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Is there a falconguide for laptops?

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tinyurl com/falconlaptopguide

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Voice of macfag made one.

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go to bed faggot. you used the same image macro every time.

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No, but here's a quick tier list. Not perfect, but a good starting point. Any possible changes would be great.

ThinkPad T, X, or W lines
Dell Latitude (all) Dell Precision (all)
HP Elitebook (all)
ASUS U + UL + K + B + P series
Toshiba Tecra + Portege
Sony Vaio Z (be prepared to pay Apple tier prices though)
Samsung (business line)

Good tier:
Samsung Series 9 + 5
Lenovo IdeaPad U series
HP Envy
ASUS N + Bamboo + NX + Zenbook
Dell Z series

Okay tier:
Toshiba Satellite + Satellite Pro
Sony Vaio (other)
Acer TimeLine X
Samsung RV series
HP Folio 13
Acer Aspire 3951

Shit tier:
HP Pavilion (all)
Dell Inspiron + XPS (minus the Z series)
IdeaPads outside of the U series
Acer (general)
Compaq (all)

Apple tier:
Macbook Pro
Macbook Air

Gaming laptop tier:

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just buy a Mac Book

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Here's a good guide:


The choice is yours

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Updated 16/6/2011

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This one by VoR is excellent if you're shopping in these markets. Useless if you're looking for a budget/netbook/gaming laptop though.

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No decent gaming laptops exist?

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no idea. i've never given them much of a look, and my guide doesn't cover that form factor

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LOL don't get trolled OP. This is buyer's remorse speaking. Poor souls.

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now wait just a sec.. You mean to tell me desktop computers are cheaper than laptops? what the flying fuck? I've been living a lie!

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>now wait a sec... You mean to tell me a relatively high-end desktop and two monitors including a high-end IPS monitor and a back-lit mechanical keyboard and high-end headphones is all combined cheaper than a 17 inch macbook? what the flying fuck? I've been living a lie!

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Anything better than this at same price?

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the 17" macbook has about a $1,000 "we made a 0.95" thick 17" laptop. Now we're just showing off" tax. but comparing a laptop to a desktop computer dulls the effect of the point you were trying to make.

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Nope. The point of the image is relative momentary value. I could put a better laptop for half the price of that macbook if I wanted; in the end it's the same.

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find me a cheaper 17" laptop with an equal specsheet. it will likely be about 1.5" thick for a start

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also install gentoo

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Stop trying. You can repent for wasting that much money by killing yourself.

Also see: >>22356595

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Now wait just a sec.. You mean to tell me custom built computers from newegg are cheaper than heavily customised prebuilts from the manufacturer? I've been living a lie!

build a dell with the same spec as the mac

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Now wait just a sec.. You mean to tell me Apple overcharges by 1000-2000 on average compared to equivalent computers? I've been living a lie!

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>find me a cheaper 17" laptop with an equal specsheet. it will likely be about 1.5" thick for a start
stop giving yourself unreal expectations about what you think a laptop can do. its a laptop for crying out loud. not a super computer (as many people have you believe)

no... just no

is it just me or is this a troll?

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>build a dell with the same spec as the mac
Why? You think we tell people to buy Dell desktops? They suck, just like Macs suck.

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>autist post pic comparing a macbook to a desktop computer
>macfag suggest he compare one 17" laptop to another 17", and not something with a whole different form factor
>"huurrrr stop trying kill yourself faggot"

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its pizza time!

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You forgot the HP Probook. Should be next to the Elitebook.

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update laptop guide please

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You must be an idiot not to deduce that if you can buy a powerful computer, two monitors with one being IPS, high-end headphones, and a mechanical keyboard all for 500$ LESS than a macbook than you can find a laptop just as fast for at least half.

I do feel bad for you though. Being that slow must be a toughie. I can't imagine daily life for you.

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>it will likely be about 1.5" thick for a start
Because not all of us are teenage girls who want to have the thinnest, cutest laptops. Some of us actually value performance.

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this couldn't be more relevant, thank you

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There is a /g/entleman with Macfan-tendencies who maintains a laptop guide already.

And laptops... are not easy at all to compare... takes too much effort and time.

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mac users demand the whole package.

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We need a falcon guide for everything.

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Link to said guide?

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Mac users trade performance for pretty. Stop trying to justify being a faggot. You're a deviant and no one loves you. Metaphorically of course.

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I made a guide to sauces, if you like: tinyurl com/FalconGuideToSauces

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>demand whole package
>get half


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are doctors with luxury cars deviants too?

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make a guide to pizza, i'll make you famous on /ck

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I hope that image is just a placeholder. I am anxiously awaiting your guide.

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Do not waste your breath. Macfans' reality-distortion-field is too strong at this point. They actually believe that a thickness difference of 4mm makes one laptop worse than another.

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Luxury cars are worth the price; they're actually luxury. Macs are not.

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They're people who have enough money to waste some. That doesn't mean it isn't a waste.

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I've found it pretty useless for the majority of people that come to /g/ for laptop buying advice though.

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Those new Trojan Bareskin condoms are great. Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all.

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we're talking about 50% thickness differences most of the time

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yeah imagine how apeshit /g/ would go if a laptop was 50% faster than another.

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its almost like a cocksize comparison
so irrelevant. why do faggots put form over function?

pic related:

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50% of what? A yard? No.

Reality-distortion-field: "It is 50% thicker!!!!!! OMG SO THICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Logic: "But... that is a just a few millimetres..."

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> that feel when falcon is trying to tell everyone he loves pizza by reposting the same image a million times
falcon, bring it in buddy, i know that feel

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you don't see to understant the beuty of percentages. 50% of a yard is the same portion as 50% of a laptop or 50% of a glass of water. The budget laptops you guys claim as decimating macs are usually twice as thick. any retard can make a cheap 1.5" laptop. any retard would want to buy it too

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I agree, macs are shit. You seem to be missing his point though, he means 50% less in relation to a comparable windows laptop.

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I did not start it.

>twice as thick
Art's degree graduates go for Macs. They have no sense of either value OR mathematics.

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>any retard can make a cheap 1.5" laptop.
So you make $1000+ purchases based off of how smart the creator of the product is? It's funny how you guys try so hard to justify your overpriced toys.

I, as a person capable of reason, value quality and performance over the intelligence of the product creator.

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hey falcon I love you

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And you're missing his point. 50% at such a small scale is hardly anything.

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when macfags argue with an applephobe, it's not so much an effort to try and get them to buy a mac, as it is an effort to try and reactive the increasingly rare common sense in them

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Hey The Falcon, does it piss you off that http://www.falcon.com/ is the first hit in google when you type in falcon guide?

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i did

don't forget when they break into ad hominems when they've given up or run like beaten dogs when they've lost

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A 1mm item is thin.

A 1.5mm item is also thin, even though it is 50% thicker.

Saying "50% thicker!!!!!!!!!!! OMG SO THICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" just shows that most Macfans do actually care about how thin/thick an item is, they just care about how it compares.

Anyway, I have yet to see a Macfan answer this riddle: If thinness is more important than performance, then why is the MacBook Air so much cheaper than the MacBook Pro?

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when you're talking about items that are only 1-2mm thin. a 50% difference is exactly the same importance as a moon at 50%. Didn't you claim to be an engineer? I don't believe that for a millisecond. or do you just mean a software engineer?

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I love it when they are reduced to: "Well you have not tried to use a Mac! If you did, you would change your mind!"

Thankfully, they have learned not to do that any more...

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They sold over 400,000 units and achieved platinum status. Of course.

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so true buddy :)

>They sold over 400,000 units and achieved platinum status. Of course.
that's nothing, everyone seems to forget about the 50 million netbooks that sold

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i didn't read your full post first but to answer your riddle: Because it's cheaper to manufacture. why is that a riddle?

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your testicles are the heatsink

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I am sorry, but a 4mm increase in thickness does not suddenly make a laptop "too-thick" unless it was quite thick to begin with.

Let us see a Macfan admit that a MacBook Pro is nearly too thick. They never will. If that is the case, then increasing the thickness by 4mm does not make it thick either.

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Move to a PAL region

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install gentoo

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so now that you've subconsciously acknowledged that 50% is always important, you've gone back to talking about smaller percentages. I'm proud of you Falcon

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Thank you for proving my point, and for agreeing with me and saying that I am a man of logic. I'm proud of you, too.

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again i didn't read your full post sorry, i'm heavily multitasking. but to answer your second part. EVERY laptop is too thick. We have yet to reach a point were going thinner would be detrimental to the product

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video is apple related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwGpzQV8ZZ4

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>We have yet to reach a point were going thinner would be detrimental to the product
Detrimental to the price, perhaps?

On one hand, you say that "thinner" is cheaper to manufacture (>>22356977). Yet there is a heavy "thin" tax being levied on "thin" laptops, to the point that most "ultrathin" laptops are prohibitively expensive.

And with Apple, you get a nice double-shafting: You pay the Apple tax AND the thin-tax.

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I still cant believe people complain about the thickness of a laptop... who the hell uses it on their laps anymore anyway?

University students:
desk at home
desk at uni

Usual people:
table / office / desk / any surface at home
office / desk at work

The benefit of laptops are portability, the only time i ever use my laptop on my lap is while in a car or on a train (and even in these circumstances ill rest it on a surface of some sort).

The heavier the laptop, the more annoying, but as long as you can carry it it shouldnt be an issue, i walk with my laptop 1 hour to uni and back every day adn never have i had any problems with the size or weight, its just another minor change that invokes marketable terms and bullshit hype.

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i think its marketing to these losers

>> No.22357126

or starbucks

>> No.22357151

I use my laptop for actual work, not dicking around in starbucks... those idiots can keep their macbooks and stay away from the people that actual have common sense

>> No.22357160

>Detrimental to the price, perhaps?
yes the literall cutting edge of laptops will always have a thin tax on them, that's why there will always be fatter cheaper options as well. nobody is forcing people to buy ultrabook. they buy them because those buyers prioritise thickness over price
>On one hand, you say that "thinner" is cheaper to manufacture (>>22356977). Yet there is a heavy "thin" tax being levied on "thin" laptops, to the point that most "ultrathin" laptops are prohibitively expensive.
ultraportables are cheaper to manufacture than the mbp. at least it's that way for apple. you know how when theres a die shrink the stuff gets cheaper because they fit more stuff on the wafers? same deal with ultra book internals. and the cpus are low volage so they get huge yields with them. and they are packed in a form factor that's a few years ahead of the curve. if they tried to pack it in form factors 10 years ahead of the curve, they definitely would be dearer than the mbp

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I've been using various ThinkPads as my primary computers for about 9 years now and 99%+ of that usage has been on my lap. I find lounging in a comfy chair with a laptop on my lap by far the most comfortable way to use a computer. That's why I own a laptop to begin with. If I felt as comfortable sitting at my desk, I'd take advantage of being able to use a more powerful computer with superior display(s) and peripherals.

All that said, I don't find that thickness of the laptop makes a huge difference as far as comfort goes. What I find very important for lap use is that the palm rest is the proper size; large enough to allow the palms to rest, but short enough (and sloped on the end) so the wrists do not get pinched.

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> the cpus are low volage so they get huge yields
Come on!

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and btw, apple don't exactly pay a thinness tax, but guess what, all the ultrabook manufacturers do, they pay a ultrabook tax to intel. HP actually accused apple of leading a race to the bottom with their mba lol. the wonders of a well run company

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>apple don't exactly pay a thinness tax, but guess what, all the ultrabook manufacturers do, they pay a ultrabook tax to intel. HP actually accused apple of leading a race to the bottom with their mba lol. the wonders of a well run company
citation please


>well run

>> No.22357297

citation for which part? ultrabooks didn't exist untill the mba, and intel really had no idea what was going on. apple just asked them for a fuckload of really efficient cpus, and then the mba was born. Then after that intel started pushing the ultrabook initiative, and charges companies to use their new ultrabook tech. The initial ultrabooks were all aluminium chassis, but due to intel being hook nosed jews, wouldn't budge on the huge tax they were charging everyone except apple. so now all the ultrabooks have cheap plastic chassis as a result with aluminium casing over the top.

as for the hp quote: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-01-10/hp-dell-target-apple-s-fashionista-buyers-with-new-ultraboo

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I dont have a desktop computer personally just because i like having a single computer that i can move around. As a uni student i need to have my work there and at home simulatniously and im not in the mood to send it to "the cloud" services available. I still have external screens, speakers, HDDs, mice and keyboards for when i dock the laptop at home though, its an effective "desktop replacement"

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so its for naive hipsters with limp wrists

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