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Is there an updated version of this?

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Thanks for that piece of history.

tinyurl dot com/falconguide

4chan's filtering is a joke

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wait a second, I thought he was already at 1.6...

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>4GB RAM: $110
>50GB SSD: $200
Did we really pay that much, back then?

>1TB HDD: $80
I guess that evens it out...

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Don't fucking start.

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DDR3 1600 and SSD where both pretty new at that time (close to 2 years ago).

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i paid nearly that much for 8gb ram a year ago. it's $50 or less for 8gb now.

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dat pizza

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falcon are you there bud?

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Pizza should be as thin as possible..

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>Thin as possible
Well you probably like cracker bases so no.

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look at this
look at this pizza and tell me it isnt the best

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that's not a pizza, that's a pie.

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Americans can't into pizza

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Technically, pizza is a pie....

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yay this is the third thread i've completely derailed tonight

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Adding to my folder! Thanks bro!

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>Falcon thinks pies are pizza
That's it, now I know you're retarded. Saged, filtered and called the police

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I can feel my esophagus eroding away just looking at that.

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aww what is this sick shit, quit showing me cp.

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Can't wait until I'm done uni and have a stable job. One of the first things I'm doing is building a computer with 16 GB of DDR3 2133 RAM.

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I do not understand why some people have been criticising pizza lately.

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can't wait until i see the good in life so i have motivation to get a job

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my king has returned

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Having a nice, quiet, powerful PC is one of the best things in the world.

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your calling card is officially style chicago pizza
good to have you back buddy!

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I am beginning to think that maybe I could open my own pizza place here. That is the only way I can get deep-dish pizza.

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/g/ - Pizza and Pizza Accessories

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i'm okay with this

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I am getting so fucking hungry right now, but fuck it pizza is too expensive

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Quiet? Fuck quiet, I've got headphones for that.

Honestly though, I max out 4 GB of RAM (DDR2 admittedly) every time I try to browse the internet. I just want something where I never have to worry about that.

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make it. /ck/ probably has recipes from scratch on file

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Looks delicious.

Go for it. If there's no competition you can probably succeed even. You'll be able to make a living off the things you love and be able to purchase the hardware you love with it.

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Is it?

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Malaysian girls are hot. Just sayin'

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I don't have an oven, only one in the apartment is a shared one and fuck using that.
Recently moved, shit's expensive yo

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Quiet is nice. It is easy to make a PC quiet.

BTW, I have 4GB of RAM as well, and I have yet to experience that which you have experienced.

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>I don't have an oven, only one in the apartment is a shared one and fuck using that.
You don't need one, you can improvise. A modified Fermi would get more then hot enough to cook a pizza.

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Having a loud computer quickly becomes annoying.
Not sure what passes as 'loud', though.
I've got a few 38mm thick fans and a pair of scythe slipstream 1,900's.

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Seagate 7200.11

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Had 4 of those in the span of 2 months.
Very upsetting indeed.
>Get 5th replacement
>Is 7200.12
>Sell for 20% more to family member
Fuckin seagate.

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I like browsing with a couple hundred tabs open, and listening to music in the background. Opera and Chrome are the only modern web browsers I've run into that can handle it at 4 GB (FF can almost handle it, and IE craps out at 6-9 tabs)

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Firefox use less ram than chrome though

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Not him but I tested fresh installs on my computer and that was not the case, not with 1 and not with 20 tabs (but at 20 the difference wasn't worth noting)

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>I like browsing with a couple hundred tabs open
Why? I rarely have more than 10, and that is when I am looking and comparing multiple articles.

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I know it's supposed to, but in practice it doesn't work for me. FF craps out at about 100 tabs. Chrome tends to crap out around 300, but it doesn't fully crap out. It sorta commits the pages to the HDD, and then lets you reload them as you need them (reading from the hard drive on first refresh, and then from the website on second refresh).

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Because I'm diagnosed ADD, Asperger's, and Tourette's. I open stuff up, and then get to it later. I've got 12 4chan threads open right now, as well as 4 email accounts and a fuck ton of other stuff that I'm reading.

Oh, and I'm temporarily using a 2 GB machine. Holy fuck it's like torture for me.

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Chrome's tab section is fucking awful. How you would realistically use more than 50 on it is a mystery.

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>those incredibly low hard drive prices


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I am so sorry.

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Blame the big brands that are pushing prices onto us.

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Oh, it only can handle about 60-70 per window (I haven't checked for a precise number). Generally I tend to open each individual thread in a new window.

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Feel free to count.

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Don't be. I'm 99th percentile (+/- 1 on the WAIS-IV at the age of 16 [a couple years ago now] when 48 hours sleep dep, and really hungry and thirsty) for long term memory recall and IQ (my EQ is pretty shit though). I get along just fine.

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It's over the end. I consider that the point at which there are too many.

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That's the point at which it overflows.

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I was referring to your RAM situation.

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Oh, lol, my mistake >.<. I'm just borrowing my brother's laptop while mine is in for repairs. He's got this tiny thing that's almost an ultrabook, and yet it is better than my computer in every way except for the fact that it has 2 GB of DDR3 instead of 4 GB of DDR2. Then again, I got mine back in 2008, and I'll be replacing it in July/August/September/October. 15.6", full keyboard (numberpad), Ivy Bridge, and Optimus here I come :D

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