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So /g/, I'm running Linux now, and one of the main reasons was that I Wanted to be able to use/manipulate the terminal as I saw fit. However, I have no idea what I'm doing. Does anyone have any ideas for what I can do, something that will yield a visible result so that I can see some progress? I think you know what I'm Saiyan.

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liek dis?

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damn it, i read through the whole thing expecting to see some useful commands
....and i already knew them all
fuck you

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Stop posting that one, it's pig disgusting JPEG. There's a transparent PNG version out there.

What do you mean manipulate the terminal? Make it transparent? I think that kind of things depends on your window manager.

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Congratulations, quit complaining faggot.

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Holy shit, muscular loli's!?

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Actually thought that was legit for a moment, then I saw the godawful shopping on the left.

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start using a tiling window manger. The minimalistic design of them forces you to use the terminal. This is taking into account that GNU+Linux is your main operating system, and you don't run to windows when you have to read a man page

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i dont care if thats a shop

id fuck them till my dick fell off

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> I Wanted to be able to use/manipulate the terminal as I saw fit.

What the fuck does that even mean? You wanted to look like some l33t hacker with green text on black background, but what you got isn't haxxorz enough?

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They would break your dick off like a celery stalk, bitch.

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