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Fair enough.

I'm on somewhat of the same boat, as i'm looking for a different 52XX to replace my LM special as it doesn't quite speak to me anymore. Or perhaps a 5740C-8000 instead.

Although you could buy some Slav watch, for the sake of variety.

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A few.

Some as the picture you posted and some barrel cased/hidden lugs.

Depends on the budget

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History lesson time.

One of the issues that Wermacht soldiers faced in the Russian winter is taking a shit. A lot of them were sick with Dysentery as well.

If you took down your pants to take a shit in the open (which in the vast wilderness of Russia is all you got) you were very likely to freeze to death in the process. So the only thing to do was to cut a hole to in your pants to shit through so as to not to freeze to death.

So taking a shit in subarctic conditions isn't fun.

>But why would they do that anyway?
For two reasons simple reasons. First to avoid >>55707468, second to kill all the sexual urges of the recruits.


I think i used to drink anywhere from 4 to 6 liters of water per day.

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Don't forget that there are actual kikes here.

Call him a faggot or ignore the bait tier post.

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>tfw when wasn't home for 3 weeks

Tomorrow lads. Luckily only a short and free train ride.

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>it's quite underrated though. It performs much better than many more expensive movements, and the whole "hurrrr plastic" argument only rests on the pretentious idea that plastic isn't "noble" enough to fit in an expensive mechanical watch

Tis' not entirely along those lines.

It's because the movement itself, which still uses a majority of metallic moving parts, being completely and utter garbage. Just because supposed to be and it is disposable&unserviceable doesn't mean that it has to be so poorly made in comparison to something along the lines of a Seiko 5, which costs half of the price (Or a third in some cases).

So far when it comes to QC and factory adjustments they haven't been fully able to dial that it. Movements are regulated as per digital specs but even slight variations in manufacturing will heavily implicate on the accuracy. Let alone the Swiss lying about one screw holding together the whole movement, just to cover up the fact it's all soldered in and that one screw is where they couldn't keep the costs down.

Give it a good reading and viewing first. And some of those new "80 hours PR" tissots are suffer from their own brand of issues.


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Vintage barrel cased watches.

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Good lawd is it in shit shape.

Good that i'm not so poor as to only buy chink pot metal watches.

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Monster is pretty nice, not a fan of the bracelet though.

Now the waiting for the zulu strap continues.

Indeed i don't.

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