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My old PC still works just fine for what I use it, but I made a really poor choice when I chose my case; it gets fucking dusty often and all my cables are cramped against the side panel.
What's a nice case with removable dust filters and great space for cable management, /pcbg/?

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borg or duplicati?

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>get roasted to the core during the interview
>received job offers a week after

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is this build good enough for 1080p/60fps in the latest AAA games? no mobas,br,esports garbo

I want to play on very high/ultra settings.

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>Byte code

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I was looking at the GX blue clicky version, actually. Aren't those basically just imitation Cherry MX blues?

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So I've used Ubuntu for a while and I feel like I want to try another distro. I started with Ubuntu because it was recommended.

What do you think is an ideal distro to try next in order to continue learning about Linux?

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>It's literally just poorfags and basement dwellers trying to cope because they couldn't afford the extra 50 dollars for an intel.
Why would I put extra 50 dollars into an intel when I could put 300 in new hard drives and 800 in new monitor?

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If I were to get custom firmware on my router would I be able to block domains for a specific device on my network? If yes what should I look into and the networking terms for it?

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why do I keep hanging around in this general?

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Hey, I'm a poorfag that uses my apartment buildings wifi. Is there a snowballs chance in hell of being able to port forward with no ability to manage router settings (I can't even find out what brand they are) ?

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A modern day version of a toilet stall wall where people can say horrible shit without having it tied back to them. No tracking, IP logging, etc.

I actually made a site like this with a friend, but I don't like shilling shit on /g/ because I'm not a massive faggot, but I'm not sure how to grow it.

What do lads?

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If an HDD has higher RPM, does it have a shorter lifespan? Is it more likely to fail?

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if the blocks are set off limits by SSD controller, how will the hacker execute the code?

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>you have the "luxury" of living in a tiny country. that's why your government can afford to put metal power poles everywhere.
No, the trick is cutting down trees near the power line, if you have to use above ground lines.

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>Windows had restarted it overnight
Are you sure it didn't bluescreen?

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Do those 2 monitors really share a stand? Is it clipped to the table or something or is it at danger of falling over if you sneeze at it?

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If this is V3, what is V2 and V1

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>can effortlessly run every game in existence in at least 150 FPS
>can render 10GB videos in less than a second
>never crashes
>never overheats
>doesn't sound like a jet no matter how many programs you're running
>stays fast as fuck even after 5 years of intensive use

Well, /g/?

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What's the best way to organise your browser's bookmarks? Are there any helpful extentions that I could use?

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implying changing the name would be a positive change. nice strawman you set up there faggot.

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