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bye bye microsoft

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>macs become more popular
>at the same time US world wide economy slumps further and further


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yeah not gonna happen

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scare tactics for the average idiotic consumer

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I guess Apple can just pull out the enterprise environment they've been working on for the past 20 years...... wait wait a minute...


Stick your head up your ass, see if it fits.

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>Apple sales: 9b
>PC sales: 69b
It is over. PCs are dead.

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this is now a pizza thread

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You need to stop with the pizza posts. You know I cannot resist.

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its over apple is finish

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You guys should read the discussion.

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>implying there ever was a discussion
>op is a faggot

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bye bye android

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Looks more like a cake.

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Food general

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>believing a bias statistic graph designed by a retard
yeah, no

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It is not the looks, but what is inside that counts.

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The discussion on MacRumors.

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>The discussion on MacRumors.
rofl oh wow

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then its purely anecdotal then and should be mocked on default

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That feel when Apple will only give $5 off computers for businesses and Dell gives hundreds of dollars off depending on what you're buying.

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o lawd... that was painful to read
the stupid it burns!

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>GE avoids paying billions dollars in taxes every year
>buys macs with it

Now that's just just spiteful. Also http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-14287093</spoiler>

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I don't think you've made it past the first page.

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Apple profit: 8b
PC profit: 100mil

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I am on page one, and so far it is pretty tame... I mean, by Mac-fan standards.

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No one cares, macfaggot. Go suck Steve Jobs's rotting dick.

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Yeah, sure. You've got one anecdote, I've got another. Macs have been steadily disappearing at my research-oriented university. They don't play nice on our network, they're no longer affordable once IT stopped covering the Mac Tax, and precious few people have any software that has to run on that platform.

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Blood in pints from dead chinks making Apple shit : 500

Blood in pints from pc manufacturing: Ill get back to you.

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post more pizza

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Posting more pizza!

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one simply can't cut into mordore

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And if it were this, you'd be LOL APPLE YOU DEAD! SUCK DICK, ZOMBIE STEVE!

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My precious!

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W-what's it like having delicious pizza such as the ones in your pictures? all I have around me are shitty chain restaurants

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Wow 10 minutes in photoshop
It's fucking nothing. Go suck some cock

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Asking the wrong person. I live in a third-world country where pizza comes with a stingy dusting of cheese, instead of the glorious amounts seen ITT.

I am probably going to die without ever having tasted deep-dish pizza.

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I'll fax you one.

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wow, your response is even shittier than my response.
open wide, catcher.

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its pizza's on top of pizza's!
what is this glorious abomination?

>make bread
>the bread you have will do
>make tomato sauce
>find cheese, godly amounts of cheese
>profit indefinitely

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It would not be the same as a professionally made pizza...

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you call that trolling kiddo?

here's what i've learned from trolling retarded macfaggots
1) they have never provided evidence (all laughable)
2) no point debating due to retardation
3) mac users are faggots by default
4) this is a pizza thread now
how do you like them apples?

>op is a faggot

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>bye bye microsoft
>Apple and Microsoft aren't in direct competition with each other in the PC market
>Apple makes computers
>Microsoft makes operating systems
>The two products are not competitive in nature
>People still don't get this simple fact nearly 30 fucking years later
>The only product that Microsoft has ever manufactured that could be considered "competition" for Apple was the Zune series of PMPs, which is now basically dead
>Apple and Microsoft are not in direct competition with each other
>Apple in the workplace is irrelevant unless it's an Apple store
>A few percentage points in the marketplace of personal computing is irrelevant in the big picture; in fact, a very large percentage of Mac owners - actual Apple Mac computer owners - pay for Windows to run in a dual-boot scenario
>Microsoft still wins
>Microsoft has always been in the lead
>Microsoft always will be
>People still not getting the point 30 fucking years later

Stay classy, /g/.

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you could probably have the tomato sauce and dough express mailed, same with a block of cheeze


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