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Where does this meme come from? Do some AM4 boards lack the small lever to hold down the CPU? Does it not work properly? I've never had any issues with it.

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If you can't be bothered to put it together yourself and/or want it tested so that you can be reasonably sure that it's gonna work, it's IMO just better to pick the components and pay the store to put it together for you. They charge like $15 here and it's done reasonably well. Bonus is, I don't have to deal with nearly as much garbage.

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>I don't know why so many people are so happy with generals when they are essentially subreddits
think about it

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whats a good way to monitor resource usage on a linux server
i dont want to get jewed by these web services

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ur gpu is worth more than it was 2 years ago.
Welcome to current year.

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How are Acer Aspire laptops in terms of Linux compability?

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>Storing _any_ of your data offsite or relying on it to stay on X website

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See the uptick in data center? Jensen unequivocally indicated that the growth from that area is going to be where the majority of their profits come from and is going to focus there. Maybe you should rewatch his keynote. He said fuck all about gamers. Why? Because he knows you stupid fucks will seemingly buy his shit at any price he throws at you. So, if the price hikes don't kill gaming then there is seemingly nothing wrong him niggering you? correct. Your stupid ass bought it regardless.

> Maybe you shouldn't be so smug. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Gaming is what makes Nvidia money, and has been funding all of their other ventures.
Again, context.. Jensen made it clear he doesn't give a shit about gaming. He treats it as 'in the bag'. As such, he's niggering pricing. The real focus as he stated in his keynote is the growth potential of the data center. Maybe you should pull your head out your ass/graph and pay attention to what the man himself stated. Gaymen means fuck all to him. It's a market he already has because cucks like you keep coming to suck his dick.

> You're retarded. And what do you think would happen to consoles if everone started buying them instead? The exact same thing, since they're made by amd and novideo.
It's up to you. the consumer. If Jensen decided to price Gaymen at $8k a pop, do you think that static chart which is the way it is due to FUCKING mining would stay the same? How about you not be a retard and understand that the GPU market was flatlining/declining until Shitcoin kicked it into high gear. You see a 'coinfag' category on the chart? They're considered a part of 'gaming'.


- Jensen

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> Spot price falls from $19,000 USD to $11,200 headed even lower
> Majority of fags ranting about coins are locked in at these levels
Yeah, i missed the train.. train to hell.

(YOU) :
> I'm rolling in tons of money even as the market hits crash mode
> BTC is the future
> You don't understand anything anon .. it's a market its not zero sum.

Get back to making your immense profits anon. The next trend is all of you broke fags claiming you have short positions/PUT contracts and are making billions.. hahaha, this shit is even more comedic than yahoo finance

> amazon stock $19.50
> pretending you're this old
Nigga please

LOL. The delusions are endless.
All's fun and games until you're this fag :
> U.S. investigators had been monitoring the site for nearly two years, but got their break when Vallerius flew to the U.S. for a beard-growing competition in Austin, Texas. He now faces a life sentence for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.
> life sentence for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.
Enjoy the illicit money while it lasts and while you're free from having a jail dick up your ass. Everyone's a hard nigger whose invisible until they're crying their eyes out in court

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S-someone wanna help me out? I'm too nervous to pull the trigger.

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Regulation is coming for the big boys.
Deregulation is coming for medium/small businesses (the real innovators and job creators).
These fucboi tech titans jumped the shark and put this country in jeopardy so you're soon going to see the biggest business in America (govt) put their asses in their place. What you're seeing towards the close of this year is the last big hurrah from the talking heads and idols of old before they get shut the fuck up.

This asshat doesn't even treat his workers properly : http://www.businessinsider.com/tesla-factory-workers-detail-grueling-conditions-fremont-2017-5

And he's talking about fucking humanity and the future of this planet. These rich fucbois are a trip and a half.

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Have any of you teabros ever ordered matcha via ali? Was it good? It's fucking disgustingly expensive to buy locally.

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Where would one find a desk like that?

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