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Something so utterly expensive for what it’s for being almost un repairable nor serviceable

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She has an Apple One subscription and streams all the music, gets 200GB of cloud storage, and all the Apple Arcade games she wants.

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Even Satania is an Apple fag now

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Nope sweaty, I have debunked your deboonking

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Win niggers BTFO

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I'm starting to think you are all taking this seriously like >>81109399
Are you really trying to say Satanya uses an Iphone to shill apple? Is seriously that? Lol

Like, they did that on last year and nobody cares, even if she really used one, nobody would stop using the meme

And what i'm saying is actually canon, she only buys cheap crap

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Based. I have the MBA w M1 and 16GB. I love it, best computer I have ever owned. Use the education discount, Apple doesn’t check anymore.

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element.io, IRC

Discord is literally for trannies.

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I got an iPad Air 4 a week ago and it’s really nice. Safari feels snappy. Multi tasking is good. I find myself using this more than my pc whenever I’m not playing a game because it’s faster and I can use on the couch casting any video I’m watching to the screen and god is dead

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hello fellow applebros, just ordered my first apple device – an ipad air 4
what apps should i get besides procreate and goodnotes?

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