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Because low-resolution and inferior to HD resolutions.

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sure is 240p in here..

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i could care less about resolution, but if you've done any work with video you'll quickly come to loath interlacing.

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>implying most of /g aren't hipsters who brag about HD, but secretly connect DVD players with composite and RF

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It used to be that the only way to connect a PC to a TV was with a VGA -> NTSC converter, which was very low-resolution and nasty-looking.

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I tried playing my Wii on a 720p TV yesterday and I couldn't believe how shitty it looked. Blurry, jaggies everywhere, etc. Even using component cables and switching to 480p mode didn't help.

In short:
>LCDs suck when you try to display anything other than native resolution on them
>a lot of people have 720p/1080p LCDs at this point
>there's still a lot of 480i/480p content out there that makes our TVs look like shit

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If you have a good TV like my Sony Bravia, 480i/480p looks fine. A lot of time though it looks like crap.

No flat-panel display is ever going to do NTSC as well as a CRT, though.

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Yeah, but you don't even get that scanline effect on LCDs.

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>on my TV, 480p works fine!
>sometimes, 480p doesn't work on my TV

pick one

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No, I mean on a lot of TVs it looks like crap.

Saw a Coby once in an Office Depot running some kind of standard-def feed. Shit was horrible.

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But I sure noticed it when I play on my GameCube on my SDTV.

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Eh, that's why you use upconverters, on well mastered SD film material it can almost look HD at a glance after upconversion.

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Actually it's not too bad on GCs because they use 480i. On 240p consoles, you really notice scanlines.

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I was going to buy an upscaler, but my Sony works good enough, so I'm satisfied.

It even handles those pesky 240p NES/SNES video signals with no issues.

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Very true. I only notice it on my N64 though. Rogue Squadron especially, when not in 'Hi-Res' mode.

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The whole reason why TV engineers decided to use interlacing way back in the 1940s was because it made the picture look smooth and hid scanlines.

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Yeah, but that issue has been gone for a long time, even in CRTs. I can't believe the television authorities even decided to recognize interlaced HD resolutions.

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Why is there anything interlaced above 480i?
There are no crts that support anything higher.

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Well, technically, you get double the framerate for half the vertical resolution, but that's pretty dumb seeing as almost all American TV and cinema is shot with slow enough shutter speeds that higher framerates make no visual difference anyway.

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>he doesn't know about Sony XBR trinitron CRT HDTV's

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Infrastructure. I wanna see you pump a 1080p signal live to the masses without shit fucking up.

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You could just push a 720p signal and save more bandwidth...

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Also, 1080i doesn't require less bandwidth than 1080p.

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240p (actually just an interlaced signal with both fields placed on top of each other) originated in the '70s with early video games and home computers. Conversely, the FCC forbade TV stations from broadcasting in this format.

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Nah, even on CRTs made in the '90s and 2000s, you'll notice scanlines on anything bigger than 13"

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