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>go to the Apple store
>purchase something
>take it home, take out out of the box.
>return to the Apple store for more

I've done this NINE TIMES, (in different stores) got 12x MacBook Air's (shit ones, but none the less), 15x Mac Minis, four iPhone 4S's, and nine MacBook Pro's.

What have you done, /g/ ?

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Wait I lost you.

You return the box, and get your money back, is what your saying?

because >take out out

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wow you're really stupid

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>go into store
>purchase store
>take it home, take store out of store
>return to store to return store

I've done this eleventy times,

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No, he turned into a Macfag sheep that had to pay Apple more money

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This is a rather stupid copypasta

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obvious troll is obvious

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enjoy ur jail time OP

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You bought apple products took it out and then went to the store to buy the wires for it?

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>>go to dragon store
>>purchase dragon dildo
>>take it home, stick up asshole
>>return to dragon dildo store because still have room up asshole


Picture of your desktop included!

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I've gone to the the verizon store and purchased an iPhone with a two year contract. I enjoy the iphone to this day.
I have the box, for posterity.

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>go to walmart
>purchase a computer
>take it home, take out cpu, harddrive, (occasionally gpu)
>return it to walmart for a full refund

I've done this NINE TIMES, (in different stores) got 12x1TB HD's (shit ones, but none the less), 15xi5-2500k, four i2's, and nine 6950's.

What have you done, /g/ ?

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That is very classy

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I took a shit in your case NINE times.

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what's the original?

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>go to home depot
>purchase a toilet
>take it home, take a dump in it
>return it to home depot for a full refund

I've done this ELEVENTEEN TIMES, (in different stores)

What have you done, /g/ ?

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>go to /g/
>see some niggers post
>dickride it, copy it, paste it, (occasionally with finger up ass)
>repost it every five fucking minutes

I've done this NINE TIMES, (in different threads) got 12sage (shit ones, but none the less), 15xhaters, four cool syory bros, and nine dicks in my mouth.

What have you done, /g/ ?

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>go to the Apple store
>pay some dudes in back of store
>take it in the ass and mouth until I pass out
>return to the Apple store for more


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>go to apple store
>perform fallicio on one of the homosexual staff members
>rinse and repeat
>return to the apple store for mroe

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That could actually work.

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I don't get the joke/meme here

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>walk into apple store with an aluminum bat
>beat up hipsters and the so called "geniuses"
>smash every iphone,ipad,macbook,etc
>place and android at the door
>walk out

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