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>hey Chad? Is that you?!
>hey babe
>OMG is that a Rolex? Is it real?
>of course it is babe
>hey honey I like you to meet my friend Chad
>nice to meet you buddy, nice Seiko
>I..its a G..Gg.Grand Seiko
>okay buddy whatever you say...
>wow its sooooo good to see you again how long has it been 5 year?
>yea sorry as you can see *flicks Rolex I've been busy
>you sure look like it!
>yea you should see my 5th Ave. apartment
>OMG you have a 5th ave apartment?! I would love to see it!
>I...it cost almost as much as that Rolex you are...
>honey, I'm going to go take look at Chad's apartment
>hey nice meeting you man, I'll have her back to you safe and sound in the morning
>i...its not a normal Seiko its a GRAND SEIKO!!!

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