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>that one super cute girl at work who is always nice to you
what technology can I use to cope with this?

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So uh my acer broke, lost all my 3d modeling, artwork, designing, and files of over 5 years on it..
Any recommendations for a new laptop for designing, and possibly capable of medium graphics for gaming?

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>order keyboard straight from lenovo website
>10 days later
>order status is still "processing"

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I cant

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>chrome is bloatware
>firefox is bloatware
>everything else sucks
there's no winning

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It's not funny anymore. Just sad now desu.

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>how do you intend to survive it?

by not being employed in the first place

/neets/ report in

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i'm gonna kill myself before 2028, so no

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How do I stop killing my GAINS on my dream self?

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I post more than that in 6 months
so literally nothing

I'm way down in the abyss though

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The computers in my school lab used to run ubuntu. One day I got bored and played around with the terminal for a bit. And now years later people still think im some kind of computer genius hackerman. Im really not, I only know basic stuff. Even now people text me and ask for help. I told them many times to fuck off but they always come back. Why are normies so fucking stupid

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Literally all chat boards have failed me. You goys are the only ones left. Help a negroid out

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