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i meant to wipe the internal sd on my phone but did the external on accident because im an idiot. how can i quickly and easily fix the partition table? i have testdisk running right now but is there something better?
i immediately removed the card and put it in my computer in read only mode, plus it was in twrp so there shouldnt have been any writes while in the phone so im hoping for 0 data loss. im on windows btw.

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so i wanted to resurrect my old server pc after it had sit unplugged for a year and a half. it has a ECS A990FXM-A mobo, FX-6300 cpu, and HD 5450 gpu (no onboard graphics). i cant get a video signal out of the computer and i verified its not the monitor or cable because they work fine with my laptop. its not the pcie slot either because i tried all 3 and it didnt make a difference. could the gpu die just from sitting?

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>Firefox now has the same botnet as Google Chrome.

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>rotational velocidensity

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>nineteen ought one

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