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my gf illya is so cute

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Dear /g/,
I know that at present, moderators are not interested in moderating this board, except to delete cute anime pics. That does mean that, in theory, you can post whatever terrible threads you want to. However, I would like to request that you do not do this—instead, I would suggest taking a moment before clicking the "submit" button and thinking to yourself, "Is this a topic someone else would like to read? Is my post interesting, or funny? Does it contribute to the community?". If it does not pass this little test, please delete the post you are writing asking what telephone you should buy on black friday for gaming on to btfo apple women in tech graphics cards brands, and just go do something else instead.

I have marked up the catalog with threads that I do not believe pass the test proposed above, but the image is too large to post here! you can find it at https://pomf.pyonpyon.moe/unlsoj.png

Thanks, and here's to a better posting experience on 4chan.org/g/

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