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I just want to know what happened and feel shocked that nobody explained nor asked about the circumstances, especially given the graveness of the situation.
Ate a slug? Got hit by a truck? Got chinked by their infrastructure? Tide pods? Anal infection from too much gay sex?

If you are asking for my money explain why should I give it to you otherwise you will have to settle with my prayers and commiserations.
Everyone was banking on the "good friend is dying" line, but for someone like me who have never even heard of him all of this is just suspicious and makes me wonder if they are hiding something or it was self-induced somehow. There are endless amounts of drug addicts in the same shoe who ended up overdosing after all. I find preying on people's altruism disgusting.


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>not shift-super-c

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So it's already past Tuesday.

When is the new layout style getting deployed?

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Why does this even matter?
Like I said yesterday, fuck him and fuck his website.
Pantsu will scrape everything and there's nothing he can do about it.

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He's just going to twist words around, play off as a good guy and then get one of his butt-buddies to post some slander about it as usual.
If you had lurked for fucking more time, you would have known what kind of person he is by now.
But ah well, carry on I guess. I already bought a ticket and have subscribed to this show, might as well stick around to the end.

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what's wrong with a man having a boyfriend?

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