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what's /g/'s antivirus?

macfags and linuxfags stay the fuck out

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Common Sense 2013 Professional pre_alpha

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Common Sense 2013

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Bleeding edge release of Common Sense 2012.

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Malwarebytes Pro.

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MSE + Malwarebytes

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Common Sense 2013.

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Common Sense 2011, I still need to upgrade

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Nod32 + Malwarebytes

>cousin downloads random shit on christmas day when he visits
>including viruses
>MSE: Not a single fuck was given

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Ron Paul really has some fine bitches.

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>inb4 that picture where someone plugs a cable in a RJ11 socket through a condom

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Laugh at me all you want but AVG Pro or ISP provided service (Telus)

They just... work

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Why the FUCK is BitDefender so fucking slow?

It takes a minute to open steam.

Anyways, I just use MSE and MBAM.

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Linuxfag here.

lol antivirus

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Kaspersky trial + Malwarebytes once every 3 months for a scan just to confirm that nothing has gotten past NoScript + AdBlock.

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What did /g/ use before today?

I'm using MSE

Used to use AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, and before that probably Norton and I remember using McAfee back on Windows 95 and 98

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>still using mse

did you guys miss the giant thread we had the other day? its confirmed as being not so good actually.

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Nod32 was top notch like 5 years ago. I think it's still amazing but falls short to recent competition.

As far as using MSE goes, I'd stack it with Malwarebytes (MWB is designed to run next to an antivirus, as it's essentially an anti-malware app)

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Shush, the only people using antivirus on their desktop computers are retards, and those retards are in need of protection, don't take that away from them.

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MSE is god tier

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>implying viruses/malware make themselves known as soon as they're activated

How do you know you aren't infected right now?

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I did.

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Any virus program is crappy by itself or a bloated resource hog on the other extreme

Have to supplement it with Anti Malware

MSE + MBAM/Super here

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Macs don't get viruses I'm sorry.

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I don't, but just like I assume that there isn't a murderer creeping over my shoulder right now, I'm fairly sure that I'm not.

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no no no. we already confirmed it. dont get me wrong, i had it installed too. we had anons completely believe they had a clean system. so an mse scan didnt show a thing right? and then with another different av, that found quite a problems. i remember this one guy had two different adware things. sure it doesnt bother you the way avast does or something, but what good is it if it cant even find the virus?

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this, changed from MSE last night

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So, they came to the conclusion that was AV is the best?

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1/10 for making me respond

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I run Avast.

When I clean computers I use MBAM, Spybot and SuperAntispyware. No single program will always find and/or clean everything.

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This is true. But why use one that's known to find very little? Kaspersky master race here.

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Used to have Common Sense 2010 on my desktop. Then one day I get on it after not browsing anywhere for over a month (use it primarily as a personal server) and one of those crappy fake antiviruses pops up telling me I had 32 threats and I needed to enter my credit card to upgrade.

Kicked its shit, then immediately pirated Nod32

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That's like a trekkie bragging that he never got STD's.

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I use COMODO Internet Security, mainly for the firewall (inb4 some faggots claim that they don't need application control and are fine with letting all their software do whatever they wish on the Internet), but since it has its own anti-virus I sometimes let the weekly scheduled scan run and find nothing.

(Firestarter firewall on Linux for lack of a better alternative. Not using anti-virus software there.)

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Another mac user here.
It is kind of nice not to have to seriously contemplate every semi-sketchy download.

Otherwise, ESET

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This is like someone living in a rich neighborhood thinking they won't get robbed.

OSX viruses do exist and they will catch Apple users off guard even more so than a Windows user.

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Think again, fucktard. Macs may be secure, but just like any other system, nothing guards them against trojans. And trust me, there are trojans out there... That's why you should only be downloading from credible sources.

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yeah like 4chan

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Do you think he still can lift ip to fuck girls at his age?

Do you think girls let him fuck them?

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dat file name

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ooh really? I want one. where can I download it? not just proof of concepts but live, in the wild ones.

>inb4 admin password required trojans
>inb4 forkbombs
>inb4 rm -rf

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Not sure. I tried to download some sample Windows viruses to test various anti-virus setups but I couldn't find them.

Same should go for OSX as well, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there.

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>implying no viagra
And yes of course

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Is your antivirus a robot who strikes "The Thinker" pose?

If not, you are using the wrong antivirus.

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I knew this would happen.
I'm well aware that macs are vulnerable, there just really aren't many harmful pieces of software written for macs.
I personally have fucked around a bit and made a few "viruses" for macs (undistributed), and it should be obvious that you need common sense with any OS.
It's just that there are an incredibly smaller amount of viruses/malware/spyware for OS X than Windows, so I can take inversely proportional amounts of risks, with the same overall chance of getting anything bad.

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have you guys noticed how surprisingly difficult it is to purposely get infected? i usually just get mad and go to those virus archive sites.

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You're right.

People who talk about "Common Sense 2012" are idiots though.

Yeah Common sense is probably the best method of avoiding an infection, but it still doesn't hurt to have a virus scanner. These days you can get a quad core CPU for under 100$, and RAM is dirt cheap so there is absolutely no excuse, other than stubbornness, to not have a virus scanner.

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Download a copy of iWork from the pirate bay. A few thousand users got infected that way.

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you mad?

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inb4 entire everything is PROBABLY A VARIENT

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Alright, I'm going to run a scan of NOD32 on my ssd, should take 2 minutes. I'm going to prove to you that common sense works.

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nope, see >>22170232

those two marked are clearly nothing that should be there.

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are you guys actually paying for nod32 or using the key changing thing?

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nothing wrong with my common sense.

firefox + adblock + noscript + flashblock + wot
and i dont even use that user account for several months)

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hey op can i come join- you didnt say I couldnt

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Full on aspie.

I didn't forsee that nod32 wouldn't have a free version though.

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This is what /g/ should finally do:

>write open-source malware(s) for OSX / iOS
>deploy it everywhere possible
>catches Apple off-guard, forces them to deny it / quickly counter it
>security update eventually comes from Apple
>community improves open-source malware(s)
>Apple shits its pants again
>more and more macfags slowly notice they are not safe anymore
>malware(s) continue getting improved and the story goes on

No idea why this hasn't happened yet with Apple having so many tech literate haters.

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Wait nevermind, there's a trial.

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I wouldn't have done the whole Smart Security suite.. just the virus scanner.

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Eh.. I'll remove it afterwards

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>apple keeps improving security as virus attacks
>OSX becomes more secure then Windows
>your entire point is mooted

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>no cookie control add-on
get CookieMonster or something
also BetterPrivacy for Flash cookies

>shitting on NoScript
Chrome-user tier retardation detected

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Lol Microsoft has been patching vulnerabilities/learning from them since 1995.

>> No.22170842

>Open-source malware
>implying Apple wouldn't be able to simply glance at the source before countering it after the first report.

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I would say common sense but can't given i just averted near catastrophic data loss from a combination of

>partially encrypted
>dual booted
>single drive
>rouge russian botnets

currently fully decrypting the drive. Debating whether to install windows 8 dev

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Enjoy blocking ajax requests for no obvious reason

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>thinks noscript is shit

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This begs the other question...

Why have authorities done next to nothing to stop the people who contribute and fund these crippling malware infestations?

We have all known about Corky Downing and her thousands of fake domains that do nothing but attack users yet she continues to do this crap all while living in the United States

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It's still updating though, with no progress, I might have to redo this.

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common sense 2007 is best common sense

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>implying Apple wouldn't just half-ass security fixes because they expect this to be a one-time thing, even though it happens again and again
>implying dozens of new security holes won't be discovered for every security hole fix, since Apple doesn't had to give a crap about security to begin with

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MSE and Malwarebytes

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Apple cannot into security you raging macfaggots

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>Argument consisting entirely of calling your sparring opponents faggots

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Next screenshot, although no new virus definitions have been downloaded. Goddammit ESET.

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scan from last night.

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>personal attacks
>not staying focused on the argument at hand
>can't accept the truth that macs do lack a huge amount of security
time and time again, does this have to be so trivial?

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Windows: Common Sense 2013, MSE, the occasional MalwareBytes scan to be sure

OS X: Common Sense 2012 Mac Edition (they don't commit to a good release schedule, and when they do release it it's always a crappy Windows port), Sophos AV. My Mac, though, is a time traveler and hasn't run a full scan since the year 4000, as well as January 3rd, 1. As in, 1 being the year. Screenshot is what I'm talking about.

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Alright, how do I restart this piece of *ver nice*uuuuuurgh* software. It's locking me out of every conventional option.

>> No.22171065

so why did /g/ push mse so hard? was it better before? or is this just another case of not really knowing?

>> No.22171081

dat sophos, you're the first intelligent osx user i've actually seen on here. post moar

>> No.22171084

Because it's updated often, quick, and has a good library of definitions.

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>calling a personal attack is a personal attack
>personal attacks within personal attacks

>> No.22171088

you cant, that robot mascot of theirs is taking control of your computer right now.

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Defending anything about Apple makes anyone a macfag. This automatically renders their opinions invalid/illiterate/inane. There's nothing left to do but ridicule them however you wish.

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was using avg until recently. Now i use microsoft security essentials.

>> No.22171104

>can't distinguish between personal attacks and facts
go back to reddit

>> No.22171122

I don't use antivirus. It's not like I can be hacked or nuthin'

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Honestly this is worse than what any virus could do. It feels like I just installed Norton in 2005, it feels like I've been retarded.

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pick one faggot

>while powering on mac hold "apple + s" on keyboard
>lol boots into bash shell with root access
>'mount / -o remount,rw'
>'passwd root'
>enter new password ex. "123456"
>on login screen select "other user"
>user "root"
>password "123456"
>lol full GUI with full root access

>> No.22171130

>moar personal attacks

You're not particularly good at this, are you?

Go take your drugs, little autist

>> No.22171140

Theres also a thumbdrive version of this is it good?

>> No.22171142

You're a fucking retard.
>insert boot cd
>do all of the things you said

>> No.22171145

>blames operating system for user not setting a root password
What? You can do the same thing on any UNIX-like system with an idiot owner.

>> No.22171156

Suddenly, the thread becomes a warzone for macfags and antimacfags.

Throughout the entire war, not a single legitimate argument will be made for either side, but at least one side will defend that their arguments are valid, even though they aren't

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>You're not particularly good at this, are you?
neither are you

you can lead a horse to water, but the rest is still up to the horse

>> No.22171176

So now you're saying that OSX is secure, but most owners are idiots.

That's completely true and is with most OSes.

>> No.22171184

>going through all that for GUI when you have root instantly with shell boot

>> No.22171185

Macs are fucking secure, the only reason macs don't get viruses as often cause there is no point, macs only like 7% of all OS' in the world while windows own like 90.

People are going to give the virus to the most people. Macs can get viruses like every other computer

>> No.22171187

>So now you're saying that OSX is secure, but most owners are idiots.
sigh... read it again
>That's completely true and is with most OSes.
hurr durr no shit

>> No.22171200

People have been throwing this argument around for at least 5 years if not more. I can only presume the people actually capable of programming something like this are not the same people posting internet tough guy shit on boards (highly likely), or alternately, it's not actually possible.

>> No.22171202

It's like this man's a prophet or something.

>> No.22171209

my point is that you dont NEED one
you used to be able to do that on windows but M$ fixed it
no... im blaming the OS for not FORCING the user to set a root passwd... or at least locking it out from being accessed so easily on a system thats supposedly "the most secure"

>> No.22171219

I come on here a lot. I'm not an over zealous Macfag like /g/ makes them all out to be; I enjoy using OS X as much as I do Windows and Linux. With that comes the need for secure data practices, which means install the antivirus.

The screenshot is a few months old, and I've run several scans on that computer in the meantime, but Sophos continues to report that. At least the real time protection works perfectly.

And attaching a trip for future use.

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my brain.

seriously, AV is business built on dirty business and it is by NO means effective in any way.

sandbox everything. use a VM to browse the internet. use AV to check a file/exe for known signatures. If everything checks out OK, run it (if untrusted) in a sandbox.

the best defense against malware/viruses is to question EVERYTHING that comes from the internet.

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File: 59 KB, 734x520, win-7-antispyware-2012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use Windows Antispyware 2012. It cleaned out over 1000 infections on it's first run!

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Root access is disabled by default on Mac OSX, until you set a password. You're both kind of retards when you realize that this scenario is possible whenever someone with malicious intent has physical access to a machine. Unless of course that machine is tightly locked down via authenticate on boot and an encrypted hard disk.

6th update

>> No.22171270

i could not for the life of me get OSX to mount or even recognize my flash drive from the root shell
>lol stealing nudes of friends GF

>> No.22171276

>I enjoy using OS X as much as I do Windows and Linux.
Ah, great minds think alike. Less boundaries the better. Its a shame more people don't think like this.

trip noted and saved

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You're entitled to your (ignorant, badly informed) opinion. That doesn't mean your opinion doesn't come with consequences. Apple and its userbase are hated for good solid reasons. Withstand the well-deserved hate with denial and ignorance or start wondering about what's not quite right about your opinion.

>> No.22171287

>Best antivirus
>Not activating it immediately

Shit nigger, what are you doing?

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>mfw my little sister got this shit TWICE
I gave her a long lecture. Second time she listened.

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yes with physical access to any machine you can get in (unless encrypted harddrive)
however my point is on OSX you dont need any boot disks or 3rd party software.

>> No.22171316


I work support for unmanaged computers.


>> No.22171321

this just sounds like a bunch of windows nerds mad about having to deal with viruses. just get a mac already.

>> No.22171325

My school "upgraded" to a Maclab, and I can't get into shell boot (single user mode), verbose mode, or even the EFI boot manager.

>> No.22171328

macs get viruses son

>> No.22171335

my opinions

your opinions

>> No.22171336

Ah, a complete lockdown. At least they were smart about it.

>> No.22171344

common sense
malware bytes

>> No.22171349

Avast/MBAM Pro

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Mounting hard disks in OSX via the command line is easily done via apple script or 'diskutil". Think of me next time you steal your sisters nudes.
Well that just makes it easier to troubleshoot. I don't believe in security through obscurity.


>> No.22171366

does anyone use comodo firewall

>> No.22171372

I could name 100 Windows viruses for every 5 Mac viruses you could.

>> No.22171382

Theoretically, yes, in practice, no

>> No.22171386

sounds about right for an OS with less than 10% market share

>> No.22171392
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Smart. Meanwhile, I've stolen memory from college computers and inserted forkbombs in the bash profiles on the ubuntu machines.
>feels good

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>creating more barriers between OS users
>shitting up a perfectly decent thread
seriously go to reddit

that's nice, macs still get viruses

>> No.22171401

No shit.
Nobody makes things for a 7% market share.

>> No.22171413

Actually, the most probable reason for this not happening is the fact that capable programmers wouldn't want to touch that operating system. They might think about doing it first, but lose interest quickly and don't want to waste any time on it. There's not much money in it either, targeting Windows is much more profitable. Its sole reason would be to mess with macfags, that in itself might provide enough motivation for a short period of time, but it's just doesn't seem enough. It would require a serious community effort to pull something like this off.

>> No.22171417

You could always look at the difference in malware between android and ios, if you think market share is an argument.

>> No.22171443

Malwarebytes and Avira.

>> No.22171470

Currently Norton, because it has some of the best detection rates, lowest amount of false positives, and doesn't rape your system anymore (like it used to) and is in fact quite light on resources.

Also have Malwarebytes for removing any malware that Norton cannot.

Used Avast! before, and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who wants a great free AV.

Don't understand why anyone uses AVG or MSE. Both are complete shit from my testing, and in most of the tests done by others. And also, with MSE shipping with W8 by default, that only means that it'll be rendered obsolete as soon as W8 is released basically. It'll go the way of Windows Defender.

>> No.22171499

I agree with you, I just mean there's such an apparent burning hatred of Apple users in the broader internet community, and an incessantly repeated talking point is "It would be trivial if we actually put our minds to it." I'm just surprised that in the 5+ years this shit has been repeated, not a single person has actually produced anything concrete. If you actually pulled it off, you'd probably have a very well remunerated security research job waiting at the other end, so I wouldn't say it's completely without reward.

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Alright, so it finished the scan of my C: drive, and now it's discovered my other hard disk. And for some odd reasons it's scanning pictures.

Oh NOD32, you so crazy, images don't contain viruses

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>> No.22171549

>implying I couldn't rar some kind of virus into an image with a separate, seemingly non-malicious, program that unrars it and executes it.

If you were in charge of security, I would own the world's largest botnet.

>> No.22171561


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File: 42 KB, 372x174, 10.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Be glad that I didn't derail the entire thread by posting them.

Way too elaborate

Ah yes, the effects of winrar when you select "Unrar to .../"

And it's deleted again

>> No.22171588

I personally do not, but I've heard nothing but praise for it.

I suppose if you feel like you need that little extra bit of protection, go for it.

>> No.22171611

>Way to elaborate
>2 steps to execute virus

>> No.22171629

>14341 - fluttershy.jpg

'10k20k' as in 'Pictures from number 10.000 to number 20.000' ?

That must be one impressive collection.

>> No.22171655

NIS 2012 user here.

Funny, seeing as if this was back in 2008 or before, I wouldn't be caught dead using NIS. It was so bloated and had subpar detection rates.

My god has it come a loooong way since then.

>> No.22171658

It could be like hype aversion. When people continually talk about doing something, and when so many people actually talk about doing something (but don't commit), it invokes a negative reaction in the listener. This only serves to ensure it will never get done. This is partially the reason why I'm not strongly considering getting Skyrim, even though everyone tells me it's the best thing since sliced bread.

This doesn't cover the fact that even with OS X's security holes, it will still take a while to actually develop a workable virus. If iOS compatibility is a goal too, the that will be even harder. Pod2g spent months trying to get the untethered jailbreak working, all from only a few minor flaws that could be leveraged to run unsigned code. While I'm not saying it can't be done, it would take far more effort to pull off than the standard Internet user has the time or patience for. This is why the promise has never materialized.

TL;DR People are lazy and don't wanna work

>> No.22171669

- GNU/Linux
- Not downloading P2P porn
- Having an IQ in the triple digits

>> No.22171678


Yeah, me: >>22170413

Been using COMODO Internet Security for years. The only complete security solution I know of that is decent and free.

>> No.22171694

You could easily encrypt/obfuscate the contents of the file. It just doesn't make sense to scan those images.

Yup. It's from a torrent, I believe it's about 30GB of reaction images, with about 70,000 images. And they're all named perfectly, searching for a specific emotion usually yields several fitting results.

>> No.22171707

Link please?

>> No.22171725


>> No.22171769
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First trip user I've ever encountered making thoughtful and articulate contributions

>> No.22171780


>> No.22171782
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>1 seeder
Well shit, I'll seed them on my seedbox for you guys <3

>> No.22171799


Also, those are from someone who ran a scraper on Ponibooru, you could always do the same if you can't download them anymore.

>> No.22171836

>I'm not strongly considering getting Skyrim, even though everyone tells me it's the best thing since sliced bread

Those people obviously never played previous TES games. It's a disappointing console port that only appealed to people who are used to eating any shit the game industry throws at them nowadays. They didn't even manage to improve the game engine over what, 6-7 years since Oblivion. They just put some dragons in the game and went:

Sage only because Skyrim is not related to the thread and the raging neckbeards would direct me to >>>/v/ if I didn't point it out.

>> No.22171838


>> No.22171894

>It's a disappointing console port that only appealed to people who are used to eating any shit the game industry throws at them nowadays
i completely agree. after a few hours i had enough.

the inventory, magic and skill system are completely and utterly horrible and unintuitive.

>> No.22171930

Wasn't using the Skyrim example to derail the conversation, but rather to illustrate the principle of hype aversion using literally the first example to pop into my head.

On topic, though, it would be an absolute bitch to remove malware from an iOS device.

>> No.22171975

Every application is jailed, interaction with the rest of the system is minimal. So assuming your phone is not jailbroken, and there are no other known security flaws, it would be hard for the malware to get any ground outside the application it originally came with.
>but what if it did
1. Backup to iCloud/iTunes
2. Restore

>> No.22171979
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I am building a basic gaming build, hopefully able to run games life BF3, Skyrim, and The Old Republic on Medium/High settings. What do you guys think of this one? Anything that should be changed? Hoping to keep it around 650

>> No.22172010
File: 213 KB, 640x359, 38796 - Fuck_shit_stack caption fluttershy macro pinkie_pie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fluttershy will have none of your shit

>> No.22172020

>the inventory, magic and skill system are completely and utterly horrible and unintuitive.
= oversimplified and optimized for PS3/X-box users and console game controllers
They completely removed the attributes, half of the old skills, crippled the character development with perks (though some people prefer this for some reason), but they kept the retarded level scaling. And yet, the game provides no challenge even on master difficulty. Oh, and the A.I. is indescribably dumb...

But that's enough Skyrim shitting for me today.

>> No.22172030

you need the following:

diablotek psu
abit motherboard

now fuck off

>> No.22172043

> antivirus

Macbook Pro masterrace here. Don't tell me to stay the fuck out. I do what I want. I'm nonconformist and my technology choices mirror this lifestyle. Deal with it.

>> No.22172078

Too bad I don't have one, nor the skills to make one.

>> No.22172116

The userland exploits on sites like JailbreakMe, if another such exploit is found, could potentially act as an entry vector for mobile malware. Alternatively, Apple's on-off app submission process could theoretically afford one maliciously crafted app to deliver the payload to the rest of the OS through a faulty sandbox.

I don't know about Apple's data sanitization policies in iCloud, but for a mobile malware to be resistant to the good ol' restore procedure would require it to survive the computer-aided wipe process. Corrupting iTunes via USB or Wifi sync to ignore a few blocks of the device where the virus could be held would probably be required (and how it would survive undergoing a DFU-activated restore is beyond me).

>> No.22172157

I almost forgot about the PDF bug. Jesus christ that was one huge gaping security hole.

>> No.22172260

It was amusing during JailbreakMe for iOS 4.3.x because they had three (!) entire versions of iOS get released without patching the incredibly publicized bug, and then have Comex release the source for the exploit on Twitter before anything was done about it. Before 4.3.4 came out, I was using the unofficial plug for the hole à la Cydia, making my hacked version of iOS more secure than Apple's.

Fun times. And now I'm off to sleep. G'night

>> No.22172348
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We had this guide once, everyone agreed on it. I'm using MSE. Been working like a charm since ~2010.

>> No.22172412
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>Adobe, Google
>trusted vendor

>> No.22173492
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April 29th, 2010

>> No.22173552

this is the only good thread going on /g/

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