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Paid for Mandrake Linux (6.1 aka 6.5) and FreeBSD 4.0, Win2000 and XP.

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>be me
>want to make vidya in current year. Used to make vidya in 80's on 8 bit Atari computer.
>also on c64
>looking around at CompUSA for C compiler for Win95.
>friend happens by
>Hey Anon, what'cha lookin for?
>tell him of my search, he picks up box that says "Red Hat Linux 5.2"
>"Dude, it's got a C compiler and everything, you can compile stuff for DOS and Win95 too!"
>look at it, seems interesting but I pass for the time being. Later discover djgpp and try using it.
>two years later, at CompUSA again. Find entire section full of boxed Linux distros as well as FreeBSD.
>Pick Mandrake 6.1 box and take it home, setup dual boot on spare 6GB Maxtor Bigfoot drive I have in machine.
>Check out everything, now wish I had picked it up when friend-dude suggested it.

two years wasted without Linux in my life... And I never did make vidya 'cause there was just so much more to do.

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not true. I went through with buying my first copy of Mandrake (illustrated here: >>58584993) based largely on how *fuckin* sweet Gnome looked to me compared to Win98SE that I was using on my main machine. A buddy tried to get me into Red Hat a couple of years earlier because I was getting into writing C for x86 and there was plenty of free resources for it under Linux vs Win98. A few years later and I revisited Linux and wound up buying Macmillan Soft's Mandrake Linux 6.5 and installing it on a second hard drive on my machine.

The screenshots for Gnome are really what got me into Linux. It's how I make a living nowadays.

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Nothing will ever approach Mandriva/Mandrake for ease of use and stability. It was Ubuntu before there was an Ubuntu but because it was based on RH I was able to parlay my Mandrake experience into corporate jobs.

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>be me
>January 2000
>been going to CompUSA almost daily trying to decide on which Linux distro to BUY
>Red Hat 6, Caldera, Slackware, Mandrake, and others.
>look up Linux desktops 'cause not trying to go back to command line 100% like DOS.
>Gnome looks awesome, must have it in distro
>pick Mandrake 'cause it went on sale one day plus supposed to have Gnome.
>Follow all instructions and get it working in first night.
>Shits glorious. Gnome runs slow on my K6-2 300, but something called "KDE" runs amazingly fast.
>discover other desktops were installed
>spend next few weeks learning all things Linux

I spent the next several years a hardcore user of Mandrake from 6.1 through Mandriva 2008. I even had my own "helper" entry on EFNET's #linux that described me as the resident Mandrake expert for a good while.

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