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Thank God the Swiss still exist. Maybe one day all of Switzerland will annex Europe and all it'll take is a single Swiss citizen.

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I think the joke went over your head.

>People who dislike expensive peripherals where most of the money goes to aesthetics rather than hardware quality are edgy contrarians!

>Shitty font
>poor quality ABS caps
>Knockoff cherry switches
>That bezel
>Backlighting, even if turned off.
>That shity looking plastic board
Seriously, you paid how much for that keyboard? And all of it went to looks? I guarantee you could've gotten a better board for the price you paid.

Once again, It was a joke based on something that was said at the end of the last thread and is at the top of this thread. You don't have to try a Razer keyboard to know that they're overpriced for what they are and, while they might not be the worst board in the world, they're certainly one of the worst boards you can buy for $110.


White HHKB best HHKB :^

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Then go back to stock because what you've got now is hideous.

Whatever you say homo ;^

Anyone who buys artisan caps is autistic, so of course the design studio will be as well.

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Oh no I've just got pictures of my keyboard on the lawnmower's footplate because I thought it was a lovely shade of orange. Don't get me wrong, I'm not that autistic.

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I'm not saying he can't have a tax stamp, but last time I checked the MCS is part of Remington's MIL/LEO line, which means it's not available to civilians (like the Remington ACR).

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>tfw power supply on computer crapped out
Thank god I can still shit post from my tablet using my HHKB :^)

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Why do you have a scaffolding outside your window? Better yet, why go on it? Maybe it's just me, but I have a rule about standing on rickety above ground wooden structures that are sloppily thrown together (which is the reason I'll never be able to conquer my local state park). Also
>not knowing your own sizes

I'll give you the spillage but I hated typing on my Filco with MX Blues. That's got nothing to do with Filco, though. However, I do think a $150 keyboard should come with PBT caps rather than shit tier ABS.

You sound like a hipster.

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