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I love my T430.

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Wew lad, sounds like what happened to me
>Get an interview for a developer job via referral
>First interview with Human resources goes fine
>Second interview is with Project leader and Scrum master
>Scrum master is dressed like a bum, whatever, both of them ask me very few things, ask them about what frameworks and tools they use and also about their work methods
>Later that day i get call from friend, he overhead Scrum master saying I didn't seem very independent or proactive, this makes the project leader doubt.
>Anxious as fuck, leader calls friend to talk about me a few days later. Like a week later I finally get an E-mail saying I got rejected
>A month passes and nobody is hired for the position, friend is assigned to the project, alone.
>Last week, girl gets hired for the position I wanted. Supposedly studied engineering for two years and "saw lots of math but very little programming"
>Clear as day she lied.
>She is a total disaster, doesn't even know how to code so has spent a week "learning"
>She is still a disaster, doesn't even know how to code in Javascript. My friend has to spend HIS TIME teaching her since everyone else ignores her, drives him mad since he can't read her and simply nods when asked if she understands.
>Friend's task is falling apart and has LESS time to fix it because he has to handhold this woman
I laughed my ass off, my friend was cursing the scrum master left and right for turning me down but taking in a literal potato. I can see him quitting if this shit continues or someone speaks up about this shit and they fire the potato.
Also the girl is an immigrant which arrived to the country not even a year ago, blows my mind she could get a job this fast when supposedly many immigrants can't due to lack of paperwork

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>>routes all of their traffic to israel
I lose every time. Thanks for the kek, OP

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This is authoritative.

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C is fun, bros

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I'm fucking crying.

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>windows phone
>W10 PC

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>Hey Cortana, play a slideshow of "not porn"

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