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Yes, I own a Spaceview, cushion case, integrated bracelet, perfect condition, and it's a truly joy to wear.

First of all, it's not a novelty watch at all. It may look like this in pics and to someone only acustomed to solid dials, but the Spaceview lacks that cheap, funny, and even corny feeling most novelties have.

When you strap a Spaceview on your wrist it truly feels like the watch means business. The smoothness of the second hand going around the indexes is so sober and elegant it makes you wonder how did they ever dare to put it on anything other than a clean, simple dial. -It worked, though- And the humming is just a sweet deal closer.

Funny story: apparently, in the begining Accutron delivered their watches with no dial only to help the sellers show their customers how their promoted watches worked, they weren't even for sale. However, after the success and the unexpected demand, Accutron actually decided to send "conversion kits" to their representatives so they could give the watch this new technny look while the company prepared to launch their production pieces.

Today, some of this has been wrongly confused with modern made frankens, but this very few first are actually quite valuable.

That being said, it doesn't mean there aren't lots of other -badly- restored and modern frankens romming around, so please be careful, specially with chapter ring models, as some other anon already pointed out.

Price? That solely depends on the condition but I'm sure less than 500 can get you a pretty decent wristbuddy to show off.

Couple more suggestions:
1.don't buy any that has a cracked crystal, because Accutron used to brand the plexi, almost never the plastic plate and it is really hard to properly replace. It's the same deal with the painted indexes.

2. try to buy one that doesn't show tarnish or rust on the two coils on top, as it is the weak spot in the movement and a decaying one will hurt how accurate it behaves.


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>Thread is already derailed cause Steinheart shill vs heaters
This is why we can't have nice things.jpg

>Anyone have the document, I believe from wornandwound, that shows exact prices to buy reviews and promotions?
I would really appreciate if someone can provide this document.

It's not affordable, but my GG has a strong influence from racing car's instruments. Pic related

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That would have to be my Citizen Blue Angels. I wasn't even 15 when I bought it.
>oh, memories

>PADI certification
Is that your profession m8? I do have wondered what do you do irl.

Something like that, yeah...

I have a skeleton friend just as yourself, to whom a 40mm watch would look big as fuck on his tiny bitchwrists. I found him a 34mm vintage Omega that he adores and is comfortable with.
Instead of lurking thru feminine designs, go vintage my friend.

Did you make that strap?

I feel you.

Not truly expensive, so if you like them and realize the design limitations, why not? I have a red first Sistem51 and it's not boring or intrinsically bad.

Well, there you have it m8.

As I said before, this is not my entire collection. I have quite a few others that aren't pictured here, like my Milgauss, a 1600, Gerald Genta, Breguet, Accutron, Tudor, other JLC, AP, etc. Some have even been posted here already, like pic related.
Since I keep my collection in a bank's vault it's quite hard to take a pic of the entire thing.

I have several historic bust in my studio, but only two are shown. I also have Abe Lincoln, Benito Juarez, Simon Bolivar, Winston Churchill, Ché, etc...

You either change your watch or grab some sandwiches m8.

>Does a solar-powered watch work during winter?
Yes. They have a batterie to store power.

>muh dick

>i wouldn't be surprise if the GF used plastic in some way
Yes, but they would never called it "plastic".

>I just morally oppose the idea of owning more than one watch
>and I already own three watches.
kek That sounds like a conundrum, isn't it?

I try to wear to different watches avery day (I know, what a bust) but either so, some remain in the vault for weeks or even months.

I really don't think I have a favorite watch.

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>Justice bump
>My Gerald Genta

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>reposting this sexy odd lady just because
Glad I've decided to stick with it for the whole weekend.
What are you wearing today, anons?

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Bitch, please.
Half the time I take a quick glance at this sexy fucker I end up thinking the hour is the date, the minutes hand is telling me the hour and the date hand is indicating minutes.
I always have to stop for a full second to truly grasp the correct hour.
>I love it anyway.

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