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Or maybe I should just sell both on eBay and get a new one? Do used batteries sell at all?

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My Friend: "What's your operating system?"
Me: "Linux."
My Friend: "You better uninstall it!"
Me: "Why?"
My Friend: "The government uses Linux to look through your computer and see your every move. They use it as a security camera into your world."
Me: "Sure...."

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Thanks. Nice double niners.
Indigo November Sierra Tango Alpha Lima Lima
Golf Echo November Tango Oscar Oscar

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boo ridley. here is a picture of a cat.

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Hey /b/ros!

Any of you RuneScape fags got any RS account's I could barrow to test a script?
my script maker name is Paradigm...
If you don't trust me, check for you're self..

send acc info to this e-mail:
[email protected]

Thanks, and I will try to get you some levels while getting you some free membership!


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