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I don't like people and try to avoid social interaction at all costs.

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My current card barely runs witcher 3 and dark souls 3. For the first time in a long while I have the time and money to play some games on my PC, and I can't because of the crypto bullshit.

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Just ordered a pok3r tell me how much of a moron I am

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Jesus fucking christ. But I suppose it was about time I found another hobby that was healthier and more productive than video games, anyway.

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>17,000~ USD
>vacuous warehouse drone
I fucking hate life. I can't begin to imagine what you 50,000+ earners do with all your disposable income.

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>he still doesn't get it
>he still posts his own misconception and applies it to me
Absolute autism

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>dual boot arch linux and window 7
>boot into arch linux, hardware clock is UTC, arch is configured to show local time
>boot into windows 7
>windows being the shit pile it is, it sets the hardware clock the local time

God damn why is windows such a pile of shit

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>tfw nexus 4 in 2017
>Tfw need to charge it 2x a day

Getting a little tired of this.

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Autistic 20 year old on disability who will no longer be able to support himself because parents are done working, this is me.

Do I learn python, java, or C# first (will learn all three) in order to get a job and do side stuff?

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>thread got pulled from GGn the same week I applied
>never got an invite

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>tfw know just enough to theoretically work basic help desk
>tfw absolutely do not want to work help desk

I hate taking random calls and trying to fix shit while the caller impatiently sits there expecting me to explain whats wrong within a minute.

Is there anything entry level with simple tasks that can be done in your own time?

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>still posting frogs

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>soon to be much bigger

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>ptp still down

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>tfw ptp is dead

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>tfw this is the beginning of the end

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>tfw I can't stop listening to Seed God


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My sets

>MS downloads 5gb stuff day before to my C/:
>Launch day it decides to start downloading everything again, i need to download the 5gb again.. Thanks MS
>Ok upgrade goes pretty good, activation is lost, (thanks ms again, it was legit) but atleast the system is running
>Decide to "reset system"
>The system foes to BSOD bootloop
>impossible to fix (Thanks MS)
>Reinstall Windows 7 again
>Activate it
>Generate W10 media from microsoft.com
>The tool gives "Something happened"
>The tool stucks at updating
>The tool works if i dont update
>Get W10 again
>hoping the reset works now, when i first update the system and reboot

finally happy W10 owner..

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>he fell to E meme

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How to find out my mouse DPI?

No, i don't know the manufacturer, no, it doesn't have any kind of software.

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>He works for free

recruiters first thought when he checks your cv "this guy must be stupid or something, what a cuckold"

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I have bad experiences with an Xperia phone and Sony's service. Coincidentally one of the problems was the speaker/mic. Fucking sony returned my phone like 2 months later with clearly signs that they opened the phone with the fucking feet & some inappropriate tool.

I will never buy something from Sony again, not even a pair of headphones.

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With age, the plasticity of your brain deteriorates, making it harder to form new connections. By learning from an early age, you allow these connections and associations to be formed more easily

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