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Hey /g/, don't know if you want to get in on this. There's a pretty sizeable /g/ folder.

The Insta-Oldfag Kit
>formerly known as the Anti-Newfag Kit versions 1-3

15,000 images, 300 folders, 2.33 GB
Full description of the contents of the kit and nitty-gritty details: pastebin dot com/DV89DjDp

>Links to download (via torrent):
Mediafire .torrent download: mediafire.com/?3gdv2nb21o66n8v
BTJunkie: http://btjunkie.org/torrent/The-Insta-Oldfag-Kit/4239f910489fb4cc465e040f57fe33614f2227f2d71e or tinyurl dot com slash instaoldfagkit
Magnet URI (inb4 nobody knows what a magnet URI is): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F910489FB4CC465E040F57FE33614F2227F2D71E

This torrent will seed PERMANENTLY on my seedbox until the next version comes out.

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bumping with tech related

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>mfw i used to have a collection like this but then i deleted it in an instantly regretted moralfag spell

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Well get it back again! Great opportunity here. I'm a /g/entooman but lurk back and forth. This has a good /g/ folder, a good /sci/ folder, a good /fit/ folder and of course lots of general 4chan and /b/ shit.

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>includes 5000 prons

>why the fuck

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Why not? It appeals to wide audience. If you don't want 'em, don't download em. It's not an archive so you can pick and choose.

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Downloading, and seeding like fuck.
I thought this was just /g/ but I guess I could use all this other stuff. Thanks.

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All that's needed is one picture.
This one.

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Downloading, but probably won't start seeding until i comb through the content and make sure it's no bugged or some shit

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You're very welcome. I think you'll find the /g/ folder (gforgentoo) will suit your tastes but you can look into the other stuff too. Thank you bunches for seeding.

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>oldfag kit
>filled to the brim with newfag material

oh you

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Check the btjunkie link.. it lists all the files. Also you can check them before you add the torrent.

Yeah.. sure is newfag material. Bunchie, cockmongler, bel air, cardcrusher, dualdrifting, i'm 18 do i have potential. Yup.. so 2011.
>pic related


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>mfw i'm going to have to re organize my current collection to fit the new organization scheme
>mfw i have to dupe-check my collection against this

>my servers going to be busy this week

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this will probably supersede almost everything you have, unless you're real serious. also this is dupe-checked 3x w/ visipics and optimized with PS CS5.

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Also, why such low availability?

OP you better seed this shit

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the organizational scheme is pretty much bullet proof too, and leaves room to expand. this is technically the 4th version of release.. distributed to something like 50,000 anon over 4 versions so far

i'm the only seed ATM because this just started. you're also competing with a horde of leechers on >>/b/

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does anyone have any suggestions for good bittorrent clients on Linux?
comment unrelated

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Well, i'll leave this running, and will probably seed when done.

I'm out of the thread for now, going to do some reading
>print media reading

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horder of leechers on /b/ you're competing with

also on>>> /t/468975

thank you sir for seeding. you are a gentleman and scholar. hope you enjoy

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also mfw 300b/s

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you should be able to get better than that. also as more people get the files and share what they have your speed will increase

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Confirmed honeypot. Torrent is full of CP

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Utorrent in Wine

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yeah; it's hovering around 100kb atm. that still puts the ETA at tho

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>entrapment laws

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No proof whatsoever, -10/10 troll. I put identifying information in there.. why the fuck would I want to v& myself? Check yourself.

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This is clearly a systematic plot to turn our rigs into buttcoin miners.

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troll harder. all files are either .jpg .png .gif .txt or .swf.. sure is loads of viruses. gtfo

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>implying I would every waste my time on buttcoins!

Oh buttcoins...

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This is cash...

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>not using magnet URI's
oh OP you so funny.

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whenever I post shit like this on /b/ everyone is like herp derp what is a magnet link how do I werk it? my first release I used only magnet links and nobody could figure out how to download it

>the problems with posting on /b/

that's why I usually just stick to /g/ and /sci/

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