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lmao you call that a mess

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>the technocrat elite
fuck you
>what you think is "bad" isnt what the technocrat elite think is "bad"
it might have something to do with the structure of the two communities, the stated policies they at least pretend to enforce
>uncontrolled right wing opinions, they are desperate to censor and hide away
if by "right wing opinions" you mean racism, sexism, gore, calls to violence. i don't think that's what you mean, though. this stuff is against the ToS of reddit, whether it the rules are diligently enforced or not
>are you stupid or just blind
shut the fuck up

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why am i notified by my own thread replies? can i have it not do that

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what phone?

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print "Hello World\n";


echo "Hello World";

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pencil & paper

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From Wikipedia:
Wirth's law is a computing adage which states that software is getting slower more rapidly than hardware becomes faster.

The law is named after Niklaus Wirth, who discussed it in 1995. Wirth attributed the saying to Martin Reiser, who, in the preface to his book on the Oberon System, wrote: "The hope is that the progress in hardware will cure all software ills. However, a critical observer may observe that software manages to outgrow hardware in size and sluggishness." Other observers had noted this for some time before, indeed the trend was becoming obvious as early as 1987."


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You know what they say. Wine only gets better with time.

Old games have nothing to envy thou, there is a reason many have legendary status.

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this is now a dubs thread

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you seem to be upset

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