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"We wake up before the roosters, go to sleep after the dogs, eat worse than the pigs." Because of the high demand for Apple products, workers at the Foxconn factory are forced to work like machines and treated worse than farm animals. This is the truth that the media try to cover up. Your iPhones and iPads do not grow on trees ... they're made by slaves. Is this to become a model for the new world order for humans everywhere?

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Sadly, same goes for all the other manufacturer and companies such as Asus ;_;

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No one is covering it up. It's just that no one cares about it

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How is this is any different from the workers at every other electronics manufacturing factory in China? If your iPod was made in America or any factory with first-world living conditions and pay it would have cost $2000

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>implying apples don't grow on trees

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>THE TRUTH ABOUT derpdururhduhuurr
the usual bullshit

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the first computers were developed out of the holocaust

we make accomplishments through the unimaginable suffering of the innocent because this is THE ONLY WAY

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Shouldn't this be the truth about Foxconn? Apple never told them that they couldn't open another factory to better meet demand

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Oh hi

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>Foxconn factory are forced to work like machines
you can quit you know?

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You could kill many birds with one stone and just rename this thread, "The Truth About Capitalism."

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How is it our fault that China is such a shitty nation?

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The Chinese steal our jobs and want us to feel bad because they'll work for two cents on the dollar. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

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Nice number that you pulled out of your ass.
Keep living the dream.

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Pretty much how those shitty Leemotes are made too. But because the BIOS is open source, it means that YOU'RE FREE.

Doesn't that make you feel proud?

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this was a revolution

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Haha look at all those drones scurrying to make excuses for their mighty Apple cult.

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ITT mad greenpeace niggers. How's it feel knowing I use a pc built by slaves and I love it? I also jerk it with lube made of the eye jelly of dead foxconn slaves

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>,Apple is the only company who buys from Foxconn

Stop this shit.

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Slavery because they are forced to accept the deal with Foxconn if they want to eat a day.

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>annoying user base
>marking to gullible idiots
>selling a shitty operating system
>bad at everything

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iPad/iPhone factories are the worst offenders when it comes to suicide rates

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I've noticed that a local azn church was using Apple laptops. I was going to scrutinize them, but then I realized that they were loonies to begin with.

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>implying there is no freewill decision to quit

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Apple is one that forced the changes to meet APPLES DEMAND... from its cult members.. aint like every Peter , Paul and Marry rushed out to get a fucking Asus mainboard when there released.

Stupid faggot, go hang on /b/.

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who cares? if they dont like it they can starve or an hero

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No stop it

The only reason we know so much of Foxconn is because of the hatred but the other companies also have this very same problem but they go unreported.

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They're not forced. Foxconn isn't the only company in China. If they don't care enough to ask for better wages why should anyone else? If China wants to grow larger they'll have to make sacrifices because who would purposely buy Chinese over any other nation if they cost the same? Nobody would.

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>mfw all my computers are built by supermicro

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daww baby can't accept the truth

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>foxconn is bad
>people lined up for miles to work there

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You're right. They can quit and take up a similar job with similar conditions and similar pay. Or die. Silly me; I guess they were free all along.

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They always have the decision to leave the country.

Do you always suck this much at life?

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Because abysmal bad work is better than no work (and no money)

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Don't you fags get it?

Most compete for this job.
If they don't like it they can't really quit because finding something better is more or less impossible.

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Did the niggers that made the US rich have a choice idiot?

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Leave where?

North Korea?

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>not having slaves

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You're also free to go to the moon right now. Something tells me you can't, though.

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Are you retarded or something?
They can't leave the country because they have no money, which is also why they have to put up with such bad work conditions. Not to even mention whether or not their government even allow then, or even if other countries will accept them. Take into account other factors such as their families, etc.
I'm not even >>21935881 and I think you're fucking retarded. Or underage b&.
>lrn2 perspective

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>dem wiggly fonts

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Sir, Apple word these days means iPhone, iPad and iMac, do any of these word are familiar to you?

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lol idgaf
posted from my iPad

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Sounds like trying to get a job in Metro-Detroit.

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nobody cares retard

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>derp derp derp herp derp

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>Dat top comment
Typical scornful Apple fanboy

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It doesn't matter.

Apple isn't doing that well these days.

It'll probably fade away into obscurity if the streak of total failiures continues like this year.

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>being 6 yo

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well seems like you do, cunt.

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You are obviously being an asspie not understanding a single joke.
May I help you?

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>largest computer part manufacturer in the world does bad things
>single out apple, who is probably less than 20% of foxconn's total manufacturing workload

You guys have a really unhealthy obsession with Apple, you know that?

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Sure, compare a trip to the moon to fleeing to a neighboring country. The logic is strong within this one.

Yeah, make the long journey from Shenzhen in southern china instead of to, I don't know, hong kong island. Makes sense.

Is your head constantly this far up your ass?

>implying these workers are slaves that receive NO compensation for their work.

Just like early america, right?

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we get an unhealthy amount of uneducated apple trolls

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>Yeah, make the long journey from Shenzhen in southern china instead of to, I don't know, hong kong island. Makes sense.
>Is your head constantly this far up your ass?

Hong Kong.. part of China you stupid faggot.

Sounds your head is way past your anus.. gtfo.

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>streak of total failiures

Yes, selling 4 million phones in 3 days and having everyone imitate your products is such a failure.

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Yeah man, they totally have the option to stop providing for their family, ride on the back of all that money they saved not buying food, and flee to another country that has high employment rates for untrained non-native mono-lingual workers.

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4 million is nothing, have you heard about the 50 million netbooks that were sold or did you over look that?

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You mean the truth behind china. Foxconn != Apple, learn the difference you humongous retard.

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there's probably way more people trolling /g/ about apple because, well... you guys lap it up. And /g/ WANTS there to be so many apple fanboys (there really arent all that many) that, well... they actually believe the trolls.

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I bet everything could all be the exact same price, the only problem is that the 0.1% would only make half of the millions they do now and that's really unfair.

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50 million in a YEAR, all models and manufacturers combined. See the difference?

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Except it's not.

Are you really this pants on head retarded?

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Apple receives the majority of the criticism for their working conditions because Apple brags about being this bastion of eco-friendly, fair trade, liberal ideas, unlike other tech companies.

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another typical apple fanboy

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oh right

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Imagine if Wozniak was still in charge. ;_;

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you missed the point completely

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The company would have gone out of business ages ago. Because he is a terrible businessman.

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Not to mention average Apple users at the "fairtrade" coffee shop writing their liberal arts papers about how to increase equality in the third world. I think we all know how ignorant those people actually are if they willfully ignore Apple's own role in perpetuating these conditions.

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Even if you involve every single client it's still a retarded thing to say.

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>mfw apple is the only one of the manufacturers that have their wiki page to semi protected

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fair question.

have you ever been to one of these supposed coffee shops or do you just assume that such a thing happens?

You, personally, been there, seen it.

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i'm guessing you're a delusional macfag

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>Apple receives the majority of the criticism because they're the richest and most well-known


Just like McDonalds gets regularly sued by various fat fucks, even if they ate at Five Guys nine out of ten times.

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What the fuck am I watching?

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I highly doubt socialist teens would own a premium product that's basically the pinnancle of being a consumer whore.
Oh wait, America, gotcha.

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As a recent college graduate, yes I have. The local Starbucks in our college town was full of these people.

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try to buy a computer or phone without Coltan , people in kongo are mining it it worse then the people making ipads

i am not defending apple if you think so...

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here's the better version
they're fun to mock

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Funny how both LG and HTC later went on to imitate Apple much more shamelessly than Apple "imitated" them.

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None of those phones look alike.

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china isnt capitalist you spastic

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about that...

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I like how people ignore that these factories are actually better working conditions for better pay than if they'd gone to work on a farm, or somewhere else.

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An Apple thread without Apple tech support?


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>Sure, compare a trip to the moon to fleeing to a neighboring country
For somebody without the resources to do either? I don't think there's much of a difference.

A large disparity in wealth still exists in Hong Kong. Fleeing to a slightly more politically-liberal climate doesn't mean much as far as working conditions and quality of life are concerned. Your "if you don't like it, then get out" logic is moronic in any case.

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>picture frame

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>For somebody without the resources to do either? I don't think there's much of a difference.

>Your "if you don't like it, then get out" logic is moronic in any case.

I think I like this guy

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>black photo frame

omfg they look the same sue samsong!

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So why won't LG sue if they're so smart?

Oh right, because a marginal visual similarity won't cut it in court. Prada wasn't even a smartphone.

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This. It's like the people who scream "STOP CHILD LABOUR" when those children and their families are obviously better off working. Terribly unnuanced, but I don't give a shit.

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How do you explain the chink invasion into other countries?
They get out of there somehow idiot.

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well fuck yhou.

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>chink invasion
Less than 1% of the population of China gets out. Those who do are in a much better economic or social position and can afford to do so.

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...not everybody from China is an destitute laborer?

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funny how they went from useful to useless in that short time period

>> No.21936445

This picture is bullshit. Rugged tablets didn't go anywhere.

>> No.21936447

It's funny how the text matches apple's marketing.

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Dont forget LG KU 990, good phone, shit OS. Anyways:

>Have had LG KU 990 for years
>iphone released
>everybody is like "lol dont you have money to buy a real iphone? that is a total ripoff"

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>less than 1%
One percent of chinamen is still more than 10 million.

>> No.21936459

No but the people that made them sure changed their tablet formula.

>> No.21936461

thing I hate is it's always the consumers fault this shit goes on.

>> No.21936468

>implying XP tablets were in any way useful for non-specialized tasks

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The Hong Kong government is highly undemocratic (the voting process is pretty convoluted) and leaders loyal to China's regime are placed in charge. There was a number of protests regarding this when I was there in November.

>> No.21936476

MEH. I blame China for a lack of regulation, you won't see me buying less electronics.

>> No.21936482

>implying tablets are useful general

>> No.21936483

But the implication of the original pose was that it is easy for people to get out. Even if 10 million people got out, that's still such a tiny percentage that it would mean that it is STILL not easy for someone to get out of China. You need to look at proportions, rather than the actual number.

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Mine gets a lot of use in waiting rooms.

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and on the toilet?

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They still make them just like before.

iPad-lookalikes are made by different companies.

>> No.21936512

no I still use regular magazines.

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They make Sneakers while upside down? Amazing!

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let's all boycott apple so chinese workers will magically get decent labor laws, housing and free healthcare.

>> No.21936575

pay them less and sell those things cheaper please

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How would you describe its current economy?

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If we as consumers purchased products from someone who guaranteed fair working conditions, then yes it would work. The problem is that our goods would then cost 10x as much or more and people tend to go for the cheapest item.

>> No.21936637

Is that a fucking post counter in your picture?

>> No.21936677

A mix of planned economy, free market, and ten thousand kinds of bullshit.

Also, no country is "pure capitalist", "pure socialist" or pure whatever. Hell, there's no universal definition of "capitalism" anyway.

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You don't need a tripcode to be an attention whore.

>> No.21936717

That's pure utopia. For something as complex as a modern phone, even tracking the manufacturing chain for every component is a monumental task.

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failed link

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link doesnt work

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those faggots just b& me

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wat did u post?

>> No.21936819

I just posted the link

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Well of course. I think it's fair to say, however, that the conditions at Foxconn are a symptom of the international global profiteering effort that most of the world understands as "capitalism." We can go back and forth about whether or not these conditions would exist in a "genuine free market," but I don't think utopian visions are relevant to this discussion.

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That's really China's fault, and I'm not sending a dime to them wtf we owe them like X billion.

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such retarded mods

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