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I feel you

only piece i'm missing to build my PC is the MoBo

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Fucking truth. I remember releasing CRUD apps on a weekly basis back in the early days and before Google rammed a sharp pointy thing in the rectum of the ad machine. Used to be commonplace for me to hit six figures if one or two of my apps got mediocre attention on leddit.

Good thing I banked that extra dosh cause I'm sure as hell not making it now. Haven't actually done anything mobile in 2-3 years now that "we web apps everywhere." Got a few passive revenue streams cultivated but my income is about half my average from the good times.

>tfw you still kick yourself for not throwing your overflow into bitcoins like your lolbertarian friends told you to

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I switched back to Windows over this too. I even like Visual Studio now.

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>live in south america
>my country's slow ass customs sucks dick
>things takes 2 3 months to arrive no matter what part of the world they come from

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still going to be rocking my note II

I don't give a fuck call the cops

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