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China's rotten Apple core


According to its annual Supplier Responsibility 2011 Progress Report, Apple found 91 children working in 10 factories last year, nine times more than the previous year.

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I'm all for saying Apple is the cancer killing the tech industry, but do you really think this shit is different for other companies?

Foxconn produces shit for almost everyone, including your asus/gigabyte motherboard. Shit from your toaster to your LCD monitor may have been partially manufactured by children. It's China. It happens there. Get over it.

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>apple reports on supplier responsibility and terminates and attempts to fix bad suppliers
>/g/ blames them
>other tech company does nothing
>/g/ imokwiththis.jpg


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Lots of chimamen have also been poisoned by apple it was revealed.

Keep up the great work, Apple!

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Hundreds of thousands of underaged Chinese work illegally in factories. You might as well work for Apple as anywhere else.

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That's just the harsh reality of being poor and living in a third world country. If they weren't working in a factory, they'd probably be farming all day or doing something equally unpleasant and probably earning less. It's not like anybody forces these kids to work in these factories, they want these jobs because it's one of the better options they have.

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even as shit tier anti apple trolls go this is shit tier

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This article has nothing to do with Apple being at fault, this is just how shitty the Chinese manufacturing industry is. I mean, ultimately Apple is responsible but this is pretty much par for the course for any tech company.

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This is /g/. Where Apple could do the exact same thing as any company and it would be shit on.

Stay classy /g/

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Actually Apple themselves uncovered this, and reported it, didn't they? So it shows that they at least tries to do something about it.

Sent from my MacBook Pro running an iPad emulator at a Starbucks drinking some icecream, etc.

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you do know that china is our enemy, right?

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This shit ain't new......

China/India are really 19th century USA/UK (Glided/Victorian age).

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forgot pic

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Most of the large computer manufacturers (HP, Dell, Apple, etc.) commission reports like this where they try to analyze and reduce hazardous labor practices in their supply chain, reduce the environmental impact of their products and manufacturing processes, stuff like that.

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one might argue that with their high profit margins, that they they could afford more ethical labor. It might even cut down on the rate of exploding and/or catching fire

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I would love to see some data on Apples profit margins for their products.

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iSuppli does teardowns of many Apple and other consumer products and breaks down how much all the parts cost (keep in mind this is just the cost of the components and doesn't include manufacturing and other costs). Can give you an idea of what kind of profit Apple sells their devices for.

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Except it doesn't tell you anything about how much they spend on R&D

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Sony doesn't though.

I guess they feel that harming Chinese children is okay, since they're not really people or something.

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Of course. It's still handy to be able to see the component costs, though.

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That is the Japanese consensus, yes.

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if they can afford to sell employees 15" macbook pros for $500. that shows the kind of profit they make on those.

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It was discovered, but not by Apple, AFAIK. Once Apple knew, their response was basically "oh, ok". A year later... this happens. Reponse? "Ah, alright".

Stay classy, Jobs.

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>Stay classy, Jobs.

He has months to live. Stay classy, anon.

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