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I am thinking on building a gaming PC but im a dumbass when it comes to the parts required for a computer. Give me recommendations for my custom PC.

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No. Learn about it yourself. Lurk /g/ and use google; /g/ isn't going to do it for you.

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go search for os-x its the best system for gaming.

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Get a mac
The new iMac seems like to have magical gaming performance

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Lurk like a mother fucker and watch videos of computers being put together. It's what I did.

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Im not a complete dumbass...

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Somewhere on /g/ is an image of the newest guide. Find it, read it.
Work up a build and maybe you'll get some advice. Maybe.

Probably not, honestly.

The Overclocker's forums are a good place to do research, but the community is fairly insane.

Also be sure to research benchmarks.

Some food for thought:

The GTX480s run hot. Really hot.
ATI Radeon's 5970 is beastly. 5870s probably aren't worth it against the 5850.

Intel i5-750 is a pretty nice starting point for your processor.

Hyper threading is basically unnecessary for gaming - but there's suppose to be a price drop on the i7s at the end of August.

Shop New Egg, Tiger Direct, and your local electronics store.

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Then do your homework, visit hardware review sites, read the definitions in wiki, etc etc

Then post your build here so we can comments on it

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I really like the way /g/ handles it. Forces you to learn about shit.

Seriously, the hard way is the best way in this case.

Critiques have pushed me to learn more about overclocking and working with an i5 over the more expensive i7.

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I'll put off building for a little while and get research the basics before I cause myself grief, Thanks /g/

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