every time regardless of how much the person tips.

If you've experienced otherwise, the person is an asshole and not representative of the norm

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what the fuck is yeast?

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Dude, I'm British, what the fuck are those measurements?

>calls me entitled fucktard
>expects tip for doing his job description


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Damn, that is a work of art right there, and now I'm fungry because of it.


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That's not necessarily true. I remember (And so does everyone I work with) every address of every good tip I get. I make sure the persons food gets hooked up with extra shit, maybe a 2 liter for free, and if I'm taking 2 runs at once, I always take the person who tips well their order first.

I remember every address that tips me over $5, it does pay off if you order once a week, hell even once every couple of weeks.

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Same here, we're fast with every order, and polite to every customer, I find it hard to believe you guys don't treat good customers with a little more care though

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I hear google is rather good at conversions for things like cups, teaspoons, and tablespoons to whatever metric uses

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tea spoon you rotten tooth freak

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>I make sure the persons food gets hooked up with extra shit, maybe a 2 liter for free
Haha, I wish I could do that shit for my customers. My boss is an incredible jew and has notices all over stating exact food portions and passive-aggressive threats about food theft.

I got yelled at once because I gave a disabled guy (regular, weekly customer) too much ice cream.

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Why the fuck am I going to pay $20 for a large pizza? I can go to Little Ceasers and get it for $5 without tip.

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but, Little Ceasers is disgusting.

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I've never heard of a pizza place that *delivers* that doesn't serve disgusting pizza in the first place.

There are a few good pizza places in the area, but they only do takeout (if anything).

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Bake that shit for 15 - 20 min, until golden like in this pic, at 425 deg F, or 220C.

That first pic has no sauce. Instead: Browned Itallian sausage, bell-pepper, onion, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil & thyme (most of this shit's from my garden, growing shit's technology for zombie survivan).

Use 1c whole wheat in with the white for a heartier crust. Shit tastes so light and crispy, not oil drenched like that other shite... I don't even want to know how much grease they must use.

Use only Olive oil because it's good for your cholesterol.

>Make a bit more crust by using 1 1/3c water, you stretch it over the edge add sticks of sliced mozzarella cheese, fold the dough back over the cheese, brush with garlic butter & you've got stuffed crust.

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That'll be 14.95 plus treat.

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>For a single pizza
Fuck off.

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Over the past month or two I started tipping more and more and my pizza started arriving 5-10 minutes faster on average. I think that delivery guys will treat you better (and give you as much priority as they can) if you tip them more.

However, I really dislike how tipping has become expected now due to below minimum wages. Tipping has lost pretty much all of it's meaning and you're completely expected to do so now. The only reason I don't not tip is because I feel bad that they are getting below minimum wage, but they're probably overpaid as is with it.

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Wow, what a faggot. I could never work for someone like that.

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lol tip? We don't do that shit here in the UK.

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Arrest him!

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Tipping is the most retarded thing ever, why don't they just up the price and pay the idiots more?

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Depends on the company really. I work for Dominos and I get paid $7.75 an hour (which is well above minimum here in MN) but you also have to remember, we use our own cars, hell my car had to have $2500 worth of work done about 2 months ago, shitsux.

And yeah, your shit will get there faster, we tend to make a good tippers food a priority

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Where I work a large specialty pizza (up to around 5 or 6 toppings, though) is about $20 at regular menu price.

It rips a little bit of my soul out every time somebody doesn't ask for our specials before ordering.

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Your car would have had to have gotten the work done irregardless.

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When I was visiting my family in Scotland over the holidays I tipped a pizza guy and he was confused as fuck, it was rather hilarious

Because fat americans would be up in arms because their welfare can barely pay for their $12 pizza as is, heaven help if we upped the price to $13

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>I work for Dominos and I get paid $7.75 an hour (which is well above minimum here in MN)
Shit, son! I guess I'm pretty spoiled here in Washington with our $9.04 minimum wage starting this year.

I haven't had any major work needed on my car, but I've put nearly 10,000 miles on it since I got this job.

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Is it too difficult to put a pre-made pizza base, with slices of cheese and whatever else you want inside of an oven for a couple of minutes?

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Tipping is a concept developed many years ago in Europe. TIP is an acronym meaning "To Insure Promptness". Today, tipping has become an "uniquely American" custom and is fully expected from your server, unless otherwise noted in the restaurant.
Tips are an incentive for the server to give good service. Since tipping is expected, though not mandatory, the customer is given a certain amount of power to reward good service or punish inferior service. However, servers do depend on tips for a living. According to the Minimum Wage Act, employers are able to pay "tipped employees" less than the mandated minimum wage because in theory, servers will earn tips to make up the difference between the two wages.
Michael Lynn, a researcher at Cornell University, actually did a study on customer reactions to restaurants who included tips in the price of the meal. Surprisingly, most people perceived these restaurants as more expensive than restaurants who expected customers to tip the server at the end of the meal. Also, there are restaurants, Per Se in New York is one, that tack on a 20% service charge to every bill instead of customers tipping the server directly. The money, which is still a form of tipping in my opinion, is then divided among all employees, who make a resonable wage.

Originally, public eating places were Inns, where there were no staff to serve you. You went to the bar to get your drink and to the kitchen to get your food and took it back to your table yourself. In places where the rich ate and drank, poor people used to wait around (hence the name "waiter") in case a rich person wanted their glass filled - in which case the rich person was expected to give the "waiter" a small payment, or tip, for saving him trouble. The Inns soon started to control who they would allow to wait, and then to employ their own waiters, but the custom of tipping remained, and the wages of the waiters reflected the fact that they were still getting tips.

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The roads in my delivery area are terrible, they are what cause about $2000 of the repairs. I don't live in my delivery area and my roads aren't as bad (not to mention the 15k miles that I've put on my car since I started)

So no, the repairs wouldn't have had to be done~

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> irregardless
Sorry, i couldn't resist.

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Lucky, but I can't really complain, with the amount of volume our store gets I usually earn about $20/hour in tips on a weeknight, friday, saturday, and sunday I usually top out at $35-40/hour in tips

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Because it's more appealing to consumers when they see that a large pizza is 5 dollars.

What they don't tell you is that they're going to charge you a 3 dollar "delivery fee" on any order under 15 dollars, and you're expected to tip your delivery guy because paying him more would require the store to actually raise the prices they list in advertisements.

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Whatever, you took that risk

>> No.22403717

>and the wages of the waiters reflected the fact that they were still getting tips
...in America.

>> No.22403741

>Not living in a developed country that actually pays you minimum wage without expecting you to make up the difference with tips.

>> No.22403742

you have to go there daily or the delivery guy has to be really buttmad and autistic for them to remember you enough to fuck with your food

They get enough tips daily, one person not tipping is not going to do shit.

>> No.22403747

Yeah, and it's payed off, I've earned substantially more than that in the 7 months I've worked this job, so it is totally worth it. That and I get to drive around and listen to music and get paid to do that, whats not to love?

>> No.22403750

If someone says "plus tip" shame on them. I used to deliver and I'd never say "plus tip."

>> No.22403761

Fuck yeah pizza!

>> No.22403770

What a fucking faggot. You ear an average of over 20 an hour and you're still bitching because you had to get some work done on your car? And you're still going out with your palms open begging for tips? Fuck.

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I said "Shitsux" cause I'd rather spend that $2500 doing something fun, and I font beg for tips, people just give me them~

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Leave it on the doorstep.

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This. It's been said before, but fuck. This.

It's like asking your old college friends "how much do you make per year?"

You can do it. Nobody's going to come out and beat you senseless over it. But if you had ever been taught manners in your life, you wouldn't do it. It's gauche and it reflects poorly on you.

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You linked the 'shutsux' to a conversation on tipping.

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Nono he( >>22403770 ) was saying I was bitching, which I really wasnt, so I clarified by telling him >>22403789

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Now stand there and hold it for me while I eat it in front of you.
And you better be smiling the whole time if you want that fucking tip.

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If someone said that to me, I would do it, even if there wasnt a tip, just to see someone eat a whole fucking pizza on their doorstep in -20 degree weather.

>> No.22403889

Fine. Get in my lounge room on your hands and knees and be my fucking table for the next 20 minutes

>> No.22403890

challenge accepted

got MSN so i can give you my address?

>> No.22403894

eh I think not, I pay online for my pizza, you best go check with the shop mate.

>> No.22403901

Nope, also you probably dont live in my delivery area~

>> No.22403908

why the emphasis on "deliver"? What's with people using scare quotes and unnecessary emphasis lately

>> No.22403925

what if i order "extra sausage", if you catch my drift

>> No.22403935

I don't like sausage~

>> No.22403941

This. I feel obligated to do it. The only way I can show my real gratitude is if I tip more than usual.

>> No.22403945

carpet muncher

>> No.22403950

Are you sure you wouldn't like my sausage? It's really delicious.

>> No.22403951

no no, the "sausage" is for me

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Please try to not spam the same threads over and over. It reeks of desperation for attention. We get it, you got replies last time and you probably sat their giddy that people are replying to your threads for once and it was the happiest moment of your life since it was like the world noticed you finally. Respamming the same shit hoping to recreate that sad pathetic moment is just even more pathetic.


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>debate relevant to people who spend a lot of time at home
>ie a tech board
>complains and calls me a troll because it's a bit heated

No, fuck you.

>> No.22403974

he probably overpaid more than if he would've done it himself too

>> No.22403985

>he doesn't like pizzas

>> No.22404015

>Implying I can take an engine apart to get to the timing chain
>Implying I know how to adjust my valves
>Implying I know how to change my belts
>Implying I had 2 days to do these things myself
>Implying the dealership didnt give me a car to use for 2 days for free

Worth it taking it somewhere to get it done, you'll learn that when you grow up and your time is valuable you're more than willing to pay someone a little bit more than it would have cost to do the same work yourself

>> No.22404018

If the delivery guy is courteous, gets here quick and the pizza's still nice and hot, he gets a tip.

Hell, I'll even intimidate belligerent cunts into fucking off when they go off on a tear at the cashiers at my local grocery store. Cashiers don't know shit and they certainly don't control the fucking prices, god damn stop holding up the line.

>> No.22404023

I always leave a $5+ tip. And they're always very grateful.

Makes me feel good.

>> No.22404032

Personally I like fucking with the peasant delivery boys. I always pay for my pizza online because I usually get the better deals that way, there is always the funny moment when I open the door and the peasant puts out his hand expecting payment and I say "sorry I paid online" and then they pass me my order and drive away. Because I never tip they have given me cold pizza, not what I ordered and other shenanigans but I've just called the manager up each time and got exactly what I paid for a while later + a free pizza or something of that ilk next time. I'm not going to congratulate you financially for bringing me a pizza and bottle of coke dumbass if you want more money get a better job.

>> No.22404033

>implying the old people and immigants delivering my pizza ever mention a tip
>implying I still don't give one

like a boss

>> No.22404043

>Wants a tip
>Give him a slice of the pizza he delivered
Don't spend it all at once. Prick.

>> No.22404046

$5 is always a good tip, hell even if I have to drive 15 miles to get to someones house I'm still happy to get a $5 tip

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I'd personally be more than happy if someone did that, so long as the pizza wasnt disgusting. Most of the people I work with dont eat before they come to work because there is normally a messup or 2 that we get to eat, so we're always hungry :3

>> No.22404065

do you go to work dressed as a girl so you get more tips?

>> No.22404076

>Fat guy dressed as a girl
Nope, only for anime conventions~

>> No.22404102

>This baby dead

Every time.

>> No.22404141

How come?

>> No.22404167

"You're welcome. Beside that, I highly recommend you to find a lawyer. You know, 'just in case' "

>> No.22404182

Aus/g/uy here, our pizza dudes can earn around $25 an hour at the high end of the scale and 20 at the low end.

People still tip but the pizza guys don't mind if you don't.

>> No.22404206

Usually when I tip it's through my credit card. Is that annoying for the delivery person? How/when do they receive the tip?

>> No.22404215

You know if you don't tip the mechanic they'll do a bad job or do it slowly or charge more or a combination or all three.

>> No.22404233

the "tamper with your food if you dont tip" stories are just spread by cry baby delivery boys too pussy to union up and get minimum wage. the only ones that actually tamper with food are the people that heard these stories and figure they can get in on it too with no repercussions, when in reality they get fired or even sued depending on the person they fucked with.

your delivery boy fear mongering only works on the weak minded

>> No.22404273

My brother is a mechanic, and I know how well they have to do the work, they get paid enough as is~

At the end of our shift, the only thing about cc tips is that we have to claim them, which isn't that big of a deal since we have to claim something at the end of the night anyways

>> No.22404378

>extra virgin
Sounds like /g/'s olive oil.

>> No.22404418

My former English teacher is my usual delivery guy at my favorite pizza place. I always give him at least a $5 tip whenever I order and he delivers. It's the least I can do to thank him for being an awesome dude who would talk about Elder Scrolls lore with me during Study Halls.

If it's anyone else, it's usually the change (at least 3 bucks) or 5 bucks depending on how fast they are.

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The cancer is spreading

>> No.22404590


Au revoir!
( Le Service Compri. )

> I'm 'murikan. Deal with it.

>> No.22406760

>MFW my jew ass goes to a fancy restaurant and wont tip even going far as paying perfect change down to the closest nickel/penny

Faggots, get real jobs

Captcha: Jews. Isoctut

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