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I enjoy apple products.
Hey, why don't you guys think different for a change and buy an apple?
It just works.

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I respect your opinion.

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>user gets malware
>tell them they dont
>tell them to fuck off
>fuck over thousands of users

it just works when it wants too

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Oh, Btw. I hacked my apple probook to use ATI.

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This is important why?

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What are you even talking about?

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>doesnt know about Mac Defender

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No money to buy one, but I would rather buy something that would better benefit me as I already own an awesome computer with Linux and Win7.

I might one day, but it's less than likely.

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I did buy an apple.
It was delicious. Golden delicious is my favorite.

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Please explain to me with all of your knowledge.
Poorfag QQ more.

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They all look the same. They're all a bunch of shitty unix boxes that cost $1k+ but are actually worth half that.

How am I thinking different?

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when i have the disposable income for something i don't want, i'm gonna get an imac and place it in my living room for guests to use so they don't fuck up my other computers

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I do not want my computer to "just work". I'm not ignorant enough for that, thanks anyway.

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Becuz PCs are mainstream macs r so cool and unique hurrr y u use pc like eveyrone else macs r not pcs

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Apple specially tunes all their products. Which accounts for the added price. Quality my friend.

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It's funny how I suspected this for long and now suddenly scientific confirmation.

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That's bullshit and you know it. The closest you get to "special tuning" is soldering done at the factory so you can't replace the RAM in your overpriced laptop. There is no added quality with macs. There is only pretty cases, a 30 dollar OS, and overpriced hardware.

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I bought an apple and it tasted quite nice.

I bought an Apple computer, however, and it sucked.

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>Quality my friend.
You do realize that Apple products are actually poorly engineered, right? Pieces of shit akin to cheap eMachines computers. The only reason iMacs are so sleek is because they're basically laptops in desktop cases.
Also, if Microsoft only sold Windows on their own line of computers, it would be equally well integrated. Please learn the distinction between hardware and software.

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I know its hard for you to understand because you purchase PC's and you are alone in the world because of it. When I buy from apple they treat me to superior quality. I wish you could understand.

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>Special tuning

It's a fucking computer

it's the excact same shit as any other brand except you get a shitty tin-can unibody and the worst warranty known to man


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>Not PCs

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I believe you missed my post. I have already explained it to you, except you were samefagging and pretending to be two people against me instead of the one lonely person.

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You didn't provide an argument. You just said "I'm better than you because you do not purchase apple products, you must simply have faith".

I know you're a troll but, jesus fuck you're not even an entertaining one. You've got this down so good you actually act like a religious fanatic incapable of any rational thought.

This is now a waifu thread. Post your motherfucking waifus, one and all.

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No no no

Magic is fakey fake. Macs employ highly advanced science far beyond your pathetic PCfag understanding.

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Pc's are far inferior to mac. I fail to see what you are trying to say.

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i'm only responded to you once faggot, twice now

go suck a dick oh wait youre already sucking twenty

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Macs are personal computers.

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>Personal computers are inferior to personal computers

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No, macs are connected to the world. They are interwoven into society. They are far from what PC's are supposed to be.

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a useful terminal: something pcfags simply cannot understand.

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Mai waifu

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Oh poor boy, just what I have come to expect from such an uncivilized PC user.

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We're not doing this.

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File: 414 KB, 1300x900, Konachan.com - 104082 2girls akemi_homura black_hair bow crying kaname_madoka long_hair pink_hair purple_eyes red_eyes ribbons seifuku short_hair tears twintails white.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if

i have two waifus?

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Fucking slut. You piece of shit. Etc etc.

Also, this is mai waifu.

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Then you are small time

>one of mai waifus

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>It just works.
I respect your opinion
But understand this has been stated many times..
"It just works"
I'm not gonna pay a good $1,200 for something that just works.. That shit better turn into a mini optimus prime..

Mac = PC
Same thing...

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Macs are personal computers
Personal computers are PCs

Macs are PCs

Fucking idiots

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Imagine a world without tripfags.

No trolls, hipsters, or fags. Just pure harmony.

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Actually, magic exists. Problem, Battler?

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Secret Devil-chan
You can find it on Soba-Scans blog, I think

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>inferior to mac
Prove it..
Now... And no "It Just works" shit.. My PC just works..

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It's the annual suck on macfags because we were wrong about the coming of jesus crisis.

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>You do realize that Apple products are actually poorly engineered
>Structuring the chassis around a single piece of 'machined' aluminum is 'poorly engineered' compared to most laptops

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Hmmm....I had $2500 saved up for a computer



or build my own

I built my own for 1500 with an i7 2600k and Crossfire reference 6950 flashed to 6970.


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>comparing full blown computer to a partial list of parts

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But why does Apple give you choices at least

That just tells you its an i5 or i7
GAH apple just disappoints me :c

And plus you get a fullblown computer for that price compared to the Mac

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if Macs are so great then shouldnt they be full blown computers for the price?

or is the pride of saying you own a Mac worth the extra $500

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