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The term cuckold is alreasy used in a different way than its original meaning.
It used to mean "someone who lets other men have sex with his wife", but now it means "someone who sacrifices something important for the benefit of someone else", which is a much wider definition that encompasses the original one but also some that are completely different from it, yet it makes sense because in its evolution, the people who used it were able to mantain the connection between each stage and the previous one, and as the colloquial use of the word evolves, it can completely stray away from the original, but it would still be valid because people would understand it.
At the moment I'm seeing it used more and more to mean "someone who's displaying an unreasonable amount of altruism", and in the case of the software "someone who is ok with receiving abuse".
If you time-travelled to 20 years ago and used "cuck" in these newer ways nobody would understand you, but now it's immediately clear what you mean.

Perhaps this use of the term will die out and will never be part of the normal language, or perhaps it will become widespread and dictionaries will only have the new definition.

Just think of the word "cool" and all its synonyms (fresh, rad, tight, lit, etc). Nothing to do with the original meaning but people understand exactly what they mean and are now part of our language.

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>You get your stuff a day or two later and you help someone else who probably needed it more than you do

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>bashing people for stealing iphones
Remember world happiness increased

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At least Jamal is going to have a nice Christmas :^)

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