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I just want red devil or the pulse to be availible for a reasonable price in the UK. How much longer do we gotta wait bros...

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PSU is the only part where you don't cut cost unless you want your entire computer to fry
sea sonic focus gold has a warranty of 10 years well worth the investment

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just buy a 2070 Super. At the end of the day it's a better card and the same price instead of the price gouged Red Devil

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>reasonable price in the UK
>How much longer do we gotta wait bros...
maybe 1 or 2 years........

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what do you have right now and how much does it suck compared to what you need

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there you go nigel

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I think I will if it's not out in the next few days

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Spec 04 is not worth it unless it's 50$ or less. You would be best adding an intake fan to it as well. Ideally i would suggest buying as many Zephyr 120 PWM fans as you can if you want to save money on cooling whilst retaining quiet 50 CFM fans.

I would suggest getting the SilentiumPC Regnum RG4T instead of the Focus G if possible, if you want 5.25 inch bay's available internally.

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You can mount up to three 140mm fans in the Spec-04, it has also decent options for cable management. Be advised that with the one stock fan in the front it is a bit of a hotbox.

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>459 gbp
holy shit that's more than $100 usd more than the american price, why is the uk so cucked

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import tax so the queen and her inbred family can live like fat pigs

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After weeks researching and doing revisions, Is this going to be a recipe for disaster attempting to build this as a workstation that can also consume content, in Europe?

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>SilentiumPC Regnum RG4T
I'm considering that one, similar price as well. Maybe I'll skip the Focus G for that one, seems to be better overall.

Good to know. I plan to install another two fans I have whether I buy one case or another.

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Don't wait too long. Just grab what you can before October.

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>in Europe
I like the thermalright air coolers, they're cheap in europe and have great performance, especially passive. the cooler master ones are barely worth it over stock
ditch the hdd if you can. for almost the same price you can get a second 1tb m.2 or a single 2tb m.2 and your performance will be so much better
for ssd get the sabrent rocket off of amazon (theres both pci3 and pci4), it's a top end ssd for the best price, everybody should take advantage of it

case is to taste but I'm really not a fan of the corsair cases. there's a lot of good cases out there I would rather have something else but that's my own preference.
I'm sure you have some reason for the video card, just know that blower design will be noisier than some other options
seasonic psu is based and is why I bothered writing this reply

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for case I would personally go with the meshify c by the way, if you like or can tolerate the front design it's a great value case

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>before October
implying they won't just delay it for the 100th time

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I currently have a 3570/GTX 670/8GB of ram. I want to do a cheap upgrade (like max $200-250CAD, but preferably cheaper) that will make it so I can play some newer stuff with reasonable quality as a stopgap before I just buy a new pc sometime in the next probably 6ish months. The used market is pretty bad where I live so I'd prefer to stick with new hardware. Not doing anything super high end, but would like to be able to play shit like Ace Combat 7 and NieR at 1080p/60 with reasonable quality settings. I assume pretty much anything can manage it nowadays, but I also need to be able to push 2 monitors, and 144Hz (or at least 120) on one of them.

What is the best I can do with these parameters?

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The only drawback to the Regnum RG4T is the rather cramped space for cables directly behind the motherboard, so if you don't have a fully modular PSU that you can install flat 24 pin cables on or modded cables it might take some tinkering around, like with my Zalman Z3. I'll report back with my CX600M in a few days after i finish renovating this room, after returning from a trip to Silesia.
I considered getting the Dark Rock 4 Pro over the Hyper 212 LED, but figured i maybe shouldn't bother returning it since the Hyper 212 EVO already does a good job at keeping my existing i7-4770K under control without much noise. Though i worry this might be a problem with the 275R. I wish there were more cases like the 275R but with a fine dust mesh front panel, similar to the Zalman Z3 front and the Regnum RG4T. I might try to mod it myself. If not, i'll go for the Meshify C.

Though the lack of capable front I/O on a lot of these budget western cases compared to the competition here is really disappointing. The Regnum for instance, has two built in SD card readers. I returned my Spec-04 TG since it really wasn't worth it for the price. I might pick it up again later, but eh. Fractal on the other hand is out of stock for a long time here. I didn't considering the NZXT H500 since it's overpriced for what it offers, and even more of a hotbox. The S340 Elite is discontinued in the meantime. I thought of possibly doing some Inverted ATX shenanigans and mounting the Morpheus II on the Vega FE, but we'll see. I didn't consider buying anything off Amazon since it's needlessly more expensive.

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I hope you got a GPU as well

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Aight will do, do I buy based off what PCPP says what my wattage is, or what the red devil newegg page says

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If you're going to do a system upgrade in the next 6 months, you may as well spend your current cash on a GPU. If it's 1080p you're happy to stick with, I'd be looking for an RX580/590 or even a 1660ti if you can afford it.

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your system is too out of date to be fixed with single upgrades, anything you upgrade will be held back by the other parts and will sort of be a waste of money. you should probably save to do a full system upgrade.

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use this instead far more accurate

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I agree, but Fractal Cases aren't in stock here and won't be for an unknown period of time.

Also, for clarification, Intending to use this in Maya (Arnold, Radeon Pro), Cinema 4D (Default, Corona, Radeon Pro), Blender, After Effects (Video Copilot, Red Giant, Magic Bullet suite), Vegas Pro 13, Photoshop CS6, possibly Premiere and Source SDK. And heavy browsing.

I also considered picking up two blower Vega 64's instead but since CrossFire and mGPU is no longer supported, and the Vega FE being the unicorn that it is i'd say even with the 80$ shipping it's absolutely worth it since it matches the Quadro P6000. I don't care that much about Navi now that i did some research on just how good of a workstation card Vega can be if purchased second hand for the Vega 64. I might still buy a Vega 64 and repaint it to look like a Limited Edition. I don't know if i can somehow purchase the shroud separately, but i'd love to.

As in pic related, I'm also going to be selling my existing build and using that extra funds from that to get an equivalent CPU, RAM, and Motherboard from AMD. I'll be able to re-use the Wraith Prism from the 3700X, which is sweet.

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Is this currently the bets aftermarket 2070 super?

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Can I ask why that motherboard?

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the evga and asus 3 fan supers are the best overall

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Should I maybe go for a cheaper KFA2 now since I'll probably switch it with a 3080ti whenever that one comes out.

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Is there any reason to not to do SFF anymore?

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Does that board have flashback or are u gonna flash it
Do you want headaches or do u wanna go with a x570
>Getting HDDs and not just larger ssds

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probably yeah. if you know you're upgrading fairly soon go with one of the 2 fan models with the oversize heatsinks, at least that's what I'd do

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I'm very low iq that site told me I should get a 650 bronze even though it said it would have a max draw of about 400.
125 for 550w gold, 150 for 650w gold. What do, I really dont want to fuck up my first build due to self jewery

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How is ASUS usually for GPUs? Want a 2070 Super and it has one of the few in stock normal priced supers plus it comes with games

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>that site told me I should get a 650 bronze even though it said it would have a max draw of about 400.
general advice is you double your max power draw if you want to be safe, if you are running right at the max power draw limit exactly you are going to have some serious problems due to the way power is distributed

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they're a bit overpriced which is why they tend to be in stock. I prefer evga which is of similar quality but isn't asus. great gpus though.

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get a 550W sea sonic focus gold
gives you enough headroom and is built very well

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Get Arctic freezer 34, fuma, or le grande macho cooler instead of that dumb meme.
drop the HDD entirely. At that price range, the extra 100 euro for a 2TB SSD is nothing and well worth it.
Are you absolutely positive that Vega FE is better than the 5700 or a Quadro card for the applications you use? You need to research that. I know Adobe shit and most video editing software seems to love Navi.
damn that was a nice build for the time.

The problem is that you both need a CPU and GPU upgrade since your CPU is going to be stuttery shit with a powerful new GPU.
I'd say get the RX570 for now since you can get a good model for around $130, and save toward upgrading the CPU later like when 3600 goes on sale next year, or black friday maybe.

Their Strix are usually very good (but not always) and everything else they make is shit. And yeah, overpriced. Like the Strix 5700XT costs more than the Red Devil one yet it has a much worse cooler, and it's not like the PCB is massively better or anything even if it is good.

PSUs are most efficient, usually, at around half their stated power rating.
So if you're usually at 300W draw, a 600W is advisable.
You could get away with 500W with a 3600+5700XT, but I'd get a better quality PSU in that case like the focus gold, g2, antec earthwatts, etc. Not just the most basic seasonic one. If you're going to get a cheapshit model of PSU, get 600-650W.

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I don't know which motherboard to get for sure. I know with the B450's, but not with the X470's. I just need extensive I/O and MSI's board seems to be the best offering at the prices given here. I'm still worried about asking the guys at the retailers to flash the BIOS before getting the board, so i might aswell just cough up 30$ and get an X570 if possible. There's also the general compatibility and possible stability issues but i need to conduct additional research on that.

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I read that the 801 has a better airflow (one more fan provided) and is a bit more quiet. I also was concerned about some custom GPU which are fucking huge but maybe I'm overreacting by taking the 801 instead of the 601

>> No.72386917

>I also was concerned about some custom GPU which are fucking huge
>Silent Base 601 offers support for:
>Max GPU Length of up to 449 mm (without HDD cage)
the fuck dude
show me a GPU over 350mm

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>hurr durr HWUB r AyyMD shills

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>The only drawback to the Regnum RG4T is the rather cramped space for cables directly behind the motherboard
Yeah, though isn't that an issue with pretty much every cheap case? I have a Sharkoon VG4-W (which is garbage and the reason I'm looking for a new case) and a Riotoro Enigma V2 (which is fully modular, but doesn't have flat cables, instead it's those god damned snakes) not fitting that nicely so I'm kinda used to it. I don't think at that price there's a decent case that has enough space behind the motherboard (for some reason) unless it's one of those weird cases that are shorter but way thicker to accommodate the PSU behind the motherboard rather than below (like the Riotoro CR1088, couldn't think of any other examples). Basically it's fine if it's a little bit tight there. Might have to be a little creative, that's all.

>> No.72386956

LG 27gl850 nano ips

>> No.72386971

Yeah I understand that concept, I mentioned it in my first post.
550 seems like a good settling point, but 100 more watts for 50 bucks might be worth it, I'll change it at the last second depending on how I feel if I catch a red devil in time.

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WTF 4 Channel

Looks to me like the 5700 XT barely beats out the 2060 super and only if it’s Vulcan.

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>inb4 this actually gets serious and passionate responses
Go walk wrist first into a box cutter

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yeah, funny enough the 5700xt performs worse on very few games than a 2060 super
it also performs better than a 2080 super on a few games
it's like 50:50 peforming slightly better or slightly worse than a 2070 super on most games

based from experience, with updated drivers, it should consistently perform at least on the level of a 2070 super

ultimately it's a different card with different hardware and logic, which means some things just work better and some things worse

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Am I supposed to run the 3600 and 16gb on ram on an invisible motherboard?

I have an i7 2600k on a z97, so I can't use the existing mobo.

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