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>IPHONE users may soon be stopped from filming at concerts — as a result of new Apple technology. The leading computer company plans to build a system that will sense when people are trying to video live events — and turn off their cameras. A patent application filed by Apple revealed how the technology would work.

>If an iPhone were held up and used to film during a concert infra-red sensors would detect it. These sensors would then contact the iPhone and automatically disable its camera function.

Is this even legal? I mean, I really don't like their iPads and their software are overrated but their iPhones, iTouch and iPods were at least decent. It's really gets hard rooting for the under dog but this seems like something Microsoft would do.

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>Under dog

Really? Last time I check they owned a major part of cellphones, Mp3/media players and a significant part of the tablet market. Apple is a major competitor in OS as well in terms of PC and laptops. Theres just a point where you can't consider them underground anymore.

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Apple sells overpriced products with basically the same hardware, using the same components, manufactured by the same sweatshops as their competitors. They just had the rep and marketing plan to get way with it. Apple is corrupt and the term, "going too far" isn't recognized to them.

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It's just a bullshit rumor.
It's from the sun for dicks sakes

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>but their iPhones, iTouch and iPods were at least decent.
You better be joking nigger

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It is pretty innovative, if the artist/promoter/athlete/whoever the fuck is in charge doesn't want their shit recorded and put all over YouTube or streamed to the web, then they should have the right to do so. Apple is the good guy this time, they are helping stop piracy of live acts.

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Source or OP's bullshitting

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Are you fucking joking me?

This is the THIRD thread about this today. I've already gone over this, thoroughly refuting the idea that a system like this is plausible and economical.

It's just not going to happen. It's probably a rumour, and even if it isn't, it'll be hacked so fast it isn't even funny.

It's a motherfucking non-issue, now move on.

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>Totally ignores the OS and included software.

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This seems ripe for exploitation. How long would it be until someone figures out exactly how it works and anyone can make it impossible to record anything with an iPhone within a certain range?

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Not OP but source:


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Wait, so they're _actually_ implementing this? Not just adding the idea to their huge repertoire of software patents?

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Just imagine:
You're in a riot, people making noise, a police abusing his powers. You try to film it.

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>stopping bootlegs of live shows
>good guys
Frank Zappa would like a word with you

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>under dog

You're kidding, right? Apple is a bigger corporate bully than Microsoft ever was.

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it's impossible to videotape being raped at a concert, or the police.

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better source, not the shitty sun

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Just no.

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>under dog

Isn't Apple like the most valuable/profitable company according to Forbes? It's hard being the under dog when you're not.

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We don't know yet.

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Cultists think highly of their leaders.

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It's already illegal in many jurisdictions to film police officers. Can't let those abuses of power be caught on cam, after all.

This country is such a fucking joke sometimes.

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hold one a second imma let u finish; but steve jobbs is the greatest ceo out their

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You guys are just mad your too poor to own superior Apple products.

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I'm wondering how they can implement this without being totally modded by someone to exploit it in a given situation.

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>camera only works when Steve Jobs says it's OK

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OP here, I have a iPhone but if this idea really goes through I'm thinking of switching. This plan just shows how Apple thinks of its customers as children.

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This already happens with movies.
And people STILL found a way to circumvent it

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Lol faggots are going to want the new iphone even more now

I mean look at this great new feature it's just revolutionary

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...it does? what?

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