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My displayport cable suddenly stopped working with my pc, but it works with my roommates pc ([email protected]) but it won't go to 144hz anymore. Just get a black screen. With my pc I used to run at [email protected], but now all I can do is load into the BIOS and after the windows logo goes away I just get black screen. Tried reinstalling drivers but nothing helped.

Is this a cable that went bad or what? I'm confused as to how it can still do [email protected] perfectly fine on my roommates. Just wanna know before I spend the shekles on a new cable. Running at 60hz on HDMI is killing me.

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holy shitto

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Any suggestions for a 2 or 3 monitor mount?

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alright then. Thank you.

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Oh. Oh shit.

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Shit, nevermind. It does have bluetooth. The EOL bluetooth drivers didn't detect anything but the general comms manager installed the drivers and found it.

What's a good bluetooth mouse? Do laptops connect to BT speakers?

Why is the FN key where CTRL should be? Really annoying. Can I switch them with AHK or something?

What's wimax?

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This is not a bumb.

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>Decide it is best to wait to find out how much the 8gb card costs thinking it will be $250.

>It's $230.

AMD is on a roll.

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