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>mfw eating pizza, cramming for a test, and repeatedly logging in to a girl's facebook and email while she fails at basically every part of the password reset and security process again and again

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Oh my god this is the greatest idea in the world.

Thank you OP. I am now going to do this to everyone I know.

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Every 20 minutes or so, I'm logging back in to her facebook so she gets a login notification. I have no reason to care about what's on her account or anything, just observing her struggle and freak out (she's messaging her friends on facebook about being 'hacked' on facebook) for entertainment value.

It's really astounding how stupid some people are.

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Mmmmm... pizza...

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dat obese nipple

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Sign of a happy, happy man.

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How do you see that she's attempting to get into her account?

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Sign of a man that has to pay for sex

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How can you think of sex in a pizza thread?

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They eat pizza in India?

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>How can you think of sex in a pizza thread?

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I have access to her recovery email, but I didn't change the password for it. So I see the emails. Also, I'm automatically logged out on facebook password change, so whenever I flip back over to that tab and I'm logged out, I know she changed something.

I've even deleted some of the newest emails coming in, but she still hasn't figured out that I'm on her email.

I have her SSN, vital info, all sorts of stuff I'm never going to use. Kind of funny, that I'm sitting here eating pizza and could seriously fuck her shit up while she's just over there and doesn't have a clue about anything.

People really want to believe that they're safe from the outside world. It's impressive, the lengths humans will go to rationalize why they're in control. I mean, even this communication is being monitored somewhere. I have no delusions of privacy.

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Falco, don't you live in the Philippines or something?

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I'm assuming you know her or something? Also Meatlovers master race.

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This thread is making me very hungry.

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I'm pretty certain he lives in Nepal

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that's pretty weird

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I run a hacked network of computers that I programmed to click on googles ads in my secret website. I even write my own viruses to make people get hacked into my network. I work at home and have a bunch of screens showing me what people on my network are doing on their screens. I can even set it so that i can see the code of their computers. can you guys do any of that? I dont think so. I bet you dont know where all the websites real hackers hang out are either? if you name them, I just might tell them that marshviperX sent you.

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this nigger again

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you say this all the time. either you are full of shit or lonely as fuck

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Reminds me of that guy who posts up on Facebook about how good of a hacker he is.

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And while I'm at it, one of the great fails of facebook privacy - if you have one email for an account that has multiple emails associated with it and type any random string for a password, knowing it's not right, the security/recovery prompt will pop up and give you the account emails; the one you entered will show up in full, and others will show up in the form a****[email protected]****.com/org/edu/etc.

So if the "unknown" email conforms to some sort of pattern, e.g. a name + numbers scheme like the ones all the colleges use, or you can otherwise piece together possible addresses from known information, you can just substitute your guess for the known email and if it's right, the security/recovery prompt will pop up with the name, the email you just guessed, and the original email partially concealed.

Facebook does the work for you.

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post her details

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Yeah, used to, but I cut off contact when she got too ridiculous.

Only really worth a handful of under the shirt gropings and some cyber-harassment.

For some reason I thought he was filipino.

MarshviperX is one of the oldest /g/ trolls. I don't even think it's the same guy anymore, I think it's just people meta-trolling as a known troll.

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Too late for that, no plausible deniability after >>20285956

There's nothing really to be had anyway, unless you want to read her old Common App essays or something.

I guess the thing that draws me in about breaking into accounts is being able to explore peoples' private lives in ways I'd never be able to otherwise. Seeing how people act and what they do online when they feel confident in their privacy and security is interesting.

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so you're one of the guy who watches people jerk it through their cams eh?

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Nah, I'm interested in the social dynamics of things, how people construct different public faces for themselves and that sort of stuff. The conceit of competence falls away pretty quickly in private - when you look at things that people never meant for others to see, it becomes obvious how tenuous their hold on things is. What's really interesting is when people use fancy or complicated terms and talk about things to other people as if they're very well versed in the topic, then go back home and google basic concepts related to the discussion.

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Those aren't pizzas, those are pies.
Decadent amerifats

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