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What is the state of PowerPC support on Linux?

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I am thinking about buying one of those expresscard to USB 3.0 adapters for my T420. Any recommendation?

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This place is 90% of 20 year olds.
Maybe 1% of 40 year olds.

The ones mad at CRTs and UMPCs are probably 99% in the range of 20-25.

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So what triggers the score?

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>using GUI for a terminal task

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Can some of you fine gents explain this too me? How is it that this PNG looks different in the thumbnail, than it does in full view? Opening it in paint/ps only shows the butt. Zooming in/out doesn't really change anything.

I've seen these a million times, but never really thought about it.

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Dat cheap voltage regulation.
The price is nice, but I've heard they have problems with memory addressing and they only read 2.99GB of RAM no matter how much you have.

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This is Game Dev Tycoon, a html loaded app for Win8 that can't work on 7
Is there any kind soul here that knows how to make it work on 7?

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Bioshock is installed on hard drive E in the steam folder, for some reason though it's saving the save file in hard drive C. Why the fuck is it doing this?

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What font is that in the chat? It's bugging the shit out of me.

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Why do you need 4000? isn't HD3000 more than enough fore something like an htpc?, why not simply getting an APU for much cheaper?

Tings like these shouldnt cost you more than 450$ i don't see what's the point in getting such higher eng GRAFIX for something like a family computer.

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