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If Apple is all about thinking different, why don't they offer DVORAK keyboards?

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They have had the Dvorak layout available since the Apple II.
Because then Woz.

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They only use QWERTY in home economics.

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Apple used to be about thinking different.

Back when this kind of stuff came straight from their design department.

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Because the "think different" is nothing more than a cheap ad campaign gimmick?

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I have a healthy hatred for the holier than thou attitude of apple an it's customers.

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>have a slogan that actually has nothing to do with your business practice

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>> I have a healthy hatred for the holier than thou attitude of apple an it's customers.
Isn't that odd?
I have a healthy distain for the smug arrogance of Microsoft and it's customers.

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You mean like Microsoft rabbiting on about "Security"?
They pour more effort into regulating serial numbers than they do on security. Might be something to do with the Anti-Virus companies being Partners.
Remember, you aren't Microsoft's customer; the PC assembler is, the music industry is, the movie industry is. Not you. You're just the consumer.

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Think different: This costs 3x as much as everything else because...

Oh look, it has glowing stuff!
And it intentionally does even less - so simple!
And you're smart, handsome and so hip.

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I hate to say it but Apple is probably the only thing that could cause widespread implementation of Dvorak. I hope they do it before the consumers inevitably stop drinking their Kool-Aid at some point.

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>implying >>16820034 uses M$ products

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Apple needs to start selling clothing and all sorts of other products to help capitalize on their gay market. They are missing out on millions of dollars in what could be the apple clothing line.

Apple buyers love penis and designer clothing. through a hole or two in their for a dick to get in your ass and the headphones to come through the hole and they would eat that shit up like their partners shit

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>think different
No thanks, I prefer using my cognitive abilities

Not going to start thinking "hey which one of these looks like the robot i'd most like to have sex with"

Apple is pants on the head retarded and always has been. Just another attempt to counter the straight market with their homosexual products

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